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  1. Song Hye Kyo Looks Absolutely Stunning in Her Latest Campaign for Chaumet IMAGE INSTAGRAM @wkorea South Korean actress (and goddess) Song Hye Kyo is at it again. In her latest campaign for French jewelry brand Chaumet, the Descendant of the Sun star made a show of her radiant beauty, proving once again that aging is beyond her. She is the brand’s Asia-Pacific ambassador. The 2020 campaign is for Chaumet’s Bee My Love collection. W Korea posted a slew of photos moments ago, featuring close-up portraits of Song Hye Kyo donning delicate pieces from the
  2. Ladies!let us start saving or ask our husbands/boyfriends, to give us the Chaumet ring on Christmas! View photos S. Korea’s much-loved celebrity Song Hye Kyo returns to the spotlight again,this time in a Chaumet jewellery campaign featuring the maison’s Bee My Love collection. Bee My Love reinterprets the imperial symbol of bee through the motif of Honeybee during Napoleon’s time.As the brand ambassador of Chaumet, a Paris-based jewellery brand, Song embodies Ch
  3. @Jerra's KitchenHi Jerra!!Welcome to SHK's thread!!Don't worry about the slanders /accusations that they hurl to our queen SHK!!She is not bothered by them.Her conscience is clear!!They have been doing that to her( specially women fans),every time her love team falls for her beauty and kindness.Who wouldn't ?She has everything a man would ask for!!The bashers are just insecure and projecting their own personalities in the accusations they say,even though they don't know the truth.SHK and her mom even forgave her old manager who threatened to dose her face w/ acid if they don't give the amou
  4. @MayaEI agree w/you that SHK has been bashed so many times w/c I believe made her more stronger in dealing w/ these adversaries.She is not bothered bec. her conscience is clear and she is strong bec.of the love that her mom, staff,friends and fans have for her. SHK was a survivor, starting as a baby!!What she is now is bec. of her own hard work!She never use her co stars to bec.famous.Maybe the opposite is true!!The words that they use to describe her is so embarrassing!!No decent woman should use those words.I feel like they are just projection of themselves. I was thinking that if HB and the
  5. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgwUWuTA9mSSdd2AwWR4AaABCQ Song Hye Kyo is coming back to reboot with projects – participating in book donation projects! by admin July 16, 2020 in CELEB, NEWS 0 Song Hye Kyo Sexy Body 2020- Song Hye Kyo shows off her sexy body at the beach. 1.5k SHARES 4.4k VIEWS Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Song Hye Ky
  6. I fully agree w/ your observation. Bin- Kyo were so in sync w/ each other in WW that watching them made me think like...."these two were made for each other!!"They were so natural, the glow you can see in their faces seems like they enjoy each others company.I have never seen SHK looking so happy like she was in WW.That was not acting...it was what they felt for each other!!SHK is always guarded in her behavior,but when she is w/ HB,she looks so at ease/comfortable kissing,touching,joking and hugging him.The way they look and smile at each other is a sight to behold.There is so much love ther
  7. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Blue heart emoji
  8. This was my comment 8 yrs ago.Hope that my wish will come true soon!! Meg Cordova8 years ago They fit like gloves hahaha!!!Nobody can be more perfect for each other than these beautiful couple!They bring out the romantic fantasies we have in our hearts:)) They don't only look good together,but the expressions,feelings...they show in their faces and movement is just beautiful and heartwarming to watch.I just love them to death and will pray that they will have a happy and healthy life together in the future.Thank you annejung!These pictures speak louder than words.I rest my case:
  9. Well ladies,I know we Binkyo fans are starting to get delulu again!But I have been doing some analizing to justify my delusion,ie: If nothing is going on between the two of them.Why did her friend post that WW song?If I am her friend I will not post something that will only hurt her,specially now that he is being linked to SYJ!This is not a good joke even just for old times sake,knowing how die hard CLOY will make her life a living hell like what the delusional SEGA fans did to her But come to think of it....uri gongjunim (princess) does not seem to mind.She was even HB on the other hand
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