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  1. This drama gets worse & worse...KBS weekend dramas are usually much better, how ridiculous they have everyone behaving! KJ's acting is subpar, no depth, it gives one PTSD to see him go after YD , who is just taking so much emotional abuse...TK is no prize either, since he should have realized on his own how desperate YD is/was. This is another bad writer who forgets the arc of their characters, directing is not good either...TK & YD's family all act as if they have no sympathy or understanding at times - although they have a baddy in YD's ex, most of the writing is making women the 'hysterical' villains - they should all be gathering around YD to support her & stop abusive KJ from getting any access to a child he did not want - but instead they give YD more abuse & she takes it like a limp rag doll NO ONE should dragged away,even by mom - YD is an adult with rights - only Grams is trying to change & give her support -finding Grams daughter is what keeps me watching, thankful for Fast Forwarding 

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  2. So far enjoying the mom/daughter, sisters of the soul story, laughing heartily at daughter's discovery of mom's not so secret sensual side and their later shopping for "toys". Continuity is a bit choppy, cop male lead is a bit way too grim arrogant for my taste , so far.... ( i wonder if streamers ordering less episodes than KDrama has been used to, plays a role) but I look forward to the ladies adventures. 

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  3. The story was on a good footing last week, especially with Halmoni scenes...but has lost it's footing tonight, again. TK's mom has been built as a different character & i cannot respect writers who twist their creations to fit an outcome (to have YD leave) - as we have seen TK's mom until now, she would definitely feel betrayed, but she, as the deeply caring person she has been portrayed as, would not spout all the ol' melo MiL crap...becomining a screaming mimi - how sad Kdramas seem to hate so many of their characters, especially women - it goes beyond human frailty, which gives depth, into the ridiculous, which makes caricatures...The best KBS weekend dramas are not those that create caricatures...

    The younger actors have a hard time dealing with such a mediocre script...YD's ex is trying, but there is no depth, & the character is a 2D bully..absurd that he is a wizkid pulling TK's stepdad by the nose. The weak writing makes it hard for even seasoned actors to carry it off - but I am really enjoying Halmoni's journey and learning from a veteran actress supreme.

    I am hanging in there, grateful for FF, because of  the Dalgi story....

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  4. Criticism for how the prince was portrayed, was sure to come, even though there are examples to be found. He was very cutely portrayed by Anupam Tripathi, having lots of fun with  the ML

    This series is dripping in stereotypes, including the main couple, and still too much misogyny in blaming the sister for all the patriarchal serfdom in the world.
    Yes, there is lots of cuteness, and good energy/chemistry between the leads. I wonder how much time the eyes looking into eyes shots take up in the whole series… how often did they both break up laughing after them…

    However, I don’t find it really romantic to have somebody cook for me and not joining in the eating - it is the sharing that is so special… even if that all is a fantasy, anyway, because Korean stars rarely eat… As a vegan, I was really glad to see that poor flesh be rained upon. The meals that populate K dramas have become so stereotype - steak, a little bit of pasta, maybe salad -boring boring boring - much rather seeing more traditional Korean fare …

    Yes, it was sexy to ask “do I have permission”, however, it should not lead strangers to think that closed eyes are a “yes“ - beyond romantic comedies…

    Those analyzing the kisses may forget that just a few years ago there weren’t that many in Korean dramas… It’s not always an easy thing to play, especially when there is studio water falling on you, and there is a whole crew around you… and if there’s no chemistry with your partner, even staged kisses, can be a drag, as I have experienced in performing…

    - but kudos to the ML for keeping the chemistry going in a mediocre script


  5. Lee Junho & Im YoonA have really good chemistry, and they really seem to like each other, so their characters have sparks  and a feeling of comfort at the same time. Yes, it is filled, it is dripping with clichés, and one dangerous cliché, that keeps on slipping into Kdramas like an unwanted product placement, is that a woman at the head of a company is just horrible, that women should not lead any company.  A snotty nose little boy, (yes GW is growing, but still) who doesn’t even pay attention to what he is supposed to do in his job, is going to know better than his sister, who seems to have been running the hotel, successfully for years -but suddenly doesn’t know a profit from a nose dive-she, not all the zillions of males, who have thought only of ego, profit and slave workers, is the cold one here. Yes, there are some women who can act as bad as the guys, to get ahead, in some respects (they can’t compete in some of the horrible other ones) but if truth be known, and plenty of studies do  show, if more women would lead companies, not just in Korea, but in the whole world, the world would be a better place…

    Hopefully, despite all the cliché guys rescuing damsels in distress,  YoonA’s  character Sa-rang, will not turn into total mush, but she will continuing to hold the mirror to GooEon’s face in a fun fashion - otherwise, this romcom is really slipping way behind the times, no matter how cute the leads are

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  6. It is very hard to write a drama that is funny & heartbreaking but this writer achieves that often, together with the wonderful cast. Just when I get very annoyed with InHo, he trips over his fragile ego, to bring laughter. I was not angry or disappointed with JS with how she dealt with her hubby exposing their relationship, one could see her struggling....loved how she lets drunken hubby sock himself in the head .....after all she has loved him, even though he less than tolerated her...her children are a result of that love, not some duty - her relationship to her MiL may be duty, but she loves being a mother - still it is painful when JS's mom gives her the old spiel of women having to accept whatever a husband does, because a women needs a husband and father to her children - i was yelling at the screen NOOOOO, women should not accept the crap anymore _ divorce rates have risen in S Korea, so more women are not taking it either

    One can understand the toughness of JS's son's girlfriend, not wanting as a women to be stepped on, swallowed up.... the scene in the convertible, with the two women both fighting in their own way to be their own person, the symbolic washing away of their cares , their chains, at least momentarily, in the rain., ah, such scenes are jewels

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  7. This is not really makjang, it is good screwball comedy, with a mixture of  finding oneself drama. Last episode, the ML showed a side that was uglier than having an affair and another child...he trampled the dreams of his daughter ...in this episode with Jung Sook fighting back in support of her daughter and against the little boy 'head of the family' tantrum of her hubby, we could also see InHo's  layers of confusion, having his role questioned and JS gaining confidence.

    This episode was very enjoyable, with many characters showing more of themselves, even superficial MiL, could be seen as a creature hungry for love... I look forward to each episode

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  8. Episode was really annoying. ML so nasty, his character doesn’t know who he is yet. The writing does not help. Sad because I did start to like them together. Really don’t care if they end up together at this point and SJ is just annoying as a storyline. The actress is decent and very pretty, but I do wish she would get a good role in another series and they would wrap her storyline up -or let her find a storyline that doesn’t involve ML …Absurd that these forced marriage story lines often have the male being forced to marry when in reality, it was mostly women who were/are forced, and had no choice.

    That they don’t change the code, that anybody can walk in, and of course find the diary, is just absurd and weak writing, not plausible in a fake relationship where they know the family walks in and out…it’s creepy.

    Writers are making FL just too weak. It’s YD’s story that interests me. Right now, I wish she would just leave Doc behind.
    How can he be a gynecologist when he is so scared of human contact. No patient should go to a doctor like that - it’s beyond prickly.

    Right now there are just too many unlikable characters, especially the female characters are made out to be so horribly nasty and the males are just poor, weak, dumb creatures - but they are the ones who created societies in their image…

    I like most of the actors and was looking forward to getting to know their characters, but YD deserves a better storyline, and so do we

    …  at least right now we understand the title & who  “Real” is

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  9. Have been really enjoying this dramedy, especially Uhm Jung Hwa, bringing a wonderfully charismatic Dr Cha to life Enjoy all the characters, though I'm finding her prune of a hubby (wonderfully played by Kim Byung Chul) less funny in this episode & hope they don't make them stay in the marriage. His ripping up his daughter's hard efforts in art, is not funny, it's abusive... hope they let her (and the viewers) find happiness with gorgeous compassionate Dr Roy Kim (Min Woo Hyuk)


    Although the storyline with the convict mother, was designed to loosen our tear ducts, it was neatly handled, and beautifully acted by the two supporting actresses.

    This series, for it's genre, is well acted, directed and written - so far and may it continue so to be....

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  10. There is a lot of over the top, fast pacing , morphing into absurdity, in this series, a jumble of many familiar elements, uneven writing. I watch because I like Lee Ji Ah, and think Lee Sang Yoon is a delightful baddy, but the current fashion of making women, such as DoJin's step mom, the ones who push poor weak guys to do horrible things, may be fun to act, but it has a sinister misogynist message - that no matter that the majority, over 90%, of all violence throughout time is perpetrated by guys, it's still mommy's fault - but no - guys - you are responsible for the toxic myths of masculinity that suppress both gals and guys, and on which too many dramas are still built. But yes, a women's revenge is still a bit of fun...

  11. i am liking this slow thoughtful character driven drama, but how in ep 10 - how can someone not be automatically arrested for bashing a women with a rock?!? Whether the victim sues or not, the man committed a dangerous sick act of violence and should not be free ....what a horrible message this sends about guys getting away with battering women! The guy may need help but it's not an excuse, even in a drama, to let him just go! This has spoiled much of the drama for me

  12. Yes, happy endings for the 3 couples - though the story wasted so much time on giving JYS crazy screen-time  and also  the crazy ex, though it did not completely dip into melo territory. One point they should emphasized more, was that even with all JYS's deceit, fate brought them beautiful JiWoo, no other way would he have become part of the family - this was skimmed over, but not poetically brought out again. So the family will be missed, but not the uneven writing and directing

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  13. As much fun or love-hate there is for such stories, these daily dramas still have the insidious, not too buried message, of keeping women in a place they, in reality, even in SKorea, no longer want to stay in.... the majority of the obnoxious, baddies (especially in business) are women - and the Heroine has to bear it all. There has been progress, YI had many admirable feisty qualities...she was also not the typical doll in looks or character - still, she has to tow a line drawn by a very immature, insecure, silly, MIL - another female figure everyone can toss blame on, while the hapless males look on - such a farce...

    Even gramps is not an angel, his patriarchal attitude caused much pain in the past - yet he is given a 'halo'


    The story did have to find a convoluted path to forgiveness, tossing in the sickness, the coma (not something that really happens with bone marrow transplants). Blaming a whole family for wrongs done by some, is absurd, yet it does happen., not just in soap operas, sadly.

    Preview shows MiL venting on, of course, another woman - women have to keep other women down...no matter what step-mom did, it was SJ's bio-dad who did the actual killing...& SJ did nothing for years... all are paying, but front & center it's Step-mom, a woman, to blame - Sorry writers, over 80% of crimes, especially violent ones are committed by males -they confuse it with strength - if all the females would really seek revenge  - na ja -(that is why revenge melos are so ;-) popular)

    I look forward to at least a moment of film-time happiness for KJ, YI, MR and to see them in future dramas... 

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  14. i really like the main couple, they have not been so typical, not in character or looks, so I have stuck with the show- but the last episodes where the writers keep on making YI 's mom-in-law so dumb, even vulgar in her anger, is an insult to women everywhere. I feel for the actress who carries her character well,,,

    That KJ's step mom is the baddy, is also the current theme - to make successful business women evil - when it's still the little boys of the world who in reality run most the business and the corruption. Using her poverty as a motive for her badness must have been ordered by some rich sponsor...it is insulting,,,,That she could be the donor does give a path to redemption on many fronts ( I thought it would be SJ) - but in reality KJ having had corneal transplants, does not make giving bone marrow any more dangerous, if the person is healthy.

    Donors are hard to find anywhere, but this storyline is not going to make anyone braver about being a donor. Melos are not just entertainment, they give a snapshot of society and they also try to influence society, for good or not so good...The producers should realize and accept change is happening, people, especially women, even in SK, don't want to put in identity boxes anymore

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  15. it is disturbing that behaviors like HM shows are just used to rile the audience up, the gal need help, and even a drama should not make lite of her condition...

    I watch for the main couple -  KJ & YI have good chemistry, and are not your usual daily couple. KJ's donor & how YI's husband died is the giant looming obstacle, so prolonging the HM sickness is painful to watch.

    How will the drama be able to reconcile all the pain the truth will bring, so that KJ & YI can have a future together, not an easy task, so writers please get on it!

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  16. Very glad for the turns and twists in this episode, NJD exposing himself more and more as the ruthless politician he is. Those who think they are saviors are most dangerous …Been wondering how far his henchman would go in keeping his masters political career alive -so maybe not dad, but his henchman did away with the son? And the one giving JH a bum rap, is actually not Soobin -she is another pawn being used, and it would be very hard for her to speak out. It is Daddio who turned the threat of being blackmailed by the other political blackguard, to his own advantage. A political master, admirable, if he wasn’t crushing his wife and daughter, and making others involved, SB, YJ party to deception 
    SB’s fear of her ‘ex-boyfriend’ points to the possibility that he really did force himself on her. Still her reasons for showing up at NJD’s place have not been totally revealed. And what happened with the JD tattoo she had?

    How horrific for HJ to have her world crumbling underneath her…

    How delicious though to have a drama where everyone has a story to tell and the actors are telling theirs well… look forward to what the writer has in store for us and them…




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  17. I continue to be riveted by this drama, but the dread is growing that again a kdrama has a woman falsifying or accusing the wrong person of assault. In reality that rarely happens, in reality too many women and girls can’t come forward in a world that still shields little boys from taking responsibility for their actions, a world that is still trying to tell women to shut up and take it -unless it’s going to benefit someone like NJD, who is fooling himself, that he really cares about the trauma his wife went through… still I hope HY does speak out in her own voice

    kudos to the cast that is bringing layers to their characters, that will help if the story is really going to be as slanted as the preview indicates


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  18. Just need to vent, the stupidity and self pity  of Sang Jun’s character is so frustrating -really don’t care if TaeJu gets back with him - the other guy was much better although they’re now going to pair him up with her snotty sister-in-law

    We all can do stupid things that others may seem to see more clearly, but this plot line is going around in circles, the dog biting its tail, even though there is no tail to bite

    Plus, the absolute stupidity the writer tries to push down the audiences throats -DNA results are not given in the mail as much as they are given through cyberspace, and the real results are always accessible on the web.

    Also, how could fake Daddio know which lab the kid used so that he could have a ready fabricated one? Fake Daddio is just missing a mustache to twirl ~~  Ba ha, ha, ha!

    So the writer has to put us back a century ago in order to continue this stupid, stupid, plot line. It’s an insult to anyone watching it no matter where they’re watching it from.

    Let’s hope this time the manager, at least, is being smart enough not to give away the results to be fabricated.
    Please Writernim, choose another career or dare to be more original if somebody else is stopping you from being more creative …

    just a hint of what you did right -the scenes with MY and SR, including the scene together with her brother and his baby mama - SR accepting the situation, was sweet and satisfying 

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