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  1. Wow!Drama doesn't start until November 12 and the page is already on its 35th:wub:

    Need to come out from hiding as I cant wait for unni's comeback drama. I hope the script is solid. I trust her judgement on choosing her projects. Let's hope Now, We are breaking up(I hope it has a shorter title though:lol:) hits daebak.


    Haven't watch any project of Jang ki young as I want a fresh take and unbias opinion on him while watching now, we are breaking up. He looks adorable already on the teasers so I feel like I will be watching his previous works after this.


    Lets all get along and enjoy the fruit of their hard work.:wub:

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  2. What an awesome drama!!:fullofhearts::approves::hooray2::heartxoxo:


    Uri virgin psychic just posted on his IG!:lol:

    Cr. @jyheffect0622

    Sell your haunted house have been my stress reliever during the duration of its run.. Such an awesome drama that came along when I needed it! Will definitely rewatch the whole series when I have the time to..


    Willl miss the whole team especially Hong Sajangnim and Oh In Beom duo..

    So cute..Jang Nara posted oh her IG


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  3. Only 1 episode left and that romance we wanted aint happening yet!:crazy:Its okay though, its well written and those small glimpse of possible romance I am happy with, so I'll take it.:lol: Yeah, I think so too..The farthest we can have with Ji ah and In beom romance will be just a hint but will be happy if I am wrong.:lol: He is a special psychic after all so maybe that yin/yang balance isnt applicable to him.:D


    I'm also gonna miss the dumb and dumber, hyung-dongsaeng duo:wub::tears:



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  4. 5 hours ago, 1023 Balasi Roxy said:

    Maybe it will complicate things when it comes to "romance". Because the psychic must not be involved in relationships i guess??  The Yin and Yang factor maybe? 


    But who knows, kdrama's has its own twist... but i still demand skinship 

    He is a special psychic after all so I think its possible.:D:lol: If not then the writers are too bad for just teasing us.:sweatingbullets: The romance will come, I'm sure of it.:wub::lol:


    I think its not that Ji Ah's mother cant go but its because she doesnt want to go. I think she knows that Ji Ah will be in danger and something big will happen that links from that night. 


    Anyways, SYHH is too good not because I'm a Yonghwa bias but the story is well writen. It's an all in one drama...:)

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  5. @SC2019 Add to that when Hong sajangnim imagined Oh In Beom holding her hand after that preliminary visit and how Oh In Beom was worried after daebak team came back from the police. Those subtle hint of romance was nicely done. It's not "in your face romance" or "suddenly their in love" kind of thing. I like it. Its well thought of. I'm really loving the writers of this drama..:wub::)

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