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  1. It was posted as a Youtube comment, but it's Google Translate translation, so it's about 80% accurate.
  2. After Brilliant Heritage ended, I didn't start watching this one, but I did took a peek every now and then since I'm subscribed to KBS YouTube channel. I admit I have a weakness for plotlines like what Ahri is going through right now, so for now I've decided to follow the drama regularly. There are several ways it can go: Ahri can tell JS about the baby and eventually they'll get married because of it; She can hide it from him because of Bora, while not telling her family who's the father. Of course there are more ways, so I'm curious to know the Writer's plans for her. JS's
  3. Today I've watched the last 5 episodes of drama, and what can I say? It was not excatly what I expected, though I can't say it was bad either. I'd like to sum up this drama for me. I was 250% addicted to this drama, and my addiction was growing with every episode (though I could still see the plot's flaws). That was true until somewhere in the middle of Crazy Megan plotline, when the writer made her a typical drama's villain. From a certain point, my enjoyment, excitement and interest in the drama have decreased a lot. The conman plotline only made it worse. You a
  4. Right. The drama ends next Friday with 122 episodes. They've already finished the shooting, in both indoors and outdoor shooting locations. Two of the outdoor locations look really beautiful.
  5. I finally caught up with last week's episodes + this week's episodes 109-110. Though there were scenes I liked, it was hard to completely enjoy the episodes as conman was always there, scheming, lying and deceiving. @celebrianna After watching all episodes, and putting aside the Megan issue, I think Gye-Ok has made a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE mistake. After finding out everything about conman, she should not have left him working there. It looks like it's going to backfire on her soon. Though, knowing this drama/writer, Gye-Ok will probably claim she and her family were also deceive
  6. Up until a few weeks ago I'd completely agree with you, as I enjoyed so much watching this drama, couldn't wait to see how SA and Gye-Ok's relationship develops and what are Mr. Boo's plans regarding his inheritance. Sadly, these days I can't say the same, and it's unfortunate since these are the very last weeks of the drama. About the amount of viewers, it's hard to say how many watch it. In Korea, the drama is always ranked first and usually gains more than 20% ratings per episode. I also know there are viewers worldwide, not only from Asia. You are lucky to have
  7. In any other workplace, when it's discovered an employee is using a false identity, he gets kicked out.
  8. Yeah, that would be too much to hope for, right? Poor Jang-Won will get so hurt when all is (hopefully) exposed. I guess that's the writer second way to show Korean viewers that even if a person is blood related to you, it doesn't necessarily mean he should be in your life. I agree. I think at some point when she grew up, SA lost most of his authority (and respect) as a parent in her eyes. I don't know if it's because he worked too much and didn't pay her enough attention or maybe he gave her too much freedom of choice. In most of the scenes we watched so far, he almost nev
  9. @celebrianna Same. Every scene with her is so tiring and annoying. But still, these are my thoughts about ep 102: (1) Ga-On and her two potentional mothers dining scene: How could Ga-On possibly say to both of them that they use her to get Seorak? Acting as they care about her? Gye-Ok has been nothing but kind to her ever since she was her fake grandmother, without any second intentions to become her stepmom. She cares for her sincerly and already sees her as a daughter. And, as much as I despise Megan, the same claim is only partly true for her. Yes, she wants SA (as a t
  10. @celebrianna I have yet to watch the two last episodes properly, but you are right about the sane viewers. For me it's very hard to watch Mr. Boo's situation, and also without having the slightest idea how can someone suspect/find out about it. About Megan's behavior so far, she was crazy before, but ever since she involved the media and now the police, I find it harder to put out with. If Gye-Ok and Seorak would have had a plan and would have thought of countermeasures against her, it might have been easier to watch. But right now they just talk and at best threaten he
  11. @celebrianna And the worst thing is that it seems only Minjoo is/will be aware of that. Conman chose the right moment to do that, while everyone else in the house is busy with the scandal and doesn't have time to see what is happening with Mr. Boo. I hope the writer keeps it short, it's not easy to watch Mr. Boo getting abused like that. I thought about a 3rd option regarding Megan leaving (hopefully next week). If she doesn't leave after realizing she lost and also not because she's been exposed/humilitated - she can leave after trying to commit a crime against Gye-Ok/Seorak. I me
  12. I'm more than pleased that Gye-Ok has entered into Fighting Mode, ever since they exposed their relationship in front of his family. You could clearly see it when she met SA at the hotel lobby - she looked so confident and calm when she took his hand and walked forward. All the things she told crazy Megan are exactly the things SA couldn't tell her, and I'm glad she showed her she neither scared of her nor she's letting her blackmail her. I hope she continues this way until their victory. It looks that from now on, Gye-Ok is the one to take the lead in their battle against this nutcase,
  13. @celebrianna Instead of running away, I wish Gye-Ok and SA will finally realize they are at WAR. What Megan did/will do is an attack on both Gye-Ok and the Boo family. Instead of taking the hit and put out fires/respond only when attacked, SA should also find his weapons and way to fight her. Enough with him trying to understand how Megan feels and why is she behaving like that. Stop asking her nicely to give up and treat her like a reasonable person who can be logically persuaded. Every time he did that she stabbed him in the back. She's not his close friend from 15 years ago anymore, bu
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