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  1. Agree, the melodrama is too much for a KBS weekend drama. What I love about these weekend dramas, when they are good, are the relationships of the characters. It's like a family of relatives we didn't know well before and we get a chance to live a few months with them, to grow with them. But this drama has been stuck on YS's Jekyll-Hyde story and the fake momma like gum on a shoe. SJ and even TJ have been made to be dumb to keep the story going. Thank heavens for sweet, reasonable JW - lets hope they don't do another makjang DNA switch with him, because of all the other's  blabbing - please let this storyline be resolved soon, the aftermath would give enough plot to fill the rest of the episodes.


    Really liked SR, MY scene, they have good chemistry. Of course, the writer will probably bring in the ex, but hopefully it will be more entertaining than frustrating now that NS will find it hard to hide behind his lies. Hopefully. the other characters will get on with their stories too...


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  2. It really is frustrating when the writers have to make the protagonist so stupid, if the DNA tests were faulty, then you do it yourself, make sure you get the hair or the spoon or the glass, very easy to do and you take it in yourself … that the cousin could’ve duped the family in the past is an ok plotline -but now this is just bad writing… yes, it will resolve itself in the end but there are more interesting things to do with these characters in the episodes left

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  3. What the hell is happening to the script? All the ladies are dropping like flies and what?!? the family is going to believe that jerk’s lies? — really time he gets exposed - It’s also time that SJ tells them there is no kid, and no possibility of it , because there was no affair

    The story has been very uneven, but I have enjoyed the characters. But now the story is dragging out. There’s still enough to cover- so get with it writernim!


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  4. I am catching up to this drama, and really enjoying the performances, and even most of the storyline, although I am very disturbed by this apparent theme that if a woman/girl dares report a guy for doing what “toxic masculinity” and patriarchal societies often twists guys to do, she turns from victim to perpetrator for trying to stand up for her rights when the guys don’t have the courage to take responsibility and pay for their transgressions. As a politician, it was perhaps not right the way JD went about calling out the medical student’s transgression openly, though viral crimes cannot go unpunished - but as a politician, he should also want to try to get to the bottom of why such things happen in the first place and provide programs to help boys and of course girls deal with their conflicting emotions and the pressures society puts on them…

    And in typical K drama fashion - it’s more women, accusing other women totally ignoring the transgressions little boys do, Hye Joo  committed no crime,  none at all! In this world today, SKorea should know that the world is watching and judging as to how they carry out these dramas, no amount of popularity can gloss over misogyny for long - I look forward to the last episodes of this drama


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  5. What an honor and privilege this cast of actors have working together with one of the finest actresses anywhere: Go Doo Shim. I especially love the scenes Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won have with her. The script is good, though not always strong, but it has incredible moments such as the scene in episode 8, with Ja Geum Soo alone, facing her mortality and acknowledging she still wants to live, a scene made incredible by this veteran’s depth and truth and a director that seemingly gives her free space to let us see into this many layered character.

    Curtain Call is truly an ensemble drama, where, so far, every character gets to shine, and I look forward to the bitter-sweet, even funny moments this drama brings.


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  6. As far as our ML having a baby out of wedlock that he does not know about, if the family never did a DNA test, even a blood test and they never talked to him, then there was no proof that the child was his - and maybe that’s what the nephew knows. He knows it’s not SJ’s child. 
    As for SoRim not telling the truth about her ex to the CEOs daughter, just don’t know, she knows he’s a jerk, and he’s a fraud, and although it would be hard to explain to her, the CEOs daughter needs to know and yes, of course, it will come out, to all of our enjoyment - but SoRim will be asked why she didn’t tell the truth in the first place. 
    And as for what should’ve been the SML, YH seems to be the fifth wheel and they- the writers - don’t know what to do with him. Don’t know if it was the writer’s intention from the beginning to have the main couple marry so early -

    Hopefully they are not going to put YH with SJ’s snotty immature sister … he would fit better with SJ’s  aunt, but she’s taken 



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  7. I'm a fan of weekend family dramas, this so far is not my favorite, though I do like TaeJoo & her siblings & look forward to their odd romantic relationships - though I prefer TJ with Cha Yoon Ho - what a cutie - SJ is so weak.

    I look forward to SJ's aunt & TJ's brother getting reacquainted. As with SoRim & CEO, they seem to have an age difference as a theme. Since SR's ex will be found out, there is no real danger of other conflicts with the CEO's daughter - poor kid.  As for the moms, I like both the actresses, but their storyline is so repetitive. The drama about who SooBin's real dad is, especially if it is SJ, who may have had a rebound romance after losing TJ (or not - maybe SB was taken in under false pretenses because no one bothered to ask SJ) will shake things up when it get's out, maybe giving YH a chance with TJ. As for SJ's little sis, way over the top & repetitive, they need to give her some direction. Also, when SJ was staying at TJ's house, it was such a weird scene with two grown men talking in grams room while she was lying there - irritating, silly writing. That household really has enough space  Still I look forward to today's episode...

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  8. I really loved this drama. I know people are into extreme emotions, sometimes extreme violence and thrills to excite those emotions, but I find much fulfillment in these not too melodramatic family dramas. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to bring something so heartwarming and somewhat normal to life- although the characters were quirky  enough to be interesting. Kudos to cast, crew, writer, director. I will miss the family they created.

    Although it seems a requirement to throw in the typical puzzle pieces of complicated family relationships, and also sickness, I was very happy they did not dip into the pitfalls of too much melo -they let the characters find a path to dialogue with each other. Organ donor is a difficult subject anywhere not just in South Korea and I was glad that they did not discourage, since the majority of donors survive liver transplants very well. Majority of recipients do get at least five more years of quality life. I have known someone who went through such a transplant,  and did have some wonderful years. Apparently the first successful liver transplant was from a mother to her son. 

    I know the ending with the two ladies going into labor together was predictable, but it was still a smile and laugh worth- I would’ve actually like to see the children being born. But we got a period in a families life where the ups and downs were resolved, even the sickness and in real life there are many patches of good times, if we would only just recognize it, if we only would not need the extremes to feel ‘alive’.

    I do hope the next family drama will be least just as good  

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  9. This is of course a melodrama written by human beings, but in a real human situation, CY telling his disliked stepmother first about the identity of the family of the man that he and his adoptive brother overran, is very much because he does not want to take real responsibility, yet. By telling her, he knows she’s going to stop him, he knows what she’s like, so psychology behind that is if you’re telling someone you know is going to prevent you, it’s because you don’t have the courage or maturity yet to face and take your own responsible actions. When he first found out, of course it was a shock, but he didn’t think of further pain he was putting DH through, by the way he was not responding, by the way he was acting  

    No matter how much these dramas want to put all the bad things that guys do on their mommies, sorry guys, you are the one responsible for your deeds. CY had years to grow up and to contact the family before he met DH.
    I, for one, do not wish them to come together. It would be nice to see him grow up, to take responsibility for his part in DH’s brothers death. He was very tired that night but he never should’ve let SW take the wheel, they both should’ve stopped, especially in the rain, and waited a while.

    (The scene of the accident was badly filmed because of course DH’s brother was very stupid to come full out front of a moving car)

    Many blame CY’s  cowardice on ‘evil’ stepmom but in this world guys are taught more by the example of all the other guys out there getting away with murder, literally. Dad is just as responsible for not bringing up his sons with more courage, more ability to deal with their emotions. Dad‘s prejudice against DH when he thought it was her child, was very primitive.

    Will enjoy when SJ gets the upper hand by finding out that her present hubby was the one who ran over her first hubby… again these melodrama‘s want to make the women the supreme badies -but at least her child is alive and DH‘s brother is not

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  10. The Korean-Greek tragedy continues… Even though this is a lesson that what our hearts desire does not come without complications, this show really should not be called “it’s beautiful now” if it will not have a beautiful, happy ending.

    There is no logical reason that MR and HJ cannot be married -they are not blood related. This archaic law is, in this particular case, only protecting prejudice, and human frailty, ego, not true family, it does not protect against a possibly illness causing biological combination. 

    I am rather disappointed with Gramps in this episode- his self-pity is so blinding, he does not see his daughter‘s real pain, he doesn’t even see his adopted son’s son’s pain, nor his blood-granddaughter’s pain.

    Mirae’s mother is the one that needs to decide most here -but I do not see how she could ever be happy by destroying her daughters happiness - so it’s not sacrificing herself, not to be put on a gramp‘s register - her dad would be extremely selfish if he tried to insist - although, one hopes she finds a path to understanding her father and he her. I am curious as to when she will tell him how she was found as if she had been beaten.

    As someone who did not know my father and only recently found my relatives, I would never sacrifice my child to be put on his register, if that were the case.

    Hopefully the series is trying to address what true families really are. None of the parties involved need to inherit the others goods, they are both well off. There are the seeds of much happiness there.

    Very much hoping, after this bright and sparky drama filled with quirky characters, that we are not going to fall into an archaic, dark pit. SK may have shown it’s more conservative face in the form of a president who is homophobic and misogynistic, in movements that, like in many countries, are afraid of a progressive society, but let’s hope that the dramas are not taking us on a bright path only then to throw black pitch at us. 

    What angers me, though, that the ‘code’ of kdramas, that the young female lead must follow the traditional, patriarchal, conservative path, is already taken form in MiRae’s decision -she will sacrifice herself and her love, to be the brave little woman who keeps such archaic laws and stifling traditions alive… In reality, that would make no one happy - in reality, that has caused much anguish in the world. Why are people in this world so afraid of letting others be happy?!? For the most part, it would harm no one, it would only make the world better.

    So here’s hoping that they are not going to let the end of the show send the characters and the viewers into that dark pit of primitive ignorance, upholding strangling, unjust laws that have no sense in this matter.  This is not a case of not understanding the ‘traditions’ of a country, they have been pretty much the same in every society that is patriarchal. They are built on control and serve so little. In each and every country, including SK, there are so many fighting against such unreasonable traditions, that have nothing to do with the true beauty of their culture.


    If I sound dramatic, it is because I have really enjoyed the show, love the characters, the acting and most of the writing. One should not forget within entertainment, there is always social comment, overt or hidden and it has an effect.


    There are voiced strains in this episode of trying to find a way that everyone can be happy, only if gramps, daughter, elders  all grow up a bit more. There can be no happiness, no unified family in tearing HJ & MR apart 

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  11. Well, now that things are out in the open, let’s hope the writers are not going to make the children, MR /HJ stupidly ‘noble’, because it’s the parents and grandparents that need to sacrifice, they have less time ahead of them and no parent worth their salt would give such pain to the children. Legally, although it’s complicated, there does seem to be a path for them to still be able to be married.

    Humans so often make a mess and stupid obstacle course in their attempts to control the world…
    In someway or the other, unless the two families totally break ties, all will be involved from this day forward, no matter what the decision. Better than HJ & MR not being able to marry, it’s better that Gramps doesn’t register MR’‘s mom as his daughter, that is certainly something they can live with… and laws should be changed in real life.


    Otherwise, since they know they are connected, the families will be split because of the pain of HJ and MR not being able to see each other-there could be no happy gatherings.


    Although there were some very good scenes, there were some small scenes badly edited into this episode, probably for comic relief but it seemed rushed, hopefully going forward it will be not so rushed.

    Also, the guys in this episode today were really so unobservant as far as what SJ was going through. No matter how desperate a father is, how could he not try to imagine what his lost daughter must’ve gone through, the trauma it left. He didn’t even ask if she remembered what happened to her, why she thought she was abandoned. In the next episode she will be given the letters he wrote, and as touching as that maybe be, it is the trauma the child went through that needs to be brought out so it can be healed.


    Still loving HaeJun’s character, hopefully, in her legal persona, she will be a voice of reason going forward to help both sides unite

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  12. What heartrending scenes with Kyung-Cheol! For those of us in the biz, the reason I watch Korean dramas, sometimes even when the script is not so great, is the gems of actors and actresses. Despite all the push for plastic surgery for k-actors to look perfect,  the acting itself is often quirky and in this episode raw. For those like Park InHwan, who dare to age as they are, double kudos.
    It is, of course, an absolute absurdity that a marriage between HyunJae and MiRae should be forbidden,( as in the preview) if KC registers his daughter, because there is no blood relation between the younger couple. Perhaps, as in many Kdramas, it is an attempt to put these old prejudices, in mind and in law, on the table.

    As someone who only recently found my father‘s relatives, a father I never knew, I have no trouble not being in someone’s family register. Of course, in Korea there is still such an emphasis on that -but if both father and daughter really believe in happiness for the younger generations, then they know they don’t have to be on a family register to begin the journey to know each other as family, for whatever time is left.
    It is time for everyone to grow up, but growing up should not mean that HyunJae and Mirae have to sacrifice a love that is rare and precious-for even if in the future two people don’t grow enough together, the basis for marriage should always be such a love. The world has suffered, too much, from alliances made for other reasons

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  13. For now they’re making SJ the only villain but one cannot forget that arrogant SW is responsible for killing the child’s father with CY involved -so there is a long road ahead if anyone is going to be happy -these daily Melos are mostly about women being villains but no matter what SJ‘s mom did, it is SJ who heartlessly killed someone and did not come forward - even CY did not have the courage to go to the cops after to give the family closure - now when he goes to visit DH’s brother he may recognize him - somewhere along the line SJ will overhear something to give her the upper hand with the knowledge that SW ran over her late hubby … really don’t know how they’re going to iron this one out to bring CY and DH together… Greek tragedies don’t usually end up happy

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  14. Still loving this drama and the stories of the different couples  however, it is really very sad that  being adopted should still be such a mark against someone.  It stems from a deep fear of not belonging, identifying through blood, rather than through heart and soul. Getting to the exposure of the adoption has been a bit contrived, but at least the truth is out in the open, a much better way to live even if the ignorant are not emotionally intelligent or mature enough to deal with it. With whatever twists and turns are ahead, hopefully, it will really be that our three romantic couples are joined at the end

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  15. Although I am still liking the series very much, the writer seems to be falling back on typical cliches, with MR’s mother and SJ‘s mother being childish, immature , while the men are always so even keeled - what hogwash… though understandably, SJ‘s mother is hurt by YN because she thought of her as the perfect daughter, they are making her way too close-minded and nasty, so blind to the one person who really deserves her love and support, when she takes so much crap from others - I’m sure there will be a reunion where she takes the girl back in her heart, but to make both mothers so petty - it’s a bit much… they are trying to put them in the typical cliché ‘mother’ mode where no one else’s children means anything and jealousy makes them irrational -but that is a stamp put on by a patriarchal society, and although there are women like that,  there are plenty of many layered women who are not… but we rarely see them in K dramas…

    Sadly again YJ’s mother will expose her petty character toward HJ soon -and I really was liking both Kyung-ae’s and SuJeong’s characters before…

    So far the series has been light hearted, taking things with a grain of salt, so I hope that comes back a bit - but MR’s mom’s story is complex and the pressures that society puts on all the characters is turning the story a little darker, what with SJ‘s thoughts on suicide - a tragedy that affects so many… societies everywhere try to put people in boxes to hide from their own truth , as if it’s something shameful …


    Right now the light is still HJ and YJ -they always bring a smile! Great chemistry!

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  16. Just caught up with show, not as outlandish as some daily melodramas, even with the ‘bad’ FL but the typical slant is there - the women get accused of everything, when there is still the base story of the boys running over DH’s brother, killing him and

    not having the courage to be honest - neither of them. Even if they blame again the mother/stepmom for helping them to cover up, it is the boys who did the dirty deed and still have not come clean…

    cannot root for either lead couple, but curious to see how they handle this

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  17. Continuing to look forward to every episode especially because there is not the absurd melodrama that some people are addicted to, 

    ratings do not determine whether a series, a film, a play, or anything is good - it does say something about society though…

    This series is wonderfully acted, directed, written- and yes, as it is 50 episodes, there will be some fillers, but so far even those are enjoyable…

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  18. Still really enjoying this family drama for its witty and lighthearted touch … Love seeing all the generations having many layered roles…

    Since the girl interested in HJ is a guest role, it won’t be a serious threat, but MR is right to call it quits if that’s what she’s doing in the preview - poor HJ really doesn’t know how to be romantic, already taking her for granted at this very early stage - the two older brothers are both delightful dolts, the youngest being the most romantic…

    That Mirae’s Mom, SooJung, had to give up taking care of her own mother and cater to her self-centered mother-in-law, (delightfully  portrayed) is a tragedy, and series like this often try to point out customs that are harmful, in a way doing their bit to try to change things. I really look forward to her finding out her roots…

    There are many storylines to fill up the rest of the episodes and, so far, the screenwriter gives me hope that that they will be worth the watching.
    For all the attention to K-dramas with extreme characters and situations, these weekend family stories are really the gems of Korean dramas, when well done.

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  19. I am just catching up with this drama because I was so disappointed with the writing, and now I am reeling from the racist comments in episode 24 at about 51 minutes in. I see many comments on Viki that also were just so dismayed. It’s bad enough with a lot of the misogyny that is still going on, but portraying black Americans as crooks and people to be frightened of is more than disgusting. I know this is not the first such dialogue in a Kdrama but it really needs to stop, I think one has to speak up. I know that my Korean friends in Korea would not put up with such comments and I know that racism exists everywhere. We, as consumers, have a right to demand a higher standard.  Such bigoted dialogue should not be accepted as normal dialogue towards any group. This is not just the writers fault this is the fault of KBS and the whole production staff. They don’t just profit from those watching in Korea but those who watch throughout the world and they also influence beyond Korea, but this reflects badly on Korea and as someone who loves K dramas and the wonderful actresses and actors, it makes me more than sad

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  20. The problem is, at this point ,there is no one to really care for, it doesn't matter who lives or dies when everything is an extreme, the acting way over the top,( though I am sure, as an actor, it still can be fun & many, though not all, are very good at their craft)) but there is no real shock value, very few layers, & without wanting to offend anyone, it concerns me that this type of extreme human hating violent drama is so popular - that deserves it's own study- says a lot about us as a society. For this reason, as someone from the industry, I am interested in where the writers will go...I still enjoy reading the posts & will peak in to see a bit of the show once in awhile to see if I change my mind...that there is a 3rd season is not enticing because, again, there is not enough human decency left in most characters to care - the writing, directing, acting, all produce a high-pitched monotone, ....it's an unending Penthouse version of " Lord of the Flies" & for many, knowing that so much violence & indifference is happening in real time, it is neither entertaining or redeeming

  21. Although I like many of the actresses in Penthouse, and it is for them that I have watched, without Lee Ji Ah the story is unredeemable -so if she does not return, there is no one to really care for - just having over the top acting and story without someone to care for, is exhausting. I know many find this type of drama fun, but it doesn’t have enough layers and way too much repetition in the way people are directed to act. Instead, I will look forward to the posts here - before I consider watching any of part two

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  22. Enjoy reading some of the hilarious comments ...I think I watch a series like this just because it’s hard to take anything seriously, so it is a good diversion from all the things going on in one’s own life and the world ... 

    In these soap operas, it’s as if the writers take a bowl and toss in all the usual plot elements and then just pick a few out and go with them, but in this one they seem to already forget a big piece -TP’s revenge and that TP knows SJ is married to his ‘wife’ and therefore YJ’s sister, yet TP and YJ have not mentioned it since their reunion!

     If TPs’ memory is so good, he also must know that he didn’t sleep with YR...

    The dailies are expected to be absurd, but this is just bad writing without the fun absurdity. Hopefully writernim has forever dropped the plot line of the mother trying to steal her sons ‘seed’ - there are enough interesting elements such as SJ’s father’s lost wife and getting back to TP’s revenge

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