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  1. @nohamahamoud2002, in today's ep AR was shown at the beginning, OYH's adoptive Dad probably order his thugs/minions to hide heras a bargaining chip for the jewelries that NJ took and lost. You are right NJ will not die easily, what I meant set up the motion for him to be the cornea's donor cause his disease is progressing rapidly and if he gets into accident he may have additional injuries. Writer nim, what is your next move?
  2. IF it's in the real world and AURA developed a cure for dementia, then; I want a piece of the pie. Anyway, in K-dramaland an A list company is always a target for takeover. Wondering if OHY is the one who reported that SH impersonated Oh Jemma, that's why the prosecutor's office came by to take her for questioning. OMG the audacity of this person, or she is trying to save her skin from the wrath of his adoptive father. @chrissydiva, you are right; Do Ri and Gun will be the one to discover the jewelries. NJ will probably have an episode of his illness while fleeing with SH's Dad and get into an accident, set up the motion of him dying and becomes the cornea donor I am not sure if I want NJ's cornea. I am really looking forward to the end of this drama
  3. @nohamahamoud2002, I have watched a drama penned by this writer and she can really create twisted plots, which made me really dislike her at one point. But, I still comeback and watch this on and off cause of the Chingu's in this thread who really help me go through the ups and downs. Pardon me for not mentioning all of of you my senior moments are catching up on me. Yes, my fave scene today was when SH's Mom pulled HY's hair and AR's reaction to the sequence of painting/drawing by PSH Dad. Anyway, I am glad that this will be over soon thanks to All.
  4. Subs are out, if you guys have not seen let me know, will pm; don't want to be in trouble
  5. I think that PSH Mom died accidentally when she and Ae Ra were fighting/arguing. Only in K-drama that disease can be cured miraculously. Have not seen today's ep just few clips.
  6. @dondon binay, you pretty much sum the end of this drama, thanks
  7. @nohamahamoud2002, reason I started to watch this drama because of the female lead. I like her previous works. Yes, I can say that the actors/actresses did a wonderful job. May not be the best drama, but; it entertain us no matter how I wanted to punch NJ/AR and Ester face. Not sure what will happen to NJ character but it looks like he is getting sick and may die. AR I would like for her go to crazy/go to jail for a long time and loss everything. I am hoping that PSH/OSH/Gun will have a happy ending and PSH Dad return to the family fold, I don't think Chairman Park/Grandma will allow them to move out. Ester can stay as the baby sitter or the chatterbox in chief , in today ep she is like a tv commentator. AR is annoyed with all her comments. the OSH family aka the ghostbusters. Since we are almost in the finish line, writer nin please don't get OSH/PSH another health issue. I can live with NJ being sick or you can let HY marry NJ.
  8. @Ldy GmermThis will end on May 31, a total of 103 ep we have 14 left. Writer nim is busy with fillers ep
  9. If the BTS scene is not a dream sequence, I think we will have a happy ending, true; SJ Dad is a total a#$$
  10. Will HY let go of NJ? I thought that she is madly in love with himshe may go ballistic if she realize that NJ is truly in love with OSH/Oh Jemma. Writer nim buying times
  11. can I have this feeling now? heading towards the recovery phase?@chrissydiva, I am guessing that PSH let her take Gun.
  12. @dondon binay, I think we still have 6 ep to go including 5/10 cause this will end on 5/17. As I mentioned before I really don't care whatever at end.
  13. @nohamahamoud2002, concur; NJ's character cannot be redeemed he just became so twisted that I loathe him, along with Ae Ra the selfish and horrible Mother who only love herself. I also don't watch the full episode but always reading the comments to get my fix for the day.
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