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  1. I really dislike most of the characters in this drama, brat and feeling entitled....ugh!!! I only like Ae Ri, Byeo Ri and HS. Happy New Year to All!!! Hoping that 2021 will be different
  2. @nohamahamoud2002, thanks, I am not really following this on a daily basis and just checking the forum on and off. Seems like not a lot of k-drama fans are drawn to this daily, the only well-know actors/actress in this drama are the older ones (pardon me as I am a senior citizen too). Enjoy your Holiday season, stay safe and take care.
  3. I am just glad that An Ri pregnancy is coming out in the open, especially to that lady(Um PD) who is so hung up with Jun Soo. Even the secret of the cross dresser will be revealed soon. Ugh, the ex husband of Hae Shim and the current wife are despicable.
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