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  1. Yea, and I think too a fair bit of their loyalty was due to them feeling like it was their only bit of recognition or acknowledgement by the current Tianjun. Ye Hua pointed it out when he spoke to them before the battle with the Mermaid clan. Their hearts werent in on another fight because they felt like they as the lesser tribes had born the burnt of the previous fight and other than the naming of SuJin as a princess -they didnt feel that their sacrifices were really recognized. The fact that Ye Hua was aware of each of their losses and took it to heart was part of the reason the uncles we
  2. Language question. My grandmother and I have gotten my intermediately younger sister also into Chinese dramas. We've decided to start using some of the more common phrases to get use to things. Ive mentioned before Im 1 of 12 kids. Ive an older brother, than its me, and this sister, (then the order is 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 1 brother, 2 sisters). Would it be more correct for me to call her and her to call me? Older sister, younger sister, or 2nd sisters, 3rd sister. Also would I count as 2nd sister since Im 2nd child born? or 1st sister since Im the f
  3. A few people order copies from China and had them shipped to the US. @Ninky and @UnluckyWhiteCat -whats the location for people to order copies of the book? Im annoyed, in an FB group Im in. someone was trying to tell me that the Mo Yuan and Shao Wen's story has been fully released and I should just read it on wattpad. ....hasnt that been proven to be nothing but fan fiction with only that one bit of teaser from Tang Qi which might be very different later??
  4. Recently been watching alot of kdrama clips. Any mid level in a position of power (even if its a secretary job, or similar level) will be over the top jerky/condescending to anyone who looks poor,new or doing a blue collar job. Especially if it's an undercover job by the person who is wearing the blue collar uniform. Once shown, they will beg and completely claim they know their wrong and wont do it again.
  5. Maybe? this was the amazon link I had used at the time. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08GHQTYC2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It say silk in the product title, but later the description says bamboo. Side note. I might not be around for the next day or so. I got told today that as a result of the company merger 2 weeks ago- today was my last day with the company. Once the processing stuff gets handled tomorrow i should be back and available for posting. -just dont want anyone worrying about me.
  6. Thanks! I was rewatching and would you believe it, in some close up shots -there were fainter orange flecks on the back ! O-0.
  7. Hooray! Hey Real Life priority I completely understand!!! Great now you got me thinking about that Pixar short that involved a dumpling
  8. Question, anyone know of a site or place that can help me write chinese character/assemble them for both traditional and simplified forms? Also anyone know whats a good paint that wont bleed thru a hand fan? Found on Amazon a reproduction of the Jade Purity fan. -its not a perfect replica as I noticed the based of the handle is different. Doing further digging Im pretty sure the amazon seller was using the same sources that Aliexpress uses as it came with these orange flecks on the back of it. I tried to use Google translate app on my phone to read the 3 characte
  9. @MayanEcho and @Ninky Is Toland the offical translator of TMPBs which was printed as Sky Kingdom? I'd hoped to find somewhere a decent translation of it into Eng since Ive heard ppl say Into the Sky Kingom was incomplete and didnt have any cultural nuances as well as doing literal translations of the names
  10. Not sure if she is capable of really loving. I think she is a psychopath who really didnt care who was hurt in her pursuit of what she wanted. Her relationship was doomed because it was started on deliberate betrayal. Ive told this to people in real life a quote I once read in a Star Trek book (the Romulan Way) "Beginnings must be clean" relationships that start by people cheating on others or deliberately breaking up relationships while justifying it as 'love' are never well started and are almost always doomed because how can there be real trust?" Even if Li Jian
  11. Fair point, I was just thinking of less deaths in that case. She couldve just enjoyed her life as the Ghost Queen with an absentee husband. Wealth, status, all the stuff she wanted before..
  12. Xuan Nu did get off too lightly, dont forget she killed any servant who her husband impregnated too. Most wives of emperors had to deal with that. She also nearly caused a war by taking both the Celestial Royal grandson and Mo Yuan. Dont forget to count all the immortals who died because she wanted to harvest their aura for her sick child. She couldve just chosen to adopt a child. And all of the Ghost soldiers who died attempting to kill Bai Qian at XN's order.
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