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  1. *raiseshand* Me and I like it but not more yet. I like the storyline but the female lead is a bit weird even for my taste. Hopefully I will warm up to her. The actress is quite okay. And it is the first time even in a C-Drama that I get the feeling the actor dislikes the kissing scences. Especially the bed kiss felt not right.
  2. Yeah, he is one of these devoted lovers who clearly states who he loves and goes against everyone who wants to hurt her. I also never understood how he got the label womanizer when he clearly didn't even kiss the girls. Probably an Asian thing thinking him as marriage candidate after one or two dates. As far I understood both parties were rather business like otherwise they wouldn't have agreed with the deals after. They all didn't had feelings for each other since that is what was still there when he forgot XQ. Another series with a devoted male like that is "The Legends". But it isn't a fluffy RomCom. What proably was cut out or never got said, is if he liked JX more than a brother. His body clearly remembered her since he asked her at the beginning if they know each other. If JX were honest then, she would have had a chance but her pride won. I still think they were friends and he refused her and that was the reason why she went away instead of pursuing him like she did later.
  3. Wow! It is so sad, that they cut that off. I love it. Looks like it is from one of the WeTV channels. Hope we will get a bit more BTS and cuts. Especially cuts we saw very little and we Drama viewers love them. Too bad Director's cuts are seem to be unheared in China (probably because of the dubbing) and Webdramas don't get relased official on DVD/BR. I instantly would order a DC version for this one.
  4. @raziela I agree in terms with JX partly since I truly hope she won‘t get him. He still has a soft spot for her like Fang Leng for XQ from the beginning. JX isn‘t evil and what she did wasn’t affecting anyone for long since others weren’t willing to follow her for long or she was the one who couldn’t go through with it. Remorse wouldn’t fit her character like stepmom and uncle. They are too spoiled and used to get what they want. That won‘t change. In that way it ended consistently. While quilting I started to rewatch the Drama yesterday and noticed that Fang Leng had an instant affection for QX. After their first kiss he was shy when he saw her in the company and he was insanely jealous of Fang Lei every time even when it was only in his head. And for him she never was his fake girlfriend but the real deal.
  5. The minion ended in jail with brain damage. All other characters weren't evil. They were antagonists. So, when Fang Lei resolutely refused being part of their game and Daddy supported Fang Leng everything went poof. Fang Leng and XQ never will become friends with them but except being thorns from time to time they aren't someone to be bothered with.
  6. I like that they "recycle" outfits since who has a new one every day even when he/she can afford it? I always find it ridicolous when characers are too poor to even afford enough food but never wear something twice in the entire Drama. All the clothes they wear are made very well and look like made from good fabric, so I think it is branded stuff. I liked XQ's fake knotted College sweater shirt. @libra22 Or Fang Leng is a typical man who only goes for new clothes when the old ones are worn out. He wasn't married.
  7. Even though the official Weibo went to (everlasting?) sleep, Weibo is still quite active. Few cute XQ pictures:
  8. I truly wanted to like that drama since the premise is good and I really ML und 2ndML actors but I can't get into the story. The characters are one dimensional but the story is ambigious. At least for me, that didn't work out.
  9. Well, as long the storyline is good I don't mind a S2 but I don't need one. The idea is good since XQ surely will get in trouble again when loosing blood while giving birth . I got drained more blood each month as child . Or proably she prefers reproduction like on hers planet. Or they adopt, problem solved = no S2 .
  10. The kiss in the movie was sizzly hot and nothing anyone can complain about. Also the entire script was better. The entire characters were more human and easy to feel for. The series was too perfect. Like some high-glossy photo album. About awkward kisses...I started with J-Drama 30 years ago. Believe me, that kisses in Lakorns are hot compared. I still remember watching the first "true" kiss in TW Meteor Garden...I was just scandalized and then fell in love.
  11. I read all your opinions about the kisses and I have my own too. I agree with you that besides the first (I like how she is all over him without any awkwardness) and the last kiss, the kisses were lacking. But they weren't bad. I also can't agree that WP is uncomfortable. Watch the kisses in Love O2O series and THEN you will know how an actress will look like . For me it rather looks like WP isn't taking it serious. She looks like she is laughting while doing that . In that way you can complain that she didn't took her job serious and all were depending on Bie who did his best but wasn't a magican especially since the scences were quite long and close to the face. What you all are forgetting is the role the director is playing here. He allowed the scences to go through. So probably he didn't care or he wanted(!!!) it to look like that. As much I really liked how he directed the entire series when it comes to the (for us) most significant scences he seriously lacked.
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