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  1. It's been a while since I last posted anything on this forum but my favorite Goblin couple is playing as lead in this drama so even when the hospital schedule is crazy, I'm still gonna find some time to watch them. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! <3 Can't lie that the plot is not the most interesting one but still, the chemistry is there so why don't we just support and continue loving them! <3 Long live our shippers heart!
  2. Now we're just imagining things. How bad is our obsession towards our dearest OTP. I am afraid way too much that it turns to obsession. HAHAHAHAH
  3. Hahaha. Memory of a goldfish These writers keep on surprising us with a very meaningful content, so nice. Imagine LYJ meeting up with Mi Soo's father. One very formal guy with tuxedo and one rocker style. How amazing is that going to be ? ____ And yes, Mr Park deserves happiness. He is so sweet towards our OTP.
  4. Calm down sisters. We still have seven more episodes. If episode 9 is at this level, can you imagine what's coming up next for us?
  5. Hahaha. I think we love them a bit too much that we will let (almost) everything slide for our OTP. Hahaha.. He somehow became a pro, only with one try. Hell, if only that happens in real life. LOL And they say our OTP isn't a good pair. Now we have prove that they're that good..
  6. I am here Chingu. Joining the fun a bit too late due to some work stuffs. Now let's catch up shall we ?
  7. Thank you for saying that. Hehehe Anytime Chingu! Yea. That's why. Sorry. I got caught up with the excitement. Will do it next time. Hehehe Hahaha. KMS is one fine lady. She'll find "interesting" ways to punish him. He better be ready
  8. Chingu(s), my advanced apology. I am sorry for being insensitive. I didn't mean to spoil the drama plot, simply just wanting to share what I know to you. Again, sorry and have a nice day GBU
  9. From what my sis told me, the woman was just some random person who got ditched and fell into a depressed state. She was a mistress from someone rich. She had the obsession of not wanting to be alone and therefore she kidnapped both Mi So and Vice Chairman. She didn't touch him but VC saw the whole self-suicide event. He wanted to protect Mi So that's why he kept on insisting that she stop looking back into her past.
  10. In the comic book, that's why the mother said "What to do with our Hyun ? He gets cold easily" on the last episode when Kim Bi Seo is visiting YES! Even the crew seemed to enjoy those scenes as well. Hehehehe
  11. My sis told me his "real" name (LYJ's real name in the drama) is Lee Sung Hyun. He changed it after claiming that he forgot the whole kidnapping event in order to keep the peace at the family. And the parents knew about it all. They played it along because they thought it's a better solution from a rather difficult options. They might let it slide; at the end of the day, the scene was amazing. Don't you agree?
  12. It is like taking Kissing Class 101 by Park Seo Joon. Kudos! Kudos! This is the step by step guide
  13. Chingu(s), so do you guys happen to know why Mi So wants to leave at the first place? Is it really because of all the reasons she told him or is there something else ? I haven't read the comic or the novel yet so I'll be looking forward to your answers! Thank you very much! GBU
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