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  1. @ElectricHearts in fact writer Park's didn't show the specifics whether they (RJH-YSR) are dating or not lol they are like a couple without status lol. even in the last ep. we don't know whether they were a married couple or not lol. @EdelweissTX i thought the same too coz in the epilogue seri was at korea first then flew to Swiss later
  2. I just remembered something. In the episode (ok sorry I forgot which episode) *I think I have to watch cloy again* When Seri's mother asked RJH about how long he and Seri had been dating. Instead answered it RJH chose silence. So I thought, if RJH answered how long he and YSR were dating I'm sure it would also answer how long Binjin were dating. Haha
  3. this forum might be crashed coz too much spam i can even imagine it
  4. why she use an emot wink with tongue sticking out. Lol. is she trolling us? lol with the caption have a good day? hahaha but still, i love that i don't know why but she looks more beautiful now
  5. it can also mean that she has found what she is looking for? I mean she knew that just counting the years she would be 40, then why did she say she wanted to get married before 40 if she still hadn't found a man at 37 at that time. If she still hasn't found a man at that time she should just stop at "is it because I'm not desperate yet" or she can add a few words to end without needing to say a specific age. so to me she had found a man at that time
  6. i think this is not her first best birthday's present since we don't know what happened at LA before and as capt Ri says next year the year after that and even the one after that her birthday will always be a good day
  7. regarding to reach 2000 pages and this thread will be achieved what if we start a new or a second thread when our OTP also start a new life we can discuss their new update their lives as a family their child or maybe their honeymoon lol
  8. happy reading if there's any important information please bring it back to remember it would be nice btw i love the new gif. it's cute
  9. re:BAA just like people say ... I do feel awkward/uncomfortable between them during that event. BUT, I was not surprised at all, I knew it would happen, they always act like a stranger in front of public, I mean look at them when they were being strangers at the airport and being stiff during CLOY presscon. I think they tried their best to not looking so obvious to not create any buzz and to not overshadow a whole ceremony I just hope they enjoyed their happy life without being pushed by us.
  10. It seems like I have to tell RL so Binjin can become their ba. And I'm starting to understand why they like Ralph, it's because Ralph has everything they need (maybe) knowing that Ralph isn't just a clothing brand.
  11. baeksang has its own channel on youtube here's the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVXN28NHfphVQrdtjooc33g
  12. Hi! silent lurker here just to add my thoughts if its true that they started dating in september 22nd, 2018 so their 100 days is on december 30th, 2018 and if its true again, HB went to LA right after MOA wrapped up party end which is held on 30th december So ... he went to LA (since shes already in LA) on 30th december was to celebrate their 100 days dating anniv (?) ok, peace ✌️
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