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  1. 18 hours ago, hanjaegook said:

    @nadya92 hope we can spread the news so everyone outside soompi (ie DOTS fan pages in IG, FB, Twitter and Tumblr) can be aware and do the same thing ^^

    Okay! Call! Let's do this!! Fighting!!!! #DOTSFinale


    So this will be the hashtag during the finale?????Count me in....:blush::blush:



    What time would we start to trend????Anyone in here knows or is organizing the trending time base on their country???:phew:


    Let's help trend DOTS as one of a way of saying thank you to the staff, crew and actors who worked so hard to give us a very awesome drama...:heart::blush:


    It can be #WeWillMissYouDOTS too or #DescendantsOfTheSunFinale

    What do you guys think??


    Ahh what to do when this drama ends???:bawling::cry:

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  2. I know words not important as Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon expresses their love from their action...He risk his life for her. She save him, adjusted and compromise for him..:tears::tears: ..but why does it frustrate me that GooWon couple already said their I love you but none from uri SongSong couple???:o Now, that he is fighting for his life and Dr. Kang experiencing her worst fear about their relation, I am hoping when he survived and all is settled that three words should be utter from the both of them...Hopeless romantic right??What can I do? I want everything for our Beauty and Big Boss...:P:P:sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets::wub::wub:

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  3. That was a pretty ton of explosive post after post. So pretty that my eyes are full but still wanted more.....:sweatingbullets:


    Okay..Now that they are back in Korea..I want to see 3 things.:wub:

    1. I want Captain Yoo and that hospital CEO to have a confrontation. It may not be necessary in the story but hey, who wouldn't want to see a very cute jealous Captain/boyfriend???:sweatingbullets::heart:

    Plus the way he treated her before deserves some payback..^_^


    2. I want Min Yoon Gi oppa to apear..



    Again, who wouldn't want to see a jealous Captain??bonus plus his buddy..:w00t:



    3. ROMANCE......A  whole lot of it.........:wub::wub:


    It's Wednesday already...:w00t::w00t:




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  4. 16 hours ago, utkim said:


    No they are not the same, but they are matching though :P


    Chingus...is it really our dearie Kyo?  :blink: . Not complaning though...they both look super cute together....i dun know what to say :lol:

    Asking the same thing.Who is she and where did unni go???Lol..Made me think of what Jin Goo said about SHK being careful. But I love this SHK.More carefree. More relax. :wub:

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  5. 16 hours ago, kdramad said:

    Guys have you seen the teaser for the next OST? They showed new scenes and oh my god I'm so afraid right now.. They showed "flashback" scenes as if KMY was thinking about the past... we also see the stone again.. in the last part we see her with it and it's a new scene, does it mean she will go back to Urk? 

    Ever since ep 12 and since YSJ gave her back the stone that i've been thinking they will go back for the last episode, I obviously want it to be them together, like on a trip to remember the times they have spent there together. I'm so afraid it will be only KMY... ahhh no we must think positive! Nothing wrong will happen to our YSJ, let's hope x.x

    Your POV makes me scared..:frown::frown:

    I'm gathering tables now to flip if later it becomes true...:angry::angry:

    This scene makes me think that SDY and the rest of the Alpha team is running towards their Big Boss who is lying on the ground and wounded..Please oh please...:tears:


    That scene where Dr. Kang teaching the kids of Uruk haven't shown yet..So I'm anxious too..What if she came back to Uruk alone..:tears:

    Aigoo!!!But I hope I'm just being too obsess with this drama that's why I'm anxious with its ending..lol

    Please dont throw us a sad ending..The effects are proven but geez!!Captain Yoo and Dr. Kang deserves to be happy...


    One hot Captain..Lucky Dr. Kang..




    Waiting for the presscon pics..:blush:

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  6. 16 hours ago, Mayiya said:

    Spoilers Dots

    Sports Dong A - Nate: 'Descendants of the Sun', Song Joong Ki ♥Song Hye Kyo, love over homeland 

    1. [+579, -7] I found the president's scene the saddest part of today because he doesn't exist in real life

    2. [+439, -7] The writers set the story in a way to test the patience of the viewers ㅋㅋㅋ The alpha team looked super sexy in all-black ㅠㅠㅠ Captain Yoo is sexy ㅠㅠ He's a cute, cool and sexy

    3. [+355, -13] Am I the only one wondering why he got shot but wasn't hurt? ㅋ I wish today is Wednesday already

    1. [+545, -4] The best fantasy of today is the president

    2. [+499, -3] The president in this drama is awesome, I'm jealous

    3. [+378, -9] Today felt like the final episode ㅋㅋㅋㅋThe Korean edition starts next week!!

    4. [+42, -2] I love how DotS doesn't play a game of push/pull with its viewers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If this was another drama, the episode would've ended while Captain Yoo was getting shot ㅜㅜㅜ I'll have wait hard for another week

    5. [+33, -2] What country do Yoo Shijin and Kang Moo Yeon live in that all the generals and even the president are perfect and respectable? I want live in that country

    6. [+22, -1] Goodbye Argus

    7. [+20, 0] I wish Yoo Ah In cameos as Min Yoon Giㅋ It would be fun to see Yoo Shijin, Seo Dae Young and Min Yoon Gi in one frame
    Osen - Naver: 'Descendants of the Sun' Song Joong Ki ♥Song Hye Kyo, end their relationship in Urk, love continues in Korea
    1. [+11, 654, -95] Argus should've learned Korean..

    2. [+8,724, -95] Today felt like the finale ㅋㅋㅋ I smiled and cried..

    3. [+7,723, -135] A drama is indeed just a drama. The president is really cool. Song Song couple was cute today, Goo Won was awesome and Argus died~ But the preview makes me anxious

    4. [+7,136, -133] Ha... was too focused that I forgot to take a breath ㅠㅠOh no, the preview ㅠㅠ How am I supposed to wait until next week? ㅠㅠ

    5. [+6,952, -87] I was expecting this to pop up in the end:  "Thank you for watching Descendants of the Sun"

    6. [+2,056, -29] Why knock out the kiss scene with a full shot, director-nim?

    7. [+1,986, -24] David McInnis did a great job as Argus. He was awesome despite being a villain!!!


    Credit kklujaem

    Yep!!Why director-nim???!!!Why?! Why?! Why?!:angry::angry:


    Wow!!!!33% Nice...Four more episodes to go!!I hope we reach 40%

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  7. This is the best episode ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [image removed]


    Wait, I said that for almost every episode!:blush:

    lol!DOTS! I swear you will give me such a hard time when you air your last episode...

    Thanks to the recappers!!!Lagging livestream was less infuriating all because of you....:w00t:


    Once again were always at the edge of our seat. Will they break up? Will they not? was what I were thinking during episode 12. I'm happy that our heroine is not frustrating. She is the perfect girl to keep up with our dangerous hero...

    Now! Only 4 episode!!!Ottoke???!!!!

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  8. 18 hours ago, khatelaloves said:



    this. that's why i'll really cry if she doesn't get daesang for DotS :lol: kkkkk

    Message me...I'll be crying with you too if that did not happen..lol:astonished:

    @crixa As Kyonatics, we just want all the best for unni. I hope she gets a ton of award for this. She deserves another daesang for this..Let's start praying now...:blush:

    Episode 12 was beyond amazing!!!



    Oh!!! 1,000,000 followers on instagram!!!!!!Congrats!!It will surely continue to increase...We were few before but now 1m!!Awesome...

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  9. Excited for tonight's episode..


    This really bothered me..I think that unni isn't given proper credit for this drama..I mean, I know the male lead always gets more attention and that's okay. I have no problem with that. I just hope more comments or recognition with her acting instead of her beauty...We all know how gorgeous she is..but that crying scene while her mouth is covered. Geez!Her eyes speaks a thousand words better than a mouth can utter...She indeed has proven herself with acting through the years. 




    I know as a SHK fan. I think she doesn't mind receiving a less spotlight..She is always low keyed...I just want all the recognition she can get..kekeke..greedy fan here..:sweatingbullets: Plus she is already made and is prettily sitting up there..I think she doesn't have a successor yet...

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  10. So happy that I have no work today and will be able to camp in here until episode 12 airs..



    Thank you to all live recappers who are so patient enough to update..You guys are my life whenever I'm on duty and can't watch it live..

    This is for all of you..



    Like you, I want to grill Asparagus (by the way, I love your nickname of Argus..:P) for hitting our heroine..That lovely face doesn't deserve to be hit...:angry: I think episode 11 is so jam-packed that I can't digest it all at once or its just that one hour feels like a minute?? Anyway, I'm sure uri Captain Yoo Si Jin will have him toast in no time and will avenge us..lol


    Happy watching later guys..:blush::blush::blush:


    Please drama gods..Let Captain Yoo and Dr. Kang reunite at tonight's episode, otherwise how do you expect us to cope up until next week?????????????????????????? :tears::tears: I'm pretty sure I'd be living like a ghost until wednesday came which I think I've been doing eversince DOTS airs....lol

    Oh!! 700 pages and we are still at episode 11!!!Wohooo!!You guys are awesome!!!:w00t::w00t:

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  11. 'Abnormal Summit' three China reps, "'Descendants of the Sun' Song Joongki is the most popular"
    Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver
    1. [+575, -21] Captain Yoo, you're very popular
    2. [+390, -22] Captain Yoo is the best
    3. [+355, -18] Of course, the class of the big boss is different~
    4. [+283, -24] I really wonder how popular it is in China
    5. [+204, -20] As expected of Song God's class~




    everyone cant get enough of DOTS...:lol:


    tomorrow's Wednesday right??



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  12. 16 hours ago, leedonghaek said:

    DotS hasn't finished airing yet and I already wonder how many years it'll take for us to see her on TV again. ;)

    Don't go there yet...:cry: I'm trying not to think of that..Let's live a day at a time..:tears:

    But I thought as a kyonatics, we have master the art of waiting..Waiting for her drama and waiting for unni to get married..:P


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  13. On 3/27/2016 at 0:54 AM, utkim said:

    I thot Kyo only want to share a song she likes to her fans, nothing more and nothing less. I think we tend to over analyze the song too much ?? i thot it was a sincere sharing from her to fans. As long as she shares something on her IG, i'm happy. At least i know she is alright and doing fine :D

    I'm not shipping kyo with anyone although i ship SJ-MY hard and it happens to be my all time fav pairing and drama, i must say. My heart had been burned once before and i don't have the heart to go through once more. I only hope that if she dates someone which i truly hope she is...she deserves the love like anyone else, but i hope it happens under wrap, only tell us when she is ready for marriage. That will be the best news ever for me. 

    For now i only enjoy her MY in Dots :D

    MasY, thanks for the trans dear..really appreciated :wub:

    Have a nice weekend chingus.

    Btw, i must say the truck kiss scene in dots shock me a lot and the gazes :sweatingbullets: I have never seen Kyo like this before...ok, i will stop here before i become delulu :lol:

    agree 100%!! :lol: We've been crashed and burn real hard before..I ship KMY and YSJ..I admit due to DOTS sweet scene it lead me to thinking, can they? Are they? But I immediately crash the idea for I cried buckets of tears before . :sweatingbullets: I promise myself the next time I ship her would be with her future husband. All the best unni and I'm excited, I guess we will be seeing her a lot due to DOTS promotion..:w00t:

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  14. 16 minutes ago, melissala said:

    I actually think think MY seems like the jealous type.  She's shown it a few times already.  And yes MJ  actually has reason to be mad.  Even if they were on their many breaks, there's no reason to go on a blind date (and be so excited about it).  As for MY... they weren't dating at the time, but MY also had a point that they were still in contact with these girls recently for them to know their address.  So while SJ is going on and on wooing MY, and complaining he's being dumped, he's got a truck-full of girls waiting for him. :P  Plus he was supposed to be devastated from her dumping him.  It's in the rules.  So, yes they both deserved to be yelled at. 

    But I believe them when they say it was innocent.  I so want to see jealous SJ now though.  

    Yep..One jealous YSJ please writernim..I have this wish..I hope Jo In Sung to cameo as KMY's ex-boyfriend..It would be fun to see it. JIS is SHK's former male lead and SJK's friend so can it happen please??Is it too much to ask?dramagods make it happen please..

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