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  1. I finally got the book via Taobao and am now inspired to start reading it after reading what some of you have wrote regarding the scenes in the book. I m sure the book fills in a lot of gaps that the tv show couldn't due to time and costs constraints. The bookset I got came with this booklet called "番外小冊" (spinoff stories, the white one with red banner across the width of the book) which contains two short chapters. The first is Yuan Chun Wang's POV, part of this was written into the main script and was in last couple of episodes in the TV show. The 2nd chapter is about the 2nd generation: QL and WYL's eldest daughter Princess Zao Hua, Fuheng's son Fu Kang An, Zao Hua's fiance (Mongolian prince) and Hong Zou's daughter Si Wan. I read that this chapter was also filmed at the same time as the main tv show, and that there would be 6 episodes on this. Not sure when it will come out, but strange it didn't screen shortly after Yanxi finished its run, even though there were photos of the young cast and some of them also gave a short gist of the 6 episodes.
  2. Was rewatching Eps 43 now that the English subtitles are in. Thank God for the Gentle Empress subtitles team (love the name and I'm wondering if they named themselves after Empress Fuca). The English subtitles helped clarified and confirmed what I understood when watching the show before the English subtitles, most of it is accurately translated, except for some awkward vocabulary, which is understandable cos Chinese idioms can be hard to translate. There was the scene when QL was irritated and angry that WYL didn't come to pacify him, and instead was going about with her merry life on her newly installed swing. He took it to mean that she didn't care whether she saw QL or not, didn't care if he came to her or not. He had thought she would rush to see him and maybe beg him to reinstate her onto the list of names for his night visits I think that snub got to him and this was the first time he felt he wasn't placed at the pedestal by all his subjects/concubines... bratty over-entitled rich kid But I'm wondering if WYL had planned for this, schemed to have this happen since she seemed to read QL better than he understood himself; that WYL knew how he would react and hence was easy to entrap him. Later on, when Dr Leaf came by to Yangxin Palace for the regular pulse checks, QL drove him out and insisted he didn't need it. I am assuming this was a daily thing for imperial physicians to do their rounds with QL On the way out, Dr Leaf and Li Yu had a conversation in which Dr Leaf said it was necessary for QL to get his pulse checked, and let out the snippet of news that WYL was punished by Jia Ping, made to kneel for about 4h and had bruised her knees so badly that would have resulted in her mobility. There seemed to be a little sly look between the two, as if they both had collaborated to help QL understand what had actually happened to WYL and tried to smooth things over between QL and WYL. Li Yu's expression when QL overheard their conversation was really epic as he knew QL so well that he also knew QL would react to what they had said. QL's expression btw was also comical. QL in the show is actually really predictable. So now I'm wondering WYL didn't plan for this outcome, but that it is actually Dr Leaf and Li Yu who decided to take things into their own hands. I think Li Yu had more reasons to help QL and WYL cos having a angry Emperor would also have made his life, as the PA, very terrible. Sidetrack, QL really liked to thrash his cups, petition documents etc around
  3. I also thought about this question quite a bit and discussed with some friends of mine who are into the show. When did QL fall for WYL and vice versa. For me, QL's feelings for WYL were abit more obvious in its development. The obvious one to me was in Ep 30 when WYL was abused by Gao Gui Fei when she delivered the milk to Gao Gui Fei's palace (Empress Fuca had saved her life and sent her to that department where all the menial hard labour work was done). Gao Gui Fei had stepped on WYL's fingers really hard causing more damage to her delicate fingers, and hence WYL's talent in sewing was also destroyed by that incident besides scrubbing all that chamberpots and barrels. QL saw her battered fingers, and went to look for WYL in the rain. But cos he was so proud, even though he cared enough to look for her, he couldn't be nicer. The only nice and caring thing he did was to throw the umbrella at her and insulted her again. Then he huffed and puffed back to his Yangxin Palace, but also huffed and puffed out of his palace to return to the place thinking WYL would still be there. That to me showed he started feeling for WYL, a lowly servant whom he didn't need to care about. But some friends of mine felt it was way earlier, at Ep 19 when QL had chickenpox. WYL was clearing his bedsheets and taking them away to wash, QL's eyes were tracking her and looking irritated at her, just then Empress Fuca entered and was bemused. She asked him when he was lying down and him irritated by the itches why he didn't like WYL. QL didn't answer her and turned to his side, and while Empress Fuca was telling him all of WYL's good traits, he was trying to distract himself with the itch by scratching against his bedsheet, but the next scene showed who he was thinking of as Empress Fuca was talking... the scenes were all about WYL. I think that was more likely the real start of some feelings for WYL, except he didn't know how to handle these new feelings, that the only reaction he could fall back on was just anger towards her. Bratty behaviour really... so it's also good we see a good character development of QL in this show and how he grew up. As for WYL, I don't think she fell for QL that early. The way I see it, her love of him grew slowly and she didn't even realised she had actually fallen for him, even though it was clear to many pple around her. Her reason for returning to the palace and become one of QL's concubine was due to her only goal: to investigate Empress Fuca's death, to seek revenge and to save Mingyu. So her heart was already taken over by all that strong feelings of revenge, and love for Empress Fuca. No space for anything or anyone else, but slowly, things happen. I think the little breadcrumbs were dropped at ... Ep 45: This was the scene between Mingyu and WYL strolling in the Imperial Garden; Mingyu telling WYL about the rumours that were flying throughout the palace when Fuheng returned from the war, hence QL stopped coming to Yanxi Palace to stay the night. WYL mentioned that she expected QL, who was wise, to be someone who would not believe in such rumours. And that she was very surprised he did, something that seemed to her to be very unexpected. I feel at this point, she hadn't made the connection that QL had feelings for her (she definitely didn't have any for him here), but that kinda made her pondered abit more as to why he would behave this way. Then in Ep 49, just before Xiao Quan Zi informed her that QL was going to teach her horse-riding, there was that little conversation between Mingyu and her again. WYL said she had to be more diligent in practising the arts (zither, calligraphy, poetry etc) so that she wouldn't look like a fool in front of QL when they are together discussing these things. Mingyu sniggered thereafter. I saw it as, WYL wanted to do these things and do them well for QL, which unknowingly to herself, she must have feelings for QL to bother about these things and spend time practising. But I think the most obvious to me that she had fallen for QL was in Ep 53 when QL was being bratty and wanted WYL to be jealous (he had wanted to spend the night with the unfortunate comic-relief Shu Ping and told Li Yu to get his zither back from Yanxi Palace). But he had been thinking of her the whole day and night, and in the end, went to Yanxi Palace and started playing that zither and woke WYL up from her sleep. QL told her that he knew she didn't kill Consort Chun and pointed out that it wasn't WYL's character to do such a thing. She had thought this was why QL was angry with her, but the next revelation from QL stumped WYL, and this was possibly the first time she couldn't find the right words to reply/retort him. QL told her that he was angry with her that she didn't care about his opinion in this matter, that she didn't think it necessary to explain herself. Hence to him, it bothered him that WYL didn't care about him. I think the fact she had no words for that showed that she realised this was a man who understood her and that must have touched her to make her heart feel alot more for QL. Though I think she continued to be very guarded towards him, cos of her revenge goal. But once her revenge was completed, she had also lost his affections and also realised she had hurt QL very deeply in that revenge process. And it's during her 3 years in the Summer Palace with the Empress Dowager, when she kept writing letters to QL every month that she also pined for him and her feelings grew even more. It's quite ironical actually, cos the Empress Dowager had planned for QL to be the one to pine for WYL instead. In the end, both did, somewhat.
  4. I thought it to be the Empress Dowager who wanted WYL to leave the Forbidden City quickly together for the Sunmer Palace, hence those eunuchs who came to pack and carry away the essentials. She wanted to leave while QL was busy talking to that old official whom Empress Dowager had asked to explain the truth about QL’s birth mother’s death. Her act of leaving would then cause QL to be very guilty for doubting and hurting Empress Dowager that way, which was really her ploy.
  5. I'm actually watching Legend of Zhen Huan (up to ep 10 as of last night). I had stumbled upon it on Netflix, but found it strange there are so many missing links in the episode and only six 90min episodes compared to what I had read to be a more than 70 episodes show. Found that all the episodes are on its Youtube channel with English subtitles, so that's good too. Interestingly I learnt a lot more historical background facts in the 10 episodes of Zhen Huan and can better appreciate the historical background of Yanxi. Oh, I saw that blanket scene @Cedric Ong had mentioned earlier. Something that I've been wondering after watching Yanxi and now Zhen Huan, what is the minimum age for these ladies to go audition for the Emperor's harem? Was it compulsory all the ladies from all over China to enter the court, go through these preliminary tests before standing before the emperor at the audition? In Yanxi, it seemed the daughters from most of the middle-class/upper-class (those whose families work for the court) would have to go through this process. While others, like WYL, of lowly birth status, would also consider entering the Forbidden City to work as maids or seamstresses. Was this a compulsory thing in those times?
  6. Agree too... Ruyi had such bad timing to be screened about the same time when Yanxi had already gotten to be so much more popular. Sure hope we won't have to wait for Haolan too long... I've been rewatching Yanxi, and tried other period dramas on iQiyi, but either the plot pacing isn't good or there is too much CGI. I've been spoilt by Yanxi's quality.
  7. Thought this is a clear explanation as to why Ling Huang Gui Fei wasn't made the Empress even after the Step-Empress was thrown into the cold palace (apologies for the direct translation, I wonder what would be its equivalent term in English... some translation I saw was "cold storage" :D) The gist for those who may not understand Chinese, and I hope I got it right too (someone do add on or edit if I didn't get the points correct or missed out some important facts): 1. Consort Ling's family background is very low in a hierarchical system like Qing Dynasty. Hence to even be promoted from Gui Ren to Pin (within the same year) and later to Fei and Gui Fei, QL had already given her much honour. Other concubines like Consort Shu whose family status was way higher than Consort Ling/WYL didn't even get such attention and promotion. Apparently Empress Fuca had to train all these new concubines and Ling was very respectful towards Empress Fuca and hence Empress Fuca liked her alot too. 2. Step-Empress, while she was stripped of all the emblems of empress authority when sent to the cold palace was still Empress in name. Hence there was no way QL would risk the opposition of the other royal members and the years of Qing traditions and rules to raise Ling Huang Gui Fei to Empress Ling while the Step-Empress was still alive. Also the Step-Empress' two sons were still alive and it will be bad form for QL to make Ling to be the next Empress. 3. There was no one to put in a good word or recommendation for Ling Huang Gui Fei to be the next Empress. According to the video, the Empress Dowager had persuaded QL to make Consort Xian to be the Step Empress after Empress Fuca passed on. And QL obeyed his mum alot. 4. QL was a shrewd man to make sure that while Ling was alive, she would continue to be the Huang Gui Fei so that no one can speculate her son Yong Yan to be the heir apparent, even though QL at 63 years old had already secretly conferred Yong Yan to be the Crown Prince. As the Step-Empress' two sons were still alive, people would still think the next Emperor would be from one of those 2 sons instead. In this way, by not conferring Ling to be the new Empress, QL prevented possible fights for the throne between the princes, and I guess gave Yong Yan a chance to grow up (he was 13 when made the crown prince) and take over the throne when he was older. Some additional facts: And according to this Qing Shi Gao (some imperial historical records, though there are people who had critiqued it), Ling while alive already held the 东珠朝珠 (https://baike.baidu.com/item/东珠) which is an emblem of status/power(?) reserved for the Emperor, Empress Dowager and/or Empress. Hence Ling was considered in that sense the Empress, even if she didn't have the title. I am guessing that is QL's way of letting her and everyone else know how important she was to him, even if politically she couldn't have that title. When Ling died, her family's banner was raised to a level (I didn't understand what it was in the video) which was a very high honour, that normally wouldn't befit her origins. Also at her funeral, the number of rites that were accorded to her had increased to 18, making it a total of 76 rites, which was 1 less than what an Empress was normally given. Compared that to Step-Empress' funeral, Ling was given way more honour and recognition befitting an Empress even though she was just a Huang Gui Fei when she died. If the historical facts that had been recorded and passed down are to be believed, then I must say Yanxi did a decent job in adhering to the historical facts while adding on the modern romance and drama.
  8. Just saw on iQiyi notification that the show will be postponed till Dec 2019 https://drive.google.com/open?id=10R9yoGFjXwS6NBFF3XJMA8aB6IiD09wA Took a snapshot cos I can't seem to upload a pic On the iQiyi site http://www.iqiyi.com/lib/m_214701814.html Not sure if it shows. Sad it's gonna be such a long wait if it is true.
  9. Issue I have with historical records, particularly China ones, are that lots of info were written from the men's POV, whether it's through poetry, or actual written factual records that read more like incident reports, or from some other important official's opinion. It's hard to figure out what the women's voice was like, unless it was implied through these records passed down through ages. I would think it strange it there wasn't an actual feminist or two who would try to do things differently in a very male-dominated or even male-chauvinistic society. There had to be some lady who could have thought and saw things differently, even if the reason for that "wokeness" would be one of seeing how things were so unfair towards the women in those days. But then again, we wouldn't really know, history, as much as we try, can still be biased. Still it is through Yanxi, that I found myself reading more into the chinese history, and especially in Chinese. Something I wouldn't have done normally
  10. I really like this timeline in gifs of how WYL's storyline and character developed throughout the 70 episodes https://guzhuangheaven.tumblr.com/post/177561983205/延禧攻略-the-story-of-yanxi-palace-yingluos-glow-up?fbclid=IwAR16pHzNbFqEw5-3p9RU5JRXPAq2akMgKV_7OZfdHEqpirbblKh0fyBFCwU So sorry about this mistake. I meant to post on the other page. Admin, kindly delete. I can't seem to do it on my end.
  11. I think based on traditions passed down over the years, only the Empress' children will be considered as the direct/principle sons and daughters. Especially since the Empress was the official wife, one whom the previous Emperor and his Empress had chosen for their heir/crown prince. Most times, it was expected that the crown prince and therefore the next Emperor would be one of Empress' sons, if not her eldest son. Though there had been many incidents when this default situation didn't work or had to change. Coincidentally, I received this Quora article in my mailbox right after I read your question: https://www.quora.com/Why-was-the-Emperors-successor-automatically-the-eldest-son-in-Chinese-Dynasties Quite a good read. In any case, if based on Yanxi's plot and historical facts, while the Step-Empress had a son (the 12th prince I guess), and if we would to follow traditions, this son should be QL's principle son. However, his heir to the throne was WYL's son instead, though QL abdicated in favour of this son and also to keep to the promise that his reign would not be longer than Kangxi's. I think by then, the number of options he had as his heir were only a few. And given that he also loved WYL, I believe he would also have made sure her children would have extra care and gave special coaching to her son for the goal of taking over the country and throne one day. I think in any case, QL felt the best way to protect WYL/Ling Huang Gui Fei would be to have her own son become the next Emperor, so that when QL passed on, her son would have to protect her and take care of her well too. Of course, in the end, she passed on before QL did. Read somewhere that she actually had 6 kids (3 boys 3 girls, one boy passed away) and not four. Some sources insisted she had 6 while some said 4, so not sure which is the truth. Anyway, out of the 2 remaining boys, only Yong Yan (15th prince) became his heir and hence JiaXing Emperor, but his brother wasn't well-liked by QL. Wonder why... I guess, even if he wanted to give them special treatment since he loved their mum so, QL was also not too bias to think all her kids are angels.
  12. To add on 4. After Chen Bi's assassination attempt on QL in Ep 64, QL's mum, the Empress Dowager, questioned WYL, didn't want to forgive her, and hollered for someone to take her out, presumably to execute her. QL entered right then and defended WYL and told his mum that he knew all that WYL had done right in the beginning, i.e. the lie to protect Chen Bi's life in the beginning by getting her to resemble Empress Dowager's dead daughter. His way of protecting her is awesome, to stand up for and stand by his love to shoulder the consequence together. The look on WYL was priceless then, seemed as if she couldn't believe that he is protecting her again.
  13. I was rewatching Episode 44 and had some thoughts. The scene when QL came to Yanxi Palace thinking WYL would be around (since he was impressed/intrigued by her idea of putting up those shades (recycled cloth from the Internal Dept) to provide some coverage from the sun at the area where QL would tend to pass otw to the various concubines' palaces, particularly enroute to Yanxi. She was out that afternoon, and QL stayed on to wait for her till Mingyu finally arrived back at Yanxi at night to explain WYL had been with the Empress Dowager since afternoon, and couldn't leave given that Empress Dowager enjoyed WYL's company. Mingyu also suggested to QL to go elsewhere instead since no one knew when WYL would actually return. So the scene cut to QL leaving the study in a huff and I had thought he just left since he got "stood up". It must have been really late at night when WYL finally returned. At the doorway to her room, Mingyu had this knowing smile when she told WYL to rest early, since she had been keeping the Empress Dowager company for many hours. WYL, at that point, didn't look like she knew what was going to happen next. She was also looking tired from all that talking and entertaining the Empress Dowager. I thought, there seemed to be a reversal of roles here instead: Mingyu with that knowing look and hurried WYL to go rest (she didn't even step into the bedroom to help WYL get ready for bed) 'cos she knew the surprise that WYL would get when she went into her bedroom. WYL looking puzzled and thought Mingyu's action was so unlike her, but didn't seem to pursue further. I reckon it's cos she was just too tired. Usually you would think WYL would have planned a few steps in advance, and would have also seen through other people's ploy/plan. This scene makes me think that Mingyu had kinda learnt something from WYL and planned ahead to entice/trick QL to stay in Yanxi to continue waiting for WYL, much like reverse psychology. And I really think in this scene, WYL was absolutely clueless as to what she would find in her room. She would have expected QL to come by her palace but didn't expect him to actually stay on. In fact the little exchange she had with QL, that she thought QL had already left much earlier and she seemed really surprised to see him waiting for her. I wondered if Mingyu had passed word to WYL earlier while she was still at Empress Dowager's palace. Perhaps Mingyu misled WYL a little by informing her that QL came, waited and left in the end. If so, Mingyu played a big part in this developing romance between QL and WYL.
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