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  1. i actually encountered her in mactan along with some of the cast.. she was so pretty and a very happy person..but i didnt approach and have took a pic so as not to disturb them...
  2. hi.. i actually saw that drama too.. have you heard of the rumor that she secretly married her boyfriend?
  3. ahh thank you.. will there be possible tv appearances before the drama premiere?
  4. when i joined forums and subscriptions for kdrama vod late 90's it was during night time and cant think of any but moon and stars and the doll on my bedside hehe
  5. I usually do that...traveling alone as long as you got your SO's consent.. and the communication should always open..we need time for ourselves too.. ^_~
  6. 10 promises to my dog, miracle in cell no 7, snow in the sea
  7. I was just curious, if she ever have fans here.. hehe she recently have fan meeting with korean fans but ive heard no picture taking was allowed..
  8. @UnniSarah the same person who said that the person who will die is around hothunk's family, mentioned about fake pregnancy.. we already saw bts of KY's pregnancy and we still haven't seen one from Sena.. i think there's really a baby kidnapping that will happen one of the new actors that will join will be surely be the real mom.. KY's dad is so irratating right from the start of the drama.. when will he grow up?
  9. some koreans.. best couple will surely go to the weekend drama lets get married..they surpasses the 30% rating.. personal shopper couple shippers disappeared after park hana's announcement.. for this drama there's not much fans for ket and lya
  10. no actually chinggu ive heard hong sooah is wang bitna's contender for the year end. So far only her and kang eun tak are on the possible list for nominees.
  11. you can check out kbs audience review, program naver page and some naver blogs too.. instagram people usually post reviews too.
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