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  1. Thank you, @Sandy Prater and @N. S. Throwing this into what's already a thick soup of thoughts...I still have to watch the final ep with Eng sub, but I'm also leaning toward this frame of mind. I'm very much interested to see what the lens of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who's western and yet have embraced so much of the eastern philosophies will magnify for me in relation to the SY-SB-CJ lives. Found an article among many on the topic of soul/anima-animus/reincarnation/synchronicity/soulmate/twin flames but still need to dig some more. With the managed expectation
  2. Something for our Collection -- CJ's lines as only KJH can deliver And pictures of the scenes where they came from. Truly a delight.
  3. WOW thank you! First time to watch an FMV that focuses on the 2 Queens. There's a fresh insight and feels to it. More! More! More!
  4. It's out, KJH track on MQ OST "Like the first snow" (철인왕후) ENGLISH TRANSLATION (Ms Goldie) Sometimes when I'm with you, I feel unfamiliar with myself smiling. Slowly, without realizing Is it because of you who permeated my heart? Even if you say no, You're always there at the end of my gaze. My day like a gift when I close my eyes It was the first snow that was too warm for me. It's pouring down like snow on my heart where there was no light in my life, You don't have no
  5. And guess what was playing in the background as KJH did his IG Live? The track that's also been playing on loop in my mind and thinking about the first night of CJ and SB in the camp...Yes, that night. But then what a treat it would be this week (Wed?) also when they release his track for MQ. This drama really is a swing, a rollercoaster, a mind/soul-splitting experience.
  6. Ommo! KJH live now on IG https://www.instagram.com/jhkim0405/ Just eneded before 10:30AM. I'm in a mess again.
  7. As I still have not watched the finale and the spinoffs with the subs, I'm still putting some benefit of doubt to the whole matter. But it is a hard place to be. I remember in film class, the visuals (in the raw ver) should be able to stand on its own. The text from the subs are additional details. With what I've seen earlier, much of me (65%) is feeling that there was/were somethings not honest about the ending. That either, it's all been rushed, or that there's a neglect that had to be corrected midway but things got messed up all the more or there were external constraints tha
  8. Antifans FamBam, first we need is There's just too much of many things in a span of 2 days and 2 months back. We got together this far. And we will continue to have discussions about our theories and our preferences and all things in between. But for now...in tears of joy or frustration or bleh or relief ... thank you for being here. This will be hard to forget (though many may opt to). Love is Love is Love.
  9. But what if with Netflix's new facilities in Korea and obviously going-strong partnership, KDland would do something out of the ordinary?... Would we want a modern movie or another series with our OTP? Uuuhhhh...we need our prayer circles and manifestation mantras. https://about.netflix.com/en/news/expanding-our-presence-in-korea-netflix-production-facilities
  10. Happy to have watched it. And saaaaad. It's a roller-coaster ride again. Drama-wise and real-life. Sorry Admin, lost my mind back there.
  11. Ommo...both he and Mama know what will keep us from breaking this weekend. It's weird that to keep me from obsessing with them,I finally changed my playlist on Spotify ('80s New Wave, what could be farther from Joseon period, right?) but then guess what my mind's clips are dancing to with those electropop keyboards (Wishful Thinking on play now) ???? Guess..... Oh mhan I'm so in trouble. Must sign up for that therapy again.
  12. Mama just gave out today's supplements. Not just crumbs. Please keep them coming. We need to be sustained over this weekend and to the next week and next. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLN3JCyp1CY/
  13. This is very insightful and sensitive of you @aisling. How very fortunate for those you've walked with in their MH issues. I have been clinically diagnosed with somethings and advocating for a better understanding of it. That's also why I took interest in KJH. I thought it very brave of him to let it hang there, about his past difficulties and also what and how he is outside of his dramas. There is no guarantee when you've had MH issues/episodes. It will always be a daily work in progress. That is why it is good to speak about it but safe space is an important element. I'm amazed
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