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  1. I'm a fan of SYJ's works only since I watched SiTR last 2018 and I've managed to watch some of her recent movies as I became curious about her and I love her acting in SiTR. (How can you not?!) She's got this unique acting style that when you watch her for the first time, you'll end up looking for more. And that's what happened to me. Actually took me quite a while to move on from that project of hers. Tbh, I actually watched it because of JHI but I ended up loving SYJ instead lmaoo (I fell for her eye-smile ) I love how she brings life to every character she's portrayed. And I'm so glad I watched her latest series, Crash Landing on You as it made me curious as to who she is. I was never interested in actors' or actresses' personalities and just enjoy their works and support them but it changed since CLOY came into my life. Waiting for the next episode became fun as I started watching her IVs on YT and started lurking here on Soompi. And from then on, I started loving her! She's so bubbly! Was surprised to know how different she is from the roles she's portrayed or became famous with. It made me admire and respect her more. I love how passionate she is with her craft and how she puts her heart into it that you feel the person she's portraying rather than the person who's portraying it. She becomes the character that she portrays. I hope I get to see her more in movie projects or dramas in the future.
  2. I am just a new fan of Hyun Bin and all I can say is that he has this unique style in acting. It was unique and refreshing. (I have a habit of observing someone's acting skills while watching a drama or movie so yeah.) I started watching him in CLOY when it only has 4 episodes aired but I've seen his Hyde, Jekyll, Me series last year and found that he's really good. (Well, aside from his extremely good looks coz that's a given already. Duh, it's Hyun Bin. ) I'm watching his recent movies and man, I'd love to be conned by him. Quite sad that even though I know him for a very long time since I'm a long time fan of kdramas and k movies, it's only recently that I became interested with his works. I wish I knew him sooner but I am into watching his previous works right now so I could keep up. Not watching his series though as I'm still in condolence period from CLOY. I know this is HB's thread but I wanna thank some people here who shared about HB in the shippers' thread as that was the first forum I visited since I was so hooked with HB's and SYJ's chemistry in CLOY and obviously, I'm a shopper. I think I've started liking him as an actor and as a person as I get to know him more. And I thank some of his fans here who took their time to lurk on the shippers' thread for that. And some who ships them too even though I know you guys want HB for yourself only. I guess some of you saw their oozing chemistry and HB's loving stares at SYJ too.
  3. I guess it's in previous episodes where her mother and her 2 sister-in-law went to her place but I can be wrong too
  4. I honestly feel like I'm about to say goodbye to a very dear friend who's migrating overseas. I've become too attached to this series and the characters as well. Weekends will never be the same for me... I think I'll have that 6 months condolence period after this drama's finale. I'll miss everyone even the bad guys (even if I want to punch them one by one for hindering our OTP's happiness lol). Not really expecting anything about the last episodes as I want writernim to surprise me but I have a theory about Man Bok's family back in NK. I have a feeling that it's like how Se Ri got kidnapped. That it was Ri Jeong Hyeok's father who ordered it. But we'll never know.
  5. OMG, I was thinking the same thing. I'm a big fan of Lea Salonga and that song is really suit fit to BinJin. Everyone else knows what's going on between them without them saying anything.
  6. I'll definitely miss the Captains of our ship. Weekends will never be the same again. I just hope you guys keep on posting here, though. Reading in here has been my everyday habit. I love the delulu hearts that we all share about our ship. Can we just spread the love and ship them happily? Let's not fight and just continue sailing~~~
  7. Guys, can our ship accomodate everyone on board? We're too many! I've watched a looooot of BinJin videos on YT and even on english subbed videos, there are knetz who are commenting. Seems like everyone ships them so much, too!!! Even if I'm a little bit sad because it's ending on the weekend, I am happy that the numbers of shippers are increasing. I am sincerely hoping these two would work it out. I am just so addicted to their chemistry! Whenever I see their videos, I smile like a fool. I get the simkoong, too! And I am just so happy CLOY is getting the attention and the love that it deserves. @cybertron I wanna thank you for creating this thread. You are an angel! It's really fun to have a place where people have the same delulu heart. Thank you so much!
  8. I'll be missing my weekend drug, seriously. I've been so sick following this series for a month. I am actually glad it didn't air for 2 weeks as it would've ended last Feb 2 if it did. The chemistry of everyone in this series especially the main leads made me so excited every weekend. I always look forward to the time where SR and JH would be free to be with each other and I hope it happens. At this point, I'll try not to assume anything about the twins but since the picture got taken down (did they get the 'check your DM :)' message? ) I am not so sure anymore. Anyway, I am still excited for the final week of CLOY. I've got a few friends watching this series and they were all smitten by Captain Ri's charm. Though they were not as trash as I am for this series.
  9. Is his watch in this picture the same with the one on the grocery pics?
  10. I think the NIS agent will play an important role in the coming eps. that he'll be there when the twins/babies show up? I got so down when I watched the preview but the twins/babies photos brighten up my mood. I thought there was a gag order though?
  11. That I can't tell but I am sure that it's not for the ratings. I am really confused myself as to why these parallels seem to blur out the line between real and reel. It's like the writer is teasing us. They've been trolling us a lot.
  12. I was browsing the naver link of vast then I saw this. I'm just a simple minded BinJin shipper. Did you guys saw what I saw?
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