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  1. Is it too crazy to think that the present is really 2022. We saw TE there and assume that it was the future.. my main reason for think this is he say every time he goes to that mystery place 1 min. Is like a month in the other worlds? His time frame could have sped up to the year 2020. Perhaps LG has to travel back in time to right all the wrongs..and this drama is really telling the journey starting from the past to the present... When we saw LG in the uniform of doom I think he was about to fight LG and realize that the outcome at that point in time may not be known. I am not as logical as many of the court lady's here. Enjoy your week everyone stay safe and healthy...
  2. JTE was drugged at the T Center. Is it possible, although it would be very sad that her dad was in on it? Perhaps he is not her real dad.... looking at the preview for ep 13 with her dad , hes smiling but she looks sad. Just a thought that came to mind. LR did say she was not in the plan originally..so I could be way off base.
  3. Now that we know Lady Noh came from ROC...Do you think it's possible that LG's mother also came from ROC? Perhaps as a scientist she left her journals that could help him figure out the correlation between the parallel worlds and time travel.
  4. I was just looking at a recap of ep. 11. They made a reference to yo yo boy as being connected to the flute... he's trying to restore balance and defeat enemies. If this has been stated before...I apologize. This thread is moving so fast it's hard to remember ..lol One point that I always felt was the previous Kings knew about the parallel worlds..but they respected the need to keep balance. I think travel between them existed but rules were to be followed to keep harmony. Once the flute was broken and aparrently LR broke the rules of travelling between the worlds.. now we have this chaotic situation. My last point is...I am totally exhausted . I've been sitting here mindlessly looking at ever MV of our main couple. I think she has been giving us clues that their story may not end the way I want...but keeping hope alive I refuse to believe it and will put on my red shoes ...click 3 times and wahlaaa..they are at the palace married with twins .. one who wants to be a scientist the other a royal guard.
  5. I went back to episode 1 when they were interrogating LR. it was 2020. So both JTE and SJ would know who he is..right? I think In the preview JTE tried to stop him from escaping and was badly hurt. However, the only clothing that was similar on JTE was the white shirt. She had a dark sweater on during the interrogation and had a grey hoodie on in the preview. I could be totally wrong in my thinking ...lol The final goodbye at the end of episode 10 LR has the same outfit he had on in episode 1 standing before the gateway with his sword..... but I think we have too many episodes left for the final showdown. In episode 10 YoYo boy was so cool .. he was not fazed speaking to LR...It seems he was more perplexed by the boy. When YOYo said he wanted to see how the story ends....I shouted me too YoYo...please give us a hint (so happy with social distancing, no one could see me cry and shout at the TV) ..smh Anyway have safe and great rest of the weekend and week. Please take care.
  6. Really enjoyed today's episode..its beginning to get really intense. LR is dangerous because I believe he thinks he's a god and invincible. Looking forward to the battle between them.... Did anyone notice that Lay Noh was sewing a note inside a garment? I wonder if it's to catch the thief? The date scenes are sweet and natural. Really not expecting any steaming kisses to perhaps the end. YO YO boy acting is good. Like many he caught me off guard. Now LG know time travel is also included in this scenario.
  7. A couple of people that I know had it...please take care and dont get frustrated if it takes a while to get back to 100%. . I hope the rest of your family and friends are safe and healthy.
  8. I think he gave us a clue that he is in pain in episode 7..The kitchen scene where he said now you know the hell that I've lived. As a king it's his duty to have a persona of coolness as we saw in episode 8 when the guy was talking about his father and he may die the same way...the camera focused on his hands and they were shaking but his countenance was cool and unshakeable. What internal pain he must have felt. There is no one he can share his struggle with in his Kingdom. That is why his determination to find JTE consumed him She became his refuge in a world that expects so much from him. Episode 8 he said he missed her calling him" hey....mister". Because she sees him not as the King but LG. The man she slowly fell for. People in his kingdom would behead her..to him she's beloved. I appreciated her telling him that she loved him because as a realistic she knows their time together may be short. Every second is important. I appreciate his response because he know her well..flowery speech will not win her heart. Me too said volumes. Lastly, sorry for the long post. I have been in a Kdrama slump for a while and this drama has given me a spark that I need. Thank you for the many posts..GIFS.
  9. My same thought ..It has been a very long time since I've looked at an entire sub episode . This madness will probably continue for a while... . It's like the writer wanted every type of issue... adultery. Abuse, stupidity...pregnancy... selfishness. However, no positive or character growth...it is so disappointing. I started this drama for the 2 main actors and still keeping hope alive that they will get a happy ending. I just can no longer look at the road the writer has paved for them to get there.
  10. I really was hoping that the focus would now be on our main couple and their road to becoming a chef and writer.....but it's all this nonsense that being thrown in for the heck of it. If its 120 episodes we only have 30 left. They will probably spend the last 10 on the main couple and their road to success. The 20 will focus on Barf couple and the rest of the cra cra people . Its disappointing.
  11. I agree.... Although I think eventually she will come back to her senses. It may be her grandmother that will make her realize how much her mom was there for her and everyone. Its time that she has someone that loves and treats her the way she deserves.
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