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  1. Oh,l don't think l will watch daily drama again, too long and stressful. Thanks everyone giving yours opinions/comments of this drama here. Wishing all of you a happy new year!
  2. This drama is more concentrated on JH (Kang) role. It says mainly that he wanted to take revenge on his ex lover, And his role was approached and invited by the writer who he came to know her from his previous drama. He is lucky to get this role as it can fully letting him to give full acting in his professional skill. While he was acting this drama, there was an instructor coaching him. We can see from the instagram or SNS after the drama, he has posed photos with his acting instructor together. For the female actresses, Hong is usually acting in China dramas and her role is always a sweet, nice girl and actress Young Ah actually these few years, she concentrates more in movies than drama. Her two movies last year had entered in film festival. When Young Ah was walking in the red carpet and posing, she seems restless, the way she reacts seem to know that she has no chance to win. Actually Kang and Young Ah already knew that this best couple award is not usually place in daily drama and they don't expect to win.
  3. Maybe both of them has the same idea, they want to stay as couple without strings attached. Kang says that he likes his work but can't concentrate both work and partner. Hoping that he doesn't take Lee as a companion without marriage attached. lt's really unfair to her. Hana breaks up with him is cos he doesn't has much times for her and also she refers him as a playboy. Lee maybe doesn't mind about his choice as she has many friends to accompany her and she has her works too She is very independant person and she loves to go for long trips for leisure so l think Kang has no time to accompany her she can look for her friends.
  4. l agree with you. They are very quiet (no news) after their drama has completed. Both of them does not want their relationship too open. Their relationship is still new so they themselves also have no idea whether how long they will stay together as couple, And when they are dating, they are very careful. Just hope for the best that they will think of settle down as they are no more young. But as what l read from Kang interview, he seems not interested to settle down as he says his age has passed, he wants to concentrare more in his career. His parents already seem to give up on his marriage.
  5. l thought they should stand a chance...........very disppointing. The media has put a lot of news on them....and what l have read tonight say that they did not exist as a drama couple. Both of them already know that it is hard for them to get as best drama couple? They have not posed any pictures together, usually only with a group of actors. Feel funny is that tonight they don't even walk on the carpet together. Their instragram have no pictures posed together. l wonder whether they are real couples, maybe is for the sake of the drama? Will Lee Young Ah getting disappointed? l read that Lee has already a new work waiting for her, maybe movie.
  6. l am really shocked. Both of them did not get the best couple.
  7. Wow, the camera man is so attentive of this couple. That's nice.
  8. From his interview, he said that he wanted to stop acting daily drama, he wanted to try acting weekly drama, even acting as bad guy, he is willing to accept the role. He is really a good actor. His father was a film director but already passed away. I think his mum has remarried cos in his speech, he thanks his father, mum and sister. His surname takes from his step father cos his birth father is "Shin". In his award speech, he did not thank his current girl friend, he must be shy......hehe
  9. Especially Lee Young Ah is the first time fall in love with Kang in her 15 years in her acting career and she never has any rumors or scandal before. Kang Eun Tak also never admit that he has any girl friend when interviewed last July and his agency also never say about he has any relationship with someone until now. Both of them are first time go public to open up their relationship. l read from Kang recent interview that he told the drama field staff and the seniors about his relationship with Lee. And they tease him and care so much for them. He is the one leak out about his affair with Lee, he truly likes her.
  10. Kang never admit in public that Hana is his lover so l think is just a rumor. Kang and Lee are different, both their agencies admit they are real couples through the drama. So they are the real lovers.
  11. Heard before that Park Hana is Kang Eun Tak ex girlfriend. l don't know how true is this? And Lee Young Ah is Park Hana closed friend. Confused Relationship!
  12. l have already rewatched from the beginning episodes several times. l watch mostly their scenes, some of SN scenes, l skip.Too over violent of SN scenes l don't like. ln second thoughts, the text preview say 'as times go by' could be referred as times jump. JH and GY will be older and YS has already grown into a teenager.
  13. Actually l like to watch the first half of the story (the first 50 episodes), having more of the couple (JH and GY) scenes and more fun. Many viewers also say they did not get enough of them acting together. They are very disappointed, me too. We can track that in the second half story, this couple just appearing together in alternate episodes. They are apart in the story most of the times. The writer is too mean not to put them together in most scenes. Just hoping we can see them getting married in real lives. Pray that they will love each other the same as the drama title 'love till the end'
  14. l guess the story will wrap very quick as shown in the preview. I know that JH rescued GY from Bobby and gave a hot embrace. Emily called JH and asked whether GY was saved. She will take a plane to America alone without them sending her off (no time to show them rushing to the airport). HK informed his dad about his proposal to JB. JH's mom spoke to her two employees. And SN's birth mom called GY and asked her help to find SN. The middle part of the story will be SN and the rest of the characters will be appearing in court. The last part is a big reunion with JH, GY and YS. Hoping they will also show JH's family, GY's family celebrating their New Year together. Maybe some unimportant scenes will make it short.
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