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  1. I was lukewarm about the relationship trope among three strong women. But watching the final episode witnessing real time explosion of on-line comments (screaming,high-fiving, oh-yeah-ing and even positive obscenity) when that top opened and revealed all three of them in the car... Pure internet magic.
  2. This is my thought regarding GG's hostility towards BTM. I think she's jealous of BTM's freedom to be just without the burden of family responsibility. She said once to BTM's anger for having to cave in to the request of the executives to do something she disagreed (I think): "Well, then you should have changed too, just like me." Her hostility is a reflection of guilt, shame and a lot of envy. Also, as a real person, BTM might be a difficult person to get along: self righteous, manipulative, wishy-washy..
  3. If I can be picky, the ratio of Happy MoMi and Angst MoMi should have been 100 to 1 instead of how it was. I just picked up bits and pieces from IG posts so I can't be sure, but I think I'll just replay those Happy MoMi couple moments over and over again. Yep, I'm a shallow drama watcher. #sorrynotsorry. And yay !!! to the friendships on both sides that saved the day. Overall a fantastic drama.
  4. The music !! May I just say how great the original soundtrack is for this drama ?! Placement is perfect. Timing is perfect. Composition is perfect. Melody is perfect. Lyrics are on point. The selection of artists is perfect. Could it be that they have a genius game composer moonlighting as their music producer ??
  5. I became an official Soompi member just for this drama. It is that good.
  6. I know a lot of people are saying it won't be realistic that Mo and Mi stay together under the circumstances and the breakup should happen. Perhaps in real world, yes. But I hope this show was created to delude us, much like what Jin Woo said to Ga-kyeong when they were watching the movie he produced: "I didn't create this movie for the audiences to empathize but for them to delude themselves." Yes, please, delude us away. No need to give us a shot of reality. Move in together. Get married. Grow old together to be 1000 years old. Whatever is fine. I just want happily ever after for MoMi ! Thank you in advance before the two episodes.
  7. My compromise (not that it matters, of course ): Mo will love Mi for 1000 years and continue to fight with the right mindset to rescue her (from her own confinement) . Anything. But not with the piano teacher. Just no. #mimoforever
  8. Sad MG. I just can't. Even seeing KU CEO go down won't help. I think I'll have to refrain from watching the last two episodes until I know there's a happy ending for TM and MG. I'm in that camp.
  9. Just browsing through IG posts without any subtitles and feel the "evil" vibe from the cute-before piano teacher. I predict those pair of lost earrings are somehow going to make an appearance. Just hoping these annoyances are not going to take up too much screen time. #happyendingfortamimorgancamp
  10. I feel it's not simple as the lead characters being "for or against" marriage. They just interpret commitment in a different way. It seems there are more to TM being adamant about not getting married -- she's so strategic and thoughtful regarding other things in her life -- she's definitely very averse to things that she cannot control and have the propensity to want to avoid mistakes. Besides, she's more hung up on the age issue than PMG. In which case, she's more a traditionalist, so she really should not be calling the guy traditional for wanting to get married. Pure favoritism here, but I'd like for TM to come around and perhaps even propose -- only because my goodness, who'd want to see PMG sad ?? !! Also a reality side note: If any one of them requires hospitalization and let's say require urgent care or operation, neither one will have the right to sign anything because they are not legally entitled to do so. Might be one reason they should get married since they care for each other so much, probably more than a family member who can legally sign on their behalf.
  11. The only regret I have is that I did not wait for all the episodes to be finished and I have to wait in between. Top notch writing, acting, directing, cinematography (I don't mind any of the special effects as they are used on actors who can act and not overshadowed by the use of filters). Oh and the music !!! And to those who criticize that the plots and characters are not realistic -- thank god for that. I can watch the news for that. (Why are there are no live recaps of this show ? As a non-Korean speaker and non-Korean resident, I always looked forward to the live recaps to tide me over until the official videos are released...)
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