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  1. I felt sad for Oh In Beom too..If it were 20 years ago, he was like 6 or 7. What would a kid know???But then again, so far the writers dont disappoint. I'm gonna wait until next episode. I'm sure Hong sajangnim will come around. She is just in shock now that someone she is slowly opening up to suddenly got involved in her mother's death. And now that cards were laid out, they will figure that its better to investigate together.:wub::lol: Now, give me some romantic scenes already.:phew::lol:

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  2. Looks like Ms. Joo is heading into the "villain" role. It would definitely hurt Hong sajangnim plus I feel like she is going to  blame it on Oh In Beom. That would be a double whammy for Hong Ji Ah...Too bad, I love her cool character at the beginning..:tears:


    Episode 7 is a tear jerker..Cried so much because of the father's back story...:tears:


    Why am I lovin this look on Hong sajangnim and Oh In Beom?:lol:


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  3. I like it that if there is really romance in this drama, they are not forcing it right away and when there's a possibility, it's so cute my heart fluttered.  :lol::sweatingbullets: Like in this scene, Hong Ji Ah saw right through Oh In Beom and his fraud tendencies.:lol:











    I love it how the female lead is not the typical damsel in distress, and the male lead the arrogant one plus Sell your haunted house has a lot of genre and every episode has a new story to tell that it doesn't just revolve around the leads. It's like a breath of fresh air. Hope many more gets to appreciate it...:lol:



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  4. Not to be bias but I was always wondering why she isn't the highest paid actress in dramas when she's got the most highest rated number of dramas under her belt compare with her colleagues...:lol::sweatingbullets:


    From Descendants of the Sun to Full House, these 5 K-dramas prove hallyu star Song Hye-kyo should be South Korea’s highest paid actress



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  5. I guess we are not the only ones smitten by Sell Your Haunted house:wub::wub:



    "It is a wonderfully written story that isn’t too heavy handed and also mixes in lots of comedy as well. I especially like the jokes that come with Ji-ah being the strong manly character in this show and In-bum being the feeling “feminine” character. It is just cute to have a beta man as the male lead (I love me an adorable unassuming sweetheart of a male lead)."




    Yeah, It's fun to see not a typical alpha male lead this time but a sweetie In Beom and a sassy Ji Ah:lol::wub:


    Ah, I feel like Hong sajangnim is giving me advice too:lol::sweatingbullets:





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  6. 8 minutes ago, gm4queen said:

    Chingu, The thread starter of the drama thread has deleted her account & quit soompi forums. So the drama thread went down with her. :( The admins are aware of the problem. So they are working on to restore the drama thread. I am preparing myself to open a new drama thread for Sell Your Haunted House, just in case if we are unable to restore the original drama thread. Please hang in there!


    I hope my answer helped you! :)

    Oops..Sorry..didnt mean to:heartxoxo:..Just glad Sell your haunted house is receiving love:wub:


    Hope they restore it soon..and thank you in advance:sweat_smile:


    Leaving new beautiful still cuts of uri Hong Ji Ah here as peace offering:):)




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  7. Another confirmed drama from SHK:wut::issohappy:


    Not familiar with Jang Ki Yong but I'm planning to watch his previous works while waiting for this drama.:smile:


    Hello everyone..Hope this thread would be a fun and peaceful one:fullofhearts:



    Song Hye Kyo confirmed to star opposite of Jang Ki Yong in new drama series

    Published March 11, 2021 12:43pm


    Song Hye Kyo will star opposite of Jang Ki Yong in the upcoming romance drama series "Now, We Are Breaking Up."

    According to a Soompi report, the actress was confirmed to star in the new series on Wednesday along with other actors like Choi Hee Seo and Kim Joo Heon.


    "Now, We Are Breaking Up" narrates the story of breakups and love. In it, Song Hye Kyo plays the role of a trendy and intelligent design team manager working for a fashion label.


    "WWW" and "Come and Hug Me" star Jank Ki Yong, on the other hand, will play the role of a wealthy freelance photographer.


    Meanwhile, "Anarchist from Colony" actress Choi Hee Seo will play the fashion labels' director and "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" actor Kim Joo Heon will act as a PR company CEO.


    Written by "Misty" writer Je In, "Now, We Are Breaking Up"  will be directed by Lee Gil Bok, the brains behind "Vagabond" and "My Love From the Star."


    The drama is set to start filming this April and will be scheduled for airing on SBS for the second part of the year.


    Talks of Song Hye Kyo taking the lead role for "Now, We Are Breaking Up" first came out last November. Last January, she was also confirmed to reunite with "Descendants of the Sun" writer for a role in a new drama series.


    After "Descendants of the Sun," Song Hye Kyo last starred in "Encounter" with Park Bo Gum last 2018. — Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News


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  8. Woaw!!There have been a lot of drama comeback rumor from uri queen but a Kim Eun Sook reunion drama, I was not expecting:wut: I still dont know what to feel about this reunion:D but I always trust unni with her decisions/projects...


    Say what????probably 1st half of 2022????2021 just got started!!!!Such a long wait then:sweatingbullets: Anyways hope it hits another daebak project!!:wub: Excuse me while I do my happy dance!!:happydance::please:

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