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  1. Yes, art needs to be criticized but it cant be done blindly. You need to know who is the artist, which is the historical moment, what is happening in the society that moment, for what he says he did that or he just made that way?, after that you put your own opinion: its art or its just to sell or publicity? or both? My point its: you need to think why they are making that way, to whom this is directed, whats its their objective
  2. @Biology Lesson Stop looking at korea with the eyes with your own culture. You are judging their culture based on yours. You need to have neutral eyes when appreciating diff cultures, societys with diff historys. ________________________ Art dont need to be "beautiful" or "moraly correct" , art need to provoke a emotion and discussion. They are using a exaggerated parody do mock a dominant class , using a language that would entertain and shock the ones that dont have any education, the poor, the slaves in korea.The miserable class thats the public of the acts. ________________________ Because they are a conservative and patriarchal, woman needs to be "virginal" ( even if its not true, they need to fake it, fake it for the husband/boyfriend, fake for their parents, fake it for the whole society). A lot of woman in korea acts as a needy person in the looks of a foreigner, the dramas take that and exaggerate even more making them even more innocent, someone that never had a boyfriend. Its their society. A lot of Asian countries act like woman dont like sex and she its a "richard simmons" if she likes.These are one of the motives for the lack of sexy scenes. Is an extremely sexist society
  3. The one that said the penis thing was the GOD member. After this JH said "its not" seriously and explained that where you train kick, the god guy said " but you dont do it much with a guy (kick him)" and JH said "....bc is a sensitive area." JH never do any type of dirty comments, especially jokes. I think this proves that he is really a respectful person.
  4. i know how is this!! I tried to watch so many dramas but none was good enough to me to watch to whole thing and move on. Still now i think soo much about ELOD!! The only drama that made me move on was Winter Begonia, its really really good and artistic. Is the only one that i managed to watch and got addicted too hahah Now i cant stop thinking about winter begonia too I really recommend, is really good!!
  5. i would love him make a drama with Lee da hee ( the one in Search WWW), she can be badass and sexy without being fake. I imagine a plot like a business rom-com, ML is rich, super smart,savage/sarcastic, seems to be too arrogant and not approachable but is humble and caring to people that he trust. The ML do everything for the company go well, people plots against him but they cant win against him. FL is a successful and famous lawyer, super smart, also savage, seems to be cold but is warmhearted, not interested in romance because of carrer. The ML and FL have some friction in the early stage, but start to be like comrades at some point, because both have a similar personality, inteligence and goals in the business. They help and save each other to resolve their problems and plots that people make againts them.They flirt with other a lot but without being too obvious with their feelings, just building the sexual tension. At some point, they have a one night stand by mistake (drunk state) and she starts to avoid him( she dont want a relationship), in the contrast the ML gets more pro active to pursue her (dont care anymore , if people mistaken they being a couple or not) -> that part would be the rom-com core lmao , he get shameless to get her attention. In the end, they are too much in love to resist not being together.
  6. Yes, but and the book to sky kingdom ( ten miles) ?? we have also to discart what is there? ( i dont really know what is there too, (i dont even find the book to read), i only know that is similar whats in TMOPB, she is consort chen, but she uses in herself a spell to love the emperor and there is bai qian trying to change the fate of the crown prince, )
  7. in the book there is something that i dont understand, if donghua never went to the mortal realm, so the emperor that fengjiu went to repay was a "nobody", so in the end she didnt repay donghua and went in dept with Qingti too?? And, i didnt read the book of ten miles but there is a part in the mortal realm with donghua, but that really doesnt have anything with the real history of the couple, right? is just part of the history of bai qian and yehua, right?