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  1. One more thing and I’m going to let it go I wish we could have seen Young Min happy with the happy mom. His screen time was mostly with struggling sad mom and we saw the weight on this poor young kid. Maybe even a glimpse of him being accepted in some kind of a gifted child/genius school, heck skip the whole high school and be schoolmate with mom in college, full scholarship with no strings attached. I know it’s a moot point, but. SK/JH son seems to have immigrated to a foreign country (smart move) hence them coming back for spring break. (Funny they weren’t even planning to see the grandfather in jail. At least that’s consistent with past behavior.) Need to make sure Young Min is happy and thriving !
  2. Just from un-subbed Viki viewing, they sure did try to jam pack all the resolution and happiness into one episode. Plus all those redemptions (seems like) and punishment (FIL) all in an hour +. I feel the antagonists got off too easy. Not complaining too much as I now feel “safe” to carefully watch it with sub for happy ending. Even as they were smiling at each other, going back to their old stomping grounds, I was thinking if one of them would be struck by a truck. (Old K-Drama trauma). While the younger versions were pretty to look at, I mostly enjoyed watching the two main characters of the present days interact.
  3. Now, THAT, would be so awesome. And both JH and JS can jam with them. She on keyboard. Him on guitar. Both programs are on TVN. Surely, someone can make it happen.
  4. I REALLY hope so. I've been predicting the different endings (unnecessarily) in my mind and some of them are not great. (Even had JH having amnesia, which is probably not going to happen, of course.) But there are only two episodes left and the bad characters are only NOW discussing intent (Ex-husband, MIL, wife and FIL) and not even showing hands per-se. To make matters worse, I bet JH is going to be unconscious for 1/2 if not 2/3 of the next episode. I'm not sure how they are going to wrap it all up. An ending without clear closure will be a bit traumatic for me.
  5. Just going by bits and pieces without watching anything, but I almost wish it was Ji-soo who got stabbed saving JH, maybe ? (Sorry) That way, we don’t have to watch the devoted wife act plus Ji-soo feeling guilty (again) and leaving (again). Seriously, the last two episodes better be pure bliss and satisfaction of seeing all getting what they deserve since it was 14 episodes of mostly angst.
  6. I’m really hoping for FIL’s current go-to guy for information, the one in glasses, to turn against his boss and side with JH. He looks relatively uncomfortable when the FIL shows his evil side — ready to discard people and no hesitation to ruin lives. I just hope the satisfaction of seeing the comeuppance of those who deserve it isn’t crammed into one episode with only angst for the rest of the three episodes.
  7. I was also relieved to now sort of know the true meaning to the answer. I was afraid it meant the short duration of the relationship when they were young. So even better when it is translated as "I know how long it WILL last."
  8. Realistically speaking (which is an oxymoron in K-Drama world), even if JH and JS don't end up being together, there is no way JH and current wife can stay together, unless she undergoes a total transformation. If her father is destroyed, can she still continue to stay married to the person who is about to take away her cushy life ? If the husband is destroyed, can she tolerate another several (definitely going to be more than 4 this time) years of him incarcerated ? The "love" she has for JH is non-existent. I laughed when she was snooping around his media room and finally decided to break the lock off his wooden box. She had 4-years to go through everything JH has in the house and she had to do it when he was back in the house ?? She only started to be interested when she found out that he was interested in another woman. It's just her pride/ego and nothing to do with wanting to keep the marriage intact. She even admitted that she's not good at being a mother (and gave up, pretty much), which means she might not even love her son. Also, the back story of how they even got together hasn't surfaced yet. We know she threw a tantrum despite her father's objection to marry JH. The way FIL deals with things, he might have threatened, blackmailed, negotiated a deal so that the daughter gets what she wants. Although JH didn't have to accept, perhaps chances of revenge was a motivation. Either way, this marriage is a lost cause, regardless of the outcome of JH/JS relationship. Still want happiness all around for JH/JS/YM though.
  9. I love this drama. I really do. But even the quasi-happy moments have so much sadness. Or the main characters are happy for a second and then WHAM ! something really bad happens. It's depressing. From what I deduce, next episode isn't getting any better. Even if it's the cheesiest of K-Drama trope, I'm hoping to see punishments for those who deserve it (FIL, all the PTA moms, ex-husband, and even wife) and happily-ever-after for JS/JH/YM.
  10. Not sure if the translation was correct or not, but the father-in-law commented after seeing Ji-soo playing piano at the labor union festival: “Even from afar, she doesn’t look ordinary.” He might be evil but has good insight regarding women.
  11. There was a scene when the wife commented to the son engrossed in video game and won't acknowledge her. She commented with a snicker to his coldness, "And people think you are not your father's son." I deduce the son is not Jaehyun's and he knows it and can prove it with something like DNA. He remains relatively warm as a father, because legally the son is his and probably feels pity towards him. Jaehyun seems to be a guy who's keeping a lot of cards close to his chest.
  12. I enjoyed this quiet drama, in which everyone acted consistent to their character. The only part I didn't understand fully was when the aunt told the Editor-in-Chief (her ex) that she never wants to go back and that she never wants to miss her town/home (and looked relieved and happy when she said it.). Wondering what that signified ?
  13. I know the love lives of pretty (young) couples have been the focus, but I for one have been mesmerized by the trajectory of the aunt and her past love, the Editor in Chief. Moon Jeong-hee and Hwang Gun are killing it. Bravo !
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