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  1. I am excited to see her on the 28th and 30th. She will be very visible again And I still can't get enough of her donginbi ad lol
  2. Some videos Her birthday is just around the corner For her birthday support I guess
  3. She attends an event in Shanghai. Beautiful
  4. I hope ji min attends both. Been missing her badly. Can't wait for her upcoming projects
  5. Reminishing BIFF I hope to see them work in the future too
  6. @tok-soompi our ji min's bad@ss look Gorgeous is an understatement
  7. ^Miss Baek's 1st anniversary was yesterday. It was our ji min's most memorable film to date
  8. I really love her donginbi ad. She was just stunningly beautiful
  9. It's a bit ironic that they first announce the confirmation of ji min in this drama. Her involvement in Josee is not yet confirmed despite the news that she already started working on the project. A movie and a drama. Nam joo hyuk is so lucky to work with her for the third time if in case
  10. While I am sad that jo in sung will not be part of the drama, I will not complain. It's a dream cast. Oh my, can't wait for 2020. Aside from ji min, bae sung woo is also confirmed. Brilliant actors and actresses in one drama The donginbi ad I loved is harder to make as I thought. Just 15 and 30 seconds but the effort behind the camera is tremendous
  11. ^Sad that jo in sung turned down the offer I really want ji min to work with him. I hope bae sung woo is still in the cast. LBH is LBH so I am still looking forward to this project. I like the writer and I know ji min will accept this project as the project revolves around NGO's. Well there's always a next time
  12. Can't move on from her latest donginbi ad. She is just so beautiful 1 year ago
  13. I can run out of superlatives but she is just so gorgeously beautiful in the latest donginbi ads
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