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  1. 33 minutes ago, melissala said:

    Viki subs 89%!

    MY is actually seriously tough.  She can deal with a lot. Earthquakes, nearly dying, deadly viruses, wrecking every car she drives, having to do surgery with guns pointed at her, driving in and picking up her man even if he told her to run away..  and when she found out about those girls she told MJ to get her gun. :P   She should have been in the army.  

    And I love that SJ jokes about his own self and the danger he's in, but damn he's deadly serious when it comes to MY's.   He's gonna be mad next week.

    I really liked the contrast of the guys freaking out at the end, but the women, who are doctors, and aware of this sort of danger, were calm.  

    Lol..I guess Captain SJ has his hand full..His lady love is a handful..I cant believe I'm saying this but I love writer KES female lead this time!!(What she did to Shin hye's character in heirs still hurts)...

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  2. 7 hours ago, leedonghaek said:

    @RadEchiZen Totally agree with you. I love KMY's character here..the way she carefully considers everything before accepting YSJ. Glad that KES decided not to make her a weak leading lady who needs to be saved by her boyfriend all the time. She has her own principles and she can totally survive with or without him (although I secretly wish for some moments where she becomes completely dependent on YSJ.. :D)

    It's also a relief that DotS is a pre-produced drama so no matter what fans want, they don't have to feel pressured to change the plot midway. 

    As a fan of SHK, that is my first fear when I heard she'd star in a KES drama..I've seen Heirs and I hate it how the female lead always cry. I've seen Secret Garden and at first Gil Ra Im was an independent woman until she fell in love with the male lead. Weak girl just dont exist in this modern times and so far I'm loving her character. She got that spunk and she doesnt bow down easily on SJ..Let the boy work hard for your heart. The girl can decide on her own and she got that fiesty attitude so better not mess with her.I'd say, You go girl!!


    Pretty sure she will reciprocate SJ's love when she accepts it so hold your horses dear. She's just a girl wanting to be sure and you know how we all have that meticulous attitude..


    Finally!!!!It's D-Day!!!Good job on staying sane while waiting..See you guys later...:)

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  3. thanks @MasY for posting that article..It got me somehow relieved that unni can laugh it of with regards to her dating rumors...The girl is working hard!!Can't they see that???Anyways, I'm glad that DOTS have given her more fans. We always defended her but now there's more of us. This independent girl deserves respect! Fighting, unni!!

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  4. 16 hours ago, twtwb said:


    I understand your concern, @jjeennyy19. But don't worry. I am sure that many of us here remember that when "That Winter The Wind Blows" was being filmed and aired, there was a rumor that she "seduced" Jo In Sung (both she and Jo In Sung addressed that rumor). When "My Brilliant Life" was about to enter the market, she was also rumored to be in a relationship with Kang Don Won (not to mention the tax scandal). None of that affected her promotional work with her costars. That shows how professional, responsible and dedicated she is. 

    As far as I observe, Song Hye Kyo has become even more mature, happy and relaxed . She will overcome this. She will do her promotional work professionally. And she will not let this affect the relationship with a good friend that she treasures (and by the way, I am actually quite surprised that the comments this time are not as negative as last time). 

    With that, I am quite sure that we will see them promoting the drama together soon, not only in South Korea but also overseas :).

    I guess you are right..I only remember how The Worlds Within will be promoted by both leads in Japan but that dispatch thing happen so it didn't push through. Anyways, DOTS is doing great and if they promote together it would add to its hype. So I dont want this "scandal' to affect it. 


    Quite surprise at the comments too. They are harsh but we know how it was like regarding the past issues right? I guess it's the "DOTS Fever" that is doing wonders..

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  5. Here we go again....:cry:

    Can't they let her be???Is it any of their business whether she is dating or not?:angry: It's always that same old story. Whether it is true or not as long as she is happy, I don't really care!:P They look good together though and I'm holding myself back from shipping..:sweatingbullets: Anyways, will always wish for her happiness no matter whom she choose..And that sponsor thing, I think it came up because it's one of the most talk about issue in the KEnt. It's proven false already that Unni has nothing to do with it. It's that Knets who spread those malicious and baseless rumors. Anyway, will always believe, trust and support you unni, no matter how busy I am..:lol:

    Just sad, I think there goes our chance to see them promote the drama together..:(

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  6. 16 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Really good observation!! So far, she was the one who had always been left behind so that he can get a taste from his own medicine!

    But I suspect YSJ's major flaw is that he is living too much to the moment as well ("carpe diem"). Sure, he said, he wanted to get promoted but he only spoke about it to his father. So far, he has never mentioned anything about his future to KMY. Hence I have the impression, he has never thought about what it means to have a girlfriend. He is just so in love with her that he hasn't given a thought about their future together. 


    That's what I'm suspecting too..That teaser we saw of KMY being kidnapped might be the eye-opener for  YSJ. So I'm scared he might broke up with her upon realization. But I trust Captain YSJ. He is always thinking about her. That scene were he was trapped and was worried because he knows she was worried says a lot that he is always considerate of her. So I'd like to trust our Captain for now..:D 

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  7. 16 hours ago, kristy86 said:

    My favorite look on YSJ's face, he's more afraid of his "wife" than his boss  :joy:  He initially said he is not severely injured but after hearing MY's answer he just agreed to her. Good boy.

    I just gotta love this girl, MY you rocks!



    lolxx....In that scene, You can see how their relationship will be once they take it to the next level..Uri strong and courageous Captain YSJ who is respected and leads a team is afraid of his girlfriend Dr. Kang..Aigoo!!So happy and excited how things will turn up...:w00t:

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  8. Ahhhh!!!:crazy: Its so frustrating how I was here posting everyday before the drama starts and now that it started, my time is so unkind.:tears: Would want to camp here but  I only manage to glance once in a while..

    I'm falling hard for Song Song couple..How can they break our heart and flutter it at the same time????I'm a fan of SHK ever since AIMH so I love her to bits but my my!Song Jong Ki!!What are you doin to me???You are slowly becoming my bias too..

    I kinda understand Dr. Kang's character. How reluctant she is. I'm a nurse and working in a medical field we see people die just like that. We value life and tried to preserve it. So Dr. Kang seeing how YSJ is always at risk of dying made her think thoroughly plus you can add to that that we are girls. Come on! Admit it,  we are often meticulous in what we do. I think KES wrote Kang Mo Yeon's emotions perfectly. 

    If Dr. Kang's life is waking every morning admiring biceps and abs, mine is Captain YSJ!!!Not his smile nor his quirky self but the whole Captain YSJ!!

    And boy am I wrong!!!! I was reluctant with KES (Cant blame me..Yes Heirs, I'm looking at you!) But she manage to tag our heartstrings with this drama...Thank you for an awesome story and cast..:lol:

    I hope DOTS hit 30%++ rating..It looks like it will but no matter what happen, the cast and crew did a wonderful job so I'm satisfied. ratings are just a bonus.:lol:

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  9. I'm really skeptical with this drama's writer but I've watched episode 1 & 2 and so far I'm liking it..I've never really like the writer's female leads..How they are so strong before meeting the male lead and became weak after meeting the male lead.Let's hope that Kang Mo Yeon keeps her cool personality until the end..I also love how Si Jin's not the usual jerky male lead in a KES drama.(I hope he doesnt turn into one) Just hope the story wont get lost in the mountain..It's shaping up as an awesome drama so lets hope for the best as the cast and staff work so hard for the drama..:grin::heart:

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  10. OMG!!!!:dizzy::dizzy: By the time DOTS airs, we be all dead..They keep releasing all these teasers!!!!It's driving me nuts..hahahaha...I do hope we have a sassy lead..That's what I hope for the writer's female lead. I still cant get over how her female lead in SG were so strong at the start but after meeting the male lead, she got weak..This also happen in Heirs. So please!!!:glasses: It's already 2016 and women of today are independent and a go getter!!So you go girl!!Can't wait to watch it!:grin::heart:


    I hope someone can sub the teaser...:sweatingbullets:

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  11. Drama pairings to look forward to in 2016

    <Song Joongki x Song Hyegyo> Song Song couple
    <Lee Youngae x Song Seunghyun>
    <Rain x Oh Yeonseo> 

    [Naver: M Herald Pop] (Look forward to 2016) From Song Song couple to Hallyu couples...Who is the best couple?

    1. [+724, -68] Looking forward to Song Song couple~~~^^

    2. [+506, -63] Obviously the Song Song couple. Their visuals are the best~~~~

    3. [+453, -57] Flawless skin Song Song couple is the best....I've been waiting ever since last year for the drama

    4. [+352, -42] I thought it was Rain and Kim Heesun;;;

    5. [+293, -44] I was feeling depressed because Reply 1988 is ending soon but became happy because Descendants of the Sun is coming out in February ㅜㅜ I watched the trailer and plan on tuning in ㅎㅎ

    6. [+64, -7] I wouldn't say Song Seunghyun and Lee Youngae though

    7. [+32, -4] Interesting dramas always air at similar times ㅜㅜ

    8. [+32, -4] Come Back Mister looks fun ㅎㅎ Descendants of the Sun looks fun too. In fact, all the dramas coming out seems good.

    9. [+32, -7] I feel like they should've casted someone around the same age as Lee Youngae. Song Seunghyun has such a young image so a younger actress matches better with him....Lee Youngae would match with someone like Yoo Donggeun.

    10. [+14, -2] Looking forward to Song Joongki's first drama since his discharge



    was this posted already???

    Looks like knets is as excited as we are..:w00t:

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  12. 27 minutes ago, marwa___ said:

    Me too ...I was deeply touched and want to cry  when I saw her being hostage with those beautiful eyes tearing ( like telling captain yoo please save me and take me out of this ) with her bang completely  covering her eyes and ,her hair swaying by air with very expressive  fear facial expressions....like a beautiful art of talented painter..I was completely taken ...

    Yeah!!How can someone look so pretty even when crying???she's breathtaking in that scene and yet you can still feel her emotions..Like That Winter The Wind Blows, I think this will be a rollercoaster of emotions. Get ready guyz..Lets get those tissues and oxygen stored. We're gonna need a lot of those..:lol:

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  13. OMG!!!The trailer!!:w00t: I dont know whether I will be happy or burn something!!:crazy::crazy: Can't it be February 24 already??the scenes are breathtaking!!!That crying scene were Song hye kyo is being hostage..OMG!!I'm gonna cry!!Superb acting unni..:w00t: and the OTP's scenes is giving me butterflies..The teaser is torture!!I'm really not a fan of war themed dramas but I'm excited already..:D

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  14. Omg!!!Omg!!Popping in because I saw the teaser somewhere and I'm curious if do you guys have some oxygen tank????I cant breath!! :dizzy:Been a long time fan of SHK and her team up with SJK, I have doubts...but..but...just the teaser!!!I'm sold!!!I think I will fall hard.:heart:Just the teaser (no subtitle yet), gives butterflies already what more if we see the whole series?????:w00t: Not a fan of the writer too..Her male leads are too jerk and her female leads are too damsely in distress for my taste so praying and hoping all that wait will pay off..:lol:

    Cant wait to camp here with you guys once the series starts..:w00t:

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  15. "it's a very cheerful character.  She's an upright, intelligent doctor who wants to be recognized by others, but she's also a tomboy, articulate, likes to drink and is very open-minded.  I haven't encountered such a cheerful character in Korea for a long time.  Up to now, I've acted in a lot of sad roles.  A bit like "Full House" from a long ago, a grown-up version? (laughs)  "

    Tomboy and cheerful role!!!!!Kyaaaaahhhh!!!!Please, somebody tell me when is this drama airing????:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: She's so feminine in real life so this adds up to my excitement....:D No photo from 1st day filming...Ah so secretive..:tears:


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  16. @crixa: I do remember you...:D Thanks @hclover96 for the trans ..seems that SHK have a good impression of SJK..that's good...I did watch him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Innocent Man and he's really good..He is such a flower boy in Sungkyunkwan that's why I'm so impressed watching him so manly in innocent man...Can't wait to watch him as a soldier and SHK said her character is like a mature Han Ji Eun from Full House..I do miss her in a rom com all bubbly and stuff, she seem to take melodrama (not that I dont like her previous works, I'd watch anything she is in.) a lot so I'd take this even if its a mature version of the lovely Han Ji Eun...:)

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