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  1. really wish they would not push this MaRi thing, the preview of her slipping into PS's bedroom is so disturbing, not funny - writers want her crushing on PS as vehicle to expose PS bio mom, but it's just sick 

    PS cannot tell DR of her past and he should be consulting a dr...but he should not try to dampen her acting desire, he should be knowing that is her center - of course this is drama land where people don't recognize DR's twin in JY, except for slimy CEO - although JY is feisty, they are making her too dumb

    I wonder how many episodes they plan for when DR does regain her memories - we're not yet 1/2 way through, but I hope they don't wait till the very end

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  2. so far loving this twisty, tense drama, cinematography & soundscape  are excellent, as is the acting, wonderful roles for the women -so far the writing keeps me wanting to see around the corner...hopefully that continues ...it is about a web of poisonous family secrets, but there is room for the characters to show their layers and I look forward to the secrets untangling...

  3. Glad that PS knows DoRa is alive, the writers gave us that at least - hopefully he keeps the secret until her memories come back ...hope we get some quality time with them getting to know each other in this new constellation - PS gets a second chance to make up for doubting DR- second chances are so rare in real life

    With all the lightness, the suicide aspect is a very dark, serious one, still triggering for me - wonder how they will handle it - in the US or UK,  they would have to have a sensitivity notice on such a story -


    So much time is wasted with MaRi's crush story, they are ruining this previously delightful creature , mishandling a character with her condition - just to force PS's bio mom's hand, with her family - including dad- acting like cackling hens 


    Notice a lot of uneven editing, wonder if there has been a more than usual time pressure on production, maybe some unexpected shuffling in the story

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  4.  I had been enjoying this drama, really like leads, especially the FL who is doing her best to bring layers to her character,  but I am so upset about the misogyny, the melodrama, forcing a situation where the FL is going to sell herself to a psycho because of the debt her less than intelligent mother put her in ...DoRa's character up until now, would not do that. She would not do a nude shoot...It is as if writers do not respect the characters they create, or maybe they are pushed to write that way by the male dominated industry that does not respect women - too many get away in real life with abusing women , especially actresses ...

    That the rich parents would also push their 12yr old in 24yr old body daughter MaRi to marry a slimy older guy is way too disturbing - how can the writers get away with this?!


    It was expected that DoRa's hard earned career was going to be brought down by her mother, but I had hoped it would be about how the FL gets back on her feet -not by selling herself, but by showing us her grit, together with her first love -

    This all could have been a wonderful fun story of healing, of people accepting each other as whole imperfect beings - but producers seem to want women to be stuck in a past where sick little boys get away with abuse -and women have to play along. What is it with this forced marriage recurring theme?!

    Drama wants to make women characters unlikeable, though almost all characters are getting unlikeable and storyline right now it is just another repeat of horrible daily dramas with too many nasty caricatures ...because dramas say something about our societies and unless the yuck factor keeps growing, I may continue to watch, with lots of fast-forwarding, to see what this one will say - also, because I did like the leads & a couple other characters 

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  5. Don’t want to make excuses for the bad writing, directing and the late bringing in of this storyline of dad needing a liver transplant, but since such transplants are feared, many Kdramas try to put them in. Even though they have the donors often get sick afterwards, usually coma, which is very discouraging, it seems in this one that HS will not get sick but disappear, oh my…

    Since one’s partner has a say in what one does legally, healthwise, it’s understandable that HS makes this decision on her own, without sharing with TH - still, it can only cause a rift between the couple.

    If there were more time, one could really have the characters explore their different layers, have another arc worth watching, as they find each other again, trying to heal from the family trauma. but this is not it, nor is there much time -this series wasted so much time, good characters, good plot lines, that went nowhere!

    Is there going to be the obligatory one year, two yesr jump -TH goes away without HS?

    Will we not see that a couple, even with this major event, can find a way to work together, to face things together, to build a foundation of love and trust? Or are they going to trash the relationship that they built up for the viewers in 49 episodes, in just one last dumb episode? Really frustrated with writers, producers, that seem to mess up the characters they build, and don’t even understand or care about the characters they have presented for the viewers, or the storylines - really makes it seem like AI is not only writing, but directing. No heart, no soul 

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  6. Sadly, so far, it’s just another K drama that wants to discourage Women from taking leading positions in business, not just the rich ladies, but any lady striving to get to the top of the business world.  In Korea, there are so few women at the top of any thing regarding business and money - it may be that those few are just as ruthless as their silly little boy counterparts, but it is quite the trend in K dramas to always make the ladies look worse. So far this series is no different. 
    In this story the common husband is, of course, much more ‘qualified’ and human as the woman, who is ruthless and heartless, and therefore also not the better business woman -although, exactly those qualities are what men are praised for …

    viewers are often unaware, or don’t want to see, the subliminal messages of many of these dramas,  in an increasingly more conservative controlled country - yet, so many women are trying to stand up for their own rights and businesses run by women often in the world are better run

    Will be interesting to see if the series improves


  7. I have been enjoying this drama very much until the last episode. I think Jang Nara is doing a wonderful job. I thought the arc of the Hubby, having an affair as an act of revenge and then discovering how wrong he was, would bring the possibility for them to work things out in the future and was looking forward to this couple finding a happy ‘continuing’, if not ending. Killing him off is so anti-climatic, and the rest of the episode was stuck in boring corporate sculduggery , the usual Kdrama fare -most of the secondary characters cannot carry the suspense that had started in the beginning episodes. The other ML also just does not have the weight or the chemistry with our FL and certainly hope they are not trying to bring them together. Don’t know if the writer just lost their way or if there was pressure from the producing side or wherever, but I will watch to see if it picks up again - or will this promising drama just be totally spoiled….

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  8. I am enjoying this drama, although coming from classical music, like most things in drama world, it’s yeah, not a real picture, and yes, it’s a bit too melo-drama at times, however, I really like Lee Young-ae. I have always admired her as an actress and she does not disappoint here. The whole cast is very good, a consistent mood, the directing, the cinematography -really enjoyed the scene where she’s not sure if she’s feeling the drops of water coming down, before the whole ceiling rains down with the sprinkler system gone awry …

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  9. Not impressed by the ML either, however, in this last episode, the 2nd ML has really shown that he is going to be the baddie, and although I like his chemistry with our FL, his character is really getting wormy…  if he keeps on going that path he just deserves to be with reporter gal,  both aggressive and without ethics. Turning him into the bad guy so soon, though, won’t make him much of a triangle with our FL, and ML but there are still 40 episodes to go…

    with other characters, really bored with FL‘s, scam artist brother,  mom, and snotty cousin. Really don’t like the gangster who beat her up pretending to be a debt collector- him having a mom doesn’t make him any more appealing - so I hope they really put some better writing into the side characters. Hopefully our ML’s grandmother will stick around and be able to stay in hiding for a lot of the series… 

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  10. it is frightening when you can only recognize an actor/actress by their voice & even that gets distorted by too much plastic surgery - I really like Kim Jung Eun, but I am shocked and saddened that she too has given into this sick pressure, over and over - and although it is very noticeable in gals of all ages, it is more and more the case with guys too... this is not freedom of expression but a sick pressure from agencies and society - AI is not as frightening as the dehumanization that plastic surgery brings about - and it certainly does not make for better acting - it is in fact horribly distracting Also, there is a lousy trend in reddish eye make-up that makes the faces look even worse

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  11. Always want to give young actors a good chance, but unfortunately, this daily is filled with many who have yet to cut even baby teeth. The ML mumbles, yes, he’s cute but he mumbles and doesn’t have any character depth beyond his clothing, well, that’s most of these youngsters that are in this drama. Usually in these dailies, there are discoveries of really talented new actors and I know they’re out there, but not this bunch - plastic surgery will never make you talented -however, everyone has a chance to grow so hopefully they will take that chance, even with a weak script.

    There are some good pros in the supporting cast, but not enough.

    As for the story, it is really unbelievable that the ML is this wanted Director. Also, to call the FL ‘ugly’ is ridiculous and perpetuates many of the problems young women have to go through. Yes, she is a girl next door type and that’s fine, she has some dramas under her belt and I hope they will stop pushing her into the cutesy cutesy bits.

    Although the first episode was not so bad, writing is sub par even for a daily, especially the so-called ‘acting in acting’ parts, painful.
    The story of the rich wife trying to find her first family could make things a little more interesting.

    I don’t think it is too much to ask that even the melos, the dailies, up their game as far as writing, and not appear as if they are really being written by AI.

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  12. It does have so many of the overused components of family, maekjang , with a tad of murder mystery, really a bit too AI - but the cast is mostly strong, including the wonderful Jung Young Sook as the ML grandmother... Uee is constantly growing as an actress so I look forward to what she will bring to even well worn story paths, but as for the dour ML, getting really tired of that formula, as are many women, even righteous arrogant little bad boys, are not that attractive, usually ain't great lovers either :joy:

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  13. another drama that shows a lot of self-hate by the writers and way too much distracting plastic surgery by some of the actors,,,why people indulge in watching constant abuse, is indeed a comment on so called humanity, not just a sign of our times - beyond that, the writing, directing & acting, in the first episode, except for the character of Bang DaMi, who probably, sadly won't be in much longer, is shrieking mediocre - so far there is no reason to care about the 7 who escape, they are less than 1 dimensional creatures 

  14. It’s the producers one should be really angry with - not the characters that are probably being created by AI at this point. Weak Producers who don’t realize that people out there watching don’t need to be treated as idiots, even those that watch a daily melodrama,! They are so afraid of creating

    3-D characters that don’t constantly do 180° turns - they didn’t even have the intelligence to be able to fill out five episodes with something better than the crap they have it delivered up. I feel very sorry for the actors who need to work and are often not paid that much anyway. They represent the face of Korea today and yet, except for the stars that can get good contracts, they are constantly misused… this series is not Netflix but since many watch Korean series on Netflix here is an article, sorry if it has a pay wall but there are similar articles out there on the plight of Korean actors today:


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  15. Really enjoyed this show, but it was way too short. It made the last episode rushed, so much time was taken with the thriller part of it, and just as it was time to settle in with all the characters and their new relationships, they are off and away. I don’t think it really helps, since Korean dramas usually last 16 to 20 episodes, to try to conform to others to be bought up by Netflix or Disney or Apple or whoever. Sure less episodes may benefit some stories but it really isn’t the rhythm up until now and some shows have been coming out very cramped at the end.

    However, congratulations to the cast, and for the most part, a lot of the writing and directing…

  16. It is somewhat of a ‘tradition’ -a bad one -that the current weekend drama storylines will be mirrored in the current weekly drama, (smacks of AI writing ) and one of those repeated storylines in both “Real”& “Gold” is suddenly the nice mother of a lead turns batshit, crazy, opposing her daughter’s  (or son, in the case of ”Real”) relationship-tossing the mandatory, lovingly prepared food. This is really one of the worst aspects of these mostly misogynist portrayals of the women characters and just bad writing. The writers totally forget the characters that they have built up, and how the actors have portrayed them. They make the story and characters just ridiculous.

    Most of the characters are childish, In the best family K dramas, this can be endearing and somewhat relaxing to watch. and that does reflect something in real life. Most of us will never become truly adults - growing up takes every second of living - but arbitrarily this writer suddenly has grumpy Gramps as the mediator and the kind mother is hysterical and prejudiced… it’s very difficult for the actress to deal with and ‘mom’ doesn’t deal with it well… and of course, in the end, she will accept her daughter’s chosen love…

    In some perverse way, these badly written melos do challenge the prejudices of archaic systems, it is one of the reasons that I watch them now and then


  17. Always have to remember that this is written by perhaps a human being, although I’m beginning to think it is programmed AI and programmed by someone who hates mothers.

    TK’s mom was an understanding, compassionate, passionate woman, and now the writing has totally made her act as if she’s got some sort of brain  dysfunction - thank heaven, YD‘s mom is getting back to her kind feisty self.

    This is a case of ‘arcs’ having more to do with planned plot points without caring about the character building. Frankly, if I was this actress, I would be ashamed to have to play this role the way it has turned out. All are trying their best, although, YD’s ex really does need to go back to acting school. I know he’s cute but he’s very superficial.

    The only character to have a real character arc is grandma, and of course she should run to TK & YD, they are the tools of her transformation and we still have to find her missing daughter, which who knows could be YD’s uncle’s ex girlfriend?!? 
    This weekend was hard to bear watching, so there was some fast forwarding on my side, but I look forward to Grams being with the kids and being the hero.

    KBS weekend dramas have been a favorite of mine, but this one is sadly one of the worst
    and to clean my palate, I have been watching DURIANS’s AFFAIR (sad there is no thread for it) which is written by a writer known for her craziness, but hey, it is up until now wonderful - maybe the Real One’s writer, if not an AI, is trying to prove they can be Batshit crazy as well, but ya gotta have real talent to carry it off….

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