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  1. The story line about Ga On's bio mom and Mr. Boo being harm by the conman is frustrating. I have not watch previous ep, but, still checking this forum. Will be skipping till the unhinged person is gone or wait until ep 119. Based on the preview, looks like Ga On is acting a totally new person all dolled and trying to get something from a department store. Writer nim what are you trying to do? make Ga On rebel cause of what's happening around her? I despise crazy Megan.
  2. This story line about Ga On bio mom is making my blood boil, the audacity of this unhinged person is , writer nim please send her back to China/away. The same with the conman who's trying to poison/eliminate Mr. Boo. I still want Min Joo to be exposed about her relationship with the conman. SA you better stand your ground in protecting GYO, though I am glad in today's ep that she throw that drink into Megan Lee's face Happy week to everyone, stay safe!!!
  3. @tarjigAgreed, Kim Min Joon should have been the male lead, true the others are boring. I also watch this drama cause of the female lead. Disappointed that we have to wait one more week for the ending. Have a wonderful week to Allstay safe.
  4. I think it's ED who was hit and seriously injured. will end at ep 104. Stay safe and have a wonderful week
  5. @celebrianna, same here!!! I am hoping that GYO really distance herself from this mess. For sure Ga On's bio mom is trying to push herself into SA/GO's world. As we can see in the preview GO knows that Megan Lee is her mother, just need a confirmation from he Dad/SA. Writer nim I am tired of Min Joo and the con man
  6. I think this drama is extended to have 105 ep ending on Aug 28. More craziness are coming till the last ep.
  7. @celebrianna, you are right, story line will change for now at least. SA will be cold to GGO and she will be all alone without any support, maybe except for Mr. Boo??? For sure, GGO will realize that SA feeling is changing and she will beg off. I am not looking forward to coming episodes. Ga On already thinks that Megan Lee has a special relationship with her Dad, and with comment about her being pretty and such. Their will be time that the three of them will meet, cause Ga On's mom want to reclaim her right as a mother. So conman, went and meet his ex-wife, not sure
  8. I think Ga On's bio Mom already have a solid plan of approaching her daughter and SA. The only back story I can remember was when they were teenager and in high school studying at Mr. Boo's place. I can only assume that Megan Lee may have change her name or she went abroad to further her studies after giving birth to Ga On, so many unknown back story about Ga On/SA. @celebrianna, your comments regarding the parentage of Ga On are on points. Who knows if he is really SA daughter? maybe they were good friends and he just helped her and pretend that she is his daughter when she brou
  9. My gut feeling is, the lady who bumped into Ga On is her biological Mom and the consultant that will be working with SA is the same person. As expected separation between the OTP starts this coming episode, hopefully; it will not last until Ep 119 and reconcile the last 10 minutes of the final episode. Cannot believe how crook the conman is, using fake name. MInjo is crazy for falling with this con artist. I am glad that GG started working and AR realize that she needs to be an attentive Mom to her three girls especially Tae Hee, also Tae Hee needs
  10. @celebrianna, agreed with you re HR being selfish. I know that you are on point about GO. I am hoping that this story line of separating the OTP will not last until the drama is almost at the end. GO needs to be happy too and for sure it is being with SA as she can lean on him in times that she needed him the most. I don't think that SA will totally let her go, cause he understand how GO is feeling that she lacks the qualifications of being SA's girlfriend/wife. You know typical plot in K-drama world "noble idiot" per @watchumlotsmentioned in her comments. Have
  11. I am expecting this will happen, knowing GO's personality she is strong, kind and worry about everyone especially her loved ones or close to her. Also, writer nim need to put a break into the story line cause we still have a long way to go before this drama series end. Also, GO does not know that Mr. Boo gives SA the go signal to pursue his hearts desire. My blood boils about the conman, he is just using MJ. Glad that AR comes into her senses to start working and makes a living for herself and her kids. Hoping, that her husband will realize his mistakes. HR is having problem
  12. Hello Chingu's, grateful that the forum is back, yet; not happy with the story line right now with the fake con artist pretending to be the missing younger sister ugh........ writer nim need this issue to be resolved soon.
  13. @watchumlots, thanks for the info; really appreciate it and @Manoraas well. Interesting development, I noticed in the preview that our OTP are holding hands already, hopefully; my eyes are not deceiving me. Again, have a wonderful weekend and stay safe
  14. @watchumlots, pardon me for asking what ep reveals that Ga On is not Son#3's daughter. I may have missed it, thanks!!! Have a wonderful weekend Chingu's and stay safe.
  15. Watched the latest episode, looks like GY and NH will be dating again. Will it be a double wedding for the JS/DS and GY/NH? Not really sure, how the Mother/MIL and the rest of the family will react? The Aunt is really funny trying to protect her BF (Mr Yang). Not liking the preview JW checking DH's phone. We are getting closer to the relationship reveal between the siblings, I am hoping it will happen soon so CY will have a family that she's longing for and get to know her nieces/nephew and grandchildren.
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