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  1. Yes. Imo, its the Best PLATONIC FRIENDSHIP. Same with Song hwa and Jun wan..the OT3. NO NEED TO ROMANTICIZE their interactions and put Malice on it. That is probably why the twins didn't say upfront that they are twins because accdg to Yun bok it was kinda fun messing with people. It was really a twist when I found out that they are twins.
  2. @milkokoa Hi, this is my 2nd time to post here..just wanna say that I respect your opinion..i Love Wg. Maybe what is obvious to me is not obvious to you and that is absolutely fine. I respect that. To each his own. (as long as you stick to the pairings that are already established in the drama). The screen time they have together were actually minimal because Winter is really not a main lead and the drama only has few scenes linking them together in every episode. Most of their interactions are work-related (her assisting him in his rounds, calling him bec patient need to have surgery, assisting him in surgery, etc). Unlike with Iksong, both are Main Leads and friends so they have more screen time compared to the other pairings. Re: irl shipping of shb and yys? I don't. I can't speak for the others. Btw, These are my thoughts.
  3. Hi, new here. Just wanna share.. Regarding love theme.. And about ost CONFESSION IS NOT FLASHY https://mobile.twitter.com/KyuhyunFacts/status/1268777352282005504/photo/2 And the intro was the bgm on the elevator scene in epi4, and afterwards, when AJW gave GW 2chocopies. Just sharing.
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