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  1. de-lurking to say that I LOVE HPL SOOOOO MUCH all things aside, I especially love how they solve the drama's conflicts, out of all kdramas I've watched, HPL solves its conflicts in a fastest, simplest, sweetest (my personal opinion) way possible, no dragging, no noble idiocy, setting the bar for perfect leads and OTP so high for kdrama. Yeah they didn't delve deeper into some conflicts (or all, idk), but sometimes it really didn't needed and many dramas tend to drag the issue for sooooo long when the solution can be very simple. Try not to care so much about the rating, after all, it's a cable drama, tho the standard may be higher now but it's not that much higher imo, I think many productions give reward vacation when dramas pass around 5-6%, it means 5-6% is still considered as a very good (high?) rating, so the ratings for HPL is still okay when even many public dramas' ratings are also around HPL, I guess 2-3% can be around 7-8% or 8-9% for public channel? definitely not a flop, since I saw many comments (esp from those who dislike HPL) saying HPL ratings are low as if it's flopping so hard. And about the comparison.... I'm a fan of PMY's previous drama and OTP too when it was airing, there might be some similar aspects or scenes or whatever, but it's kdrama, unless the genre is different, chance you encounter similar things is always there lol don't mind them Ryan Gold is really a gold standard for kdrama male lead and Park Minyoung, urghh LOVE HER
  2. Happy Birthday to gorgeous Park Shinhye Thank you for giving us the majestic Emma also the ever loving and beautiful Heejoo I hope Heejoo reunites with Jinwoo and get another pair of pretty earrings from him and for a more successful career in the future for our Shinhye
  3. @AkaruiHikari I personally think your post is okay but I don't know what the mods think Yes, I believe NB and some other translating blogs do filter comments as often pointed out by commenters in her blog. Thank you for those links, I didn't know PSH denied the relationship with her current bf before dispatch's picture. She looks so bright on the outside but also thinks a lot, her being a punching bag makes me sad although I don't really follow her
  4. Yeah Shinhye maybe because of movie shooting, Hyunbin... I don't think I've ever seen him guesting on shows after military other than interview-like shows such as entertainment weekly or guerilla date for promotion purpose =(
  5. I thought the Life Bar guesting would include HB and PSH since they're the leads oh well, HB didn't guest for the Rampant movie so... not surprising that he doesn't come for this one too
  6. Hello~ @AkaruiHikari welcome to the thread I think as long as it's related to them then it can be posted here (articles or news), but if you go into detail about their personal projects such as movies or dramas other than MOA then it might be better to be discussed on the respective threads or the actors' thread (cmiiw), I don't mean to say you can't talk about those projects here tho
  7. this one https://www.wattpad.com/story/176064300-hee-ju's-story is an alternate ending of MOA, and https://www.wattpad.com/story/175391095-the-so-called-acceptable-love for HB/PSH I found one other Jinwoo/Heeju not in MOA setting but I forgot what it is
  8. Jinwoo had worked hard for that level two, didn't sleep, only ate a pack of ramyun, and died 45 times, let's not underestimate him To minimize the gif, I cropped mine then compressed it with online gif compressor found in internet If RPF means real person fiction, does that mean fanfiction HB-PSH, or roleplaying as them?? @gets0meair
  9. those stares and kisses from Hyun Bin even the way his fingers move and how he caress Shinhye's hair look extremely gentle and passionate from my biased fangirl perspective ctto: owner/ nevfel/ captainjoongki
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