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  1. @Jillia all of you make it such an awesome forum to discuss everything... no matter how small the detail Thanks Brahms Family
  2. Thank you.....!!!! I was just wondering.. She gave him her left and he so lovingly rubbed her finger then he took her right. Still overwhelmed... I just watched the raw but really need to see the subs...
  3. Question...why did JY put the ring on the right hand of SA and his was on the left? I think HH did the same when he put the ring on JK. thank you ..
  4. @shazai That was the first thing I noticed.. he finally got back the Joy of playing the piano.. @Jillia Thank you for translating ..To my beloved....wow. ...so sweet
  5. I have to join the party...love Pride and Prejudice...a later version is on Netflix.... when SA and JY hands touched accidently it reminded me when Darcy and Lizzy touched their hands and the impact it had... So excited to see this episode. Thank everyone for the comnents..translations...Gifs.
  6. Hi..In one of his interviews he said he had lost weight and wanted to gain some... He probably lost more during the filming
  7. @sal2 thank you for the preview.. I've looked at it at least 10 times @rukizie. Thank you for the translation. Both have made my heart happy
  8. For me ..I am sad about the break up.. in the beginning I thought they could handle it. In reality they did not have time to build a strong foundation to withstand the strong wind of trails and tribulation that was coming their way ... I can't put more blame on one then the other. Both were caught off guard and tried there best to do what they thought was best. Not necessarily what the other person really needed. In normal circumstances you do have time to discover the good and annoying traits of the person you want to give your heart too.
  9. Perhaps ....JY can write a long email explaining to SA the entire situation. It worked for Mr. Darcy in Pride an Prejudice. Like JY he also had a problem saying what he wanted and when he did Lizzy wanted to slap him silly. Probably like SA wants to do to JY
  10. This is my issue with many kdramas.. it starts off so good then towards the end they throw so many issues to be solved at then the end of it there's not enough time to address them as they should. So the answer is a break up.... not a real heart to heart talk.. Perhap a good cry on each other sholders.... How many times can JY say sorry... after awhile its pointless even though he had good intentions. Well I guess it will be a typical time jump... but the writer has really disappointed me . And for me I've lost the heart fluttering that was in the beginning.
  11. Ater looking at ep 13. I feel the only way to salvage SA and JY relationship is for JY to be totally honest with SA. How ep 13 ended and the preview of 14, SA is really at the end of her rope and I can't blame her. In most cases you have time to talk and learn about each other past during the beginning of a new relationship. But in this case time is not their friend.. sad to say. To be honest ..I am disappointed in the writer for this. She could have done better. It was not necessary for JY to leave. He could have waited and discussed this
  12. @trisail thank you so much for forwarding this information...I can't begin to know JY despair with is parents. Especially the father. As a mother..seeing my child struggle would tear at my heart. So sad.... When the subs come I will see why she came to see him...
  13. May I ask what was the conversation between JY and his mom? if it was noted on a previous page ...I can read it if someone could tell me the page . I've been sad since ep 12. In reality I knew ep 13 would be a continuation. But I do have hopes for ep 14 .... Let's keep hope alive !!!!. thank you
  14. Hello to all the Brahms family around the world. I hope you are doing well and enjoy the weekend. @stella_512 you expressed my thoughts perfectly. It seems I think about DYLB quite often during the day..and a scene that I would love too see pops up in my mind..Although..It's very unlikely to ever happen When JY finds out what Professor Lee did he confront her...She ask him was he joining her Chamber. After he tells her off in front of her potential chamber candidates. He tells her he would never play for a person who treats a kind hearted person like SA tha
  15. @Jillia @sal2 and @rozelan You made some good points . It seems that JY is all ready on that path of change as regards to his relationship with SA. But SA seems to be hesitatant. She has to be true to herself and honest with JY. That's the only way they can become a real team to slay all the haters .... JY parents...smh. I still think he should let the restaurant go. He and SA could help her rent a new space to reopen her restaurant. It may be cheaper then paying what the father owes. I still think what the professor did ...saying that she w
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