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  1. Recently watching this short, amazing and beautiful drama. I couldn't help but love this pair so much. I am excited to know that there will be season 2 but I hope they come back. Honestly, I started watching this drama because of Ji Xiao Bing. I love him as Manager Gao in Here to Heart. He brought me here and I came to like Gao Han Yu as well while watching. I like this bromance!
  2. @lyserose me, too. I'm looking forward to that drama as well. Hopefully, we get some cute scenes of them although it seems like there won't be any based on the trailer.
  3. @Lunkera thanks for sharing. I'm sad knowing that I won't be able to read this beautiful novel in English. These kind of novel is quite hard to translate as they are involved with politics, to my understanding. But, I still hoping that in the future, someone will pick up and translate it for us.
  4. Thank you for sharing informations from the book. If anyone know where to read the novel in English, please share the link. I really appreciate it.
  5. Happy New Year 2019! Let's watch more dramas!!!

  6. Thank you very much for sharing the videos. The actors of Yanxi look great and did well although they are not singer. The sound of falling snow is forever my favorite song. Love my emperor and yingluo short version. My edit of Yanxi Palace couples QL ❤ YL FH ❤ YL
  7. ^so true. If Yu Zheng cast a different actor to play Qian Long, it might feel different but thankfully, we had Nie Yuan as Emperor. He's a great actor and very talented. He deserves the award and the compliments. I've mentioned before but will repeat myself once again because I love the actor that plays emperor. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't like Yanxi this much. He makes Emperor lovely and likable. Congrats to him for winning that award.
  8. @Wotad The title of the song is called 'The sound of falling snow' and yes it is an OST from Yanxi Palace.
  9. @Wotad I'm not quite sure which one you are talking about. Do you mean the one after Yanxi Palace? If that's the one you are talking about then I really sorry because I don't know and I can't understand Mandarin.
  10. @Wotad I agreed. Wish there are more scenes of the princes and princesses. Overall, it was a great drama. Just wanna share a performance that was done by these young stars at the Chinese youth talent show. The stories are touching and sad. I was moved to tears for Fuca Fuheng all over again. Note: 4th Prince Yongcheng is one of the contestants. He was good. All the contestants are talented. Skip to 21:37 for Yanxi Palace part.
  11. @Wotad I agreed with you on that. Fuheng is always late at making decision that's why he lost her to the emperor. He lack of ideas and doesn't understand her needs. She would fight with him even if it will cost her life at least they can be together but he gave up too quickly. I think the emperor is a better choice for yingluo. He understands her and truly loves her although the country is still his priority. What I like most about the emperor is that he is not stupid and he tries to make time for his women as possible as he can. Nie Yuan made emperor Qian Long likeable and watchable. If it weren't for him, I don't think I would like the emperor this much.
  12. This drama is the best Qing Dynasty drama I've ever watch, at least to me. I love nearly everything about it except ep.59 to ep.63. Somewhat I was sad over the fact that the emperor ignored her and didn't try to help her even though he kind of did in his kind of way. I really hope that they show us more of the kids instead of just mentioned them. Poor Fuheng, he had suffered for eternity. He deserves better and his death is too tragic. My favorite pair is still the emperor and yingluo though. Congrats for the success and being goggle top search! This drama sure is really loved by the universe. Big thanks to the gentle empress team at viki. They were doing an incredible job for providing us subtitles. The actors and staffs deserve all the love from us for making the best drama of 2018.
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