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  1. Your post reminds me of @RiRiGaGa's medical post from a while back where she mentions all the ailments and that the cure is Soompidia, One of the funniest posts I will never forget is where it shows a photo of a BinJin shipper looking at a computer waiting for BinJin to announce and that shipper is already a skeleton and BinJin has not announced yet. It was so funny because it is testament to how much we believe in our OTP, we were willing to wait how ever long it took. And our patience, belief and loyalty paid off and we did not have to wait that long! Since we ar
  2. @faserunThe video edit by @bpwinces!is the absolute best and I cried buckets when she decided to take down her YT Channel for personal reasons. Her 101 Reasons video was my daily go-to to feed my shipper soul, with Soompi being my daily happy pill. I was pleasantly surprised to learn she was an early shipper on this forum as with another YT favorite itsmelalah. Have been binge watching CLOY for the nth time but this time with the knowledge and full conviction that BinJin is for real. Much as we always know they were, validation brings it to a new high, a much different level of
  3. The day we have been dreaming about has finally come when a confirmation of them being together was announced. We have always known what is in our hearts and are on this ship because pf what we see, what we believe and what we feel. Now we can confidently say- WHAT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. This has indeed been a wonderful journey and so glad to be a part of an amazing ship that has finally come to shore. My very first ship (definitely my last, this is hard to top) and what an amazing ship this is! Starting from our OTP (perfection) to all members of this ship. Thank you very much to you @cyber
  4. @RiRiGaGayou never ever cease to amaze. You eloquently put into words what most of us feel not only about CLoy but also about our love for our OTP, why we are on this ship and why we continue to do so. Thank you for sharing your gift.
  5. @Intuition1I have mentioned it before how grateful I am to the original shippers who go back TN time as they are the foundations of this ship. Many have become shippers because of CLoY. I would never have heard of them if it were not for CLOy and the unfortunate pandemic allowed many of us to be introduced to this beautiful drama and this beautiful couple. This thread which is now close to the 2k pages allowed here in Soompi was started by @cybertron because she realized there was not any devoted to them. I thank all the early shippers because you believed in them paving the way
  6. @LavenderVirgoof course the antis will say what they want to say because the reality is :seeing these BTS is stinging to the heart of those who wish BinJin is not real. These Behind the scenes were picked among the various scenes and it is even amazing that we are allowed to see the things shown. Therefore what was allowed to be shown were given the prior approval. Imagine the wealth of film that were not included in these BTS videos. BTS and NGs are great promo tools to drum up interest in the drama or movie. Some of these also get added when DVD or Directors cut is released (
  7. @kimeon_I thought I was reading my post and I realized I have not posted yet. It is easier for me to pay than go through all the efforts of collecting hearts and what not. I ended up paying for highest bundle so I can just click and click. while I agree to the point of the poster that bought votes should not matter, but this is a fandom. Unlike politics, where votes should not and cannot be bought, here you can do anything you want to show support. We all have our own way of showing it and we all have our opinion about it. Let those of us who can pay, do so, Many probably alr
  8. @QueenieBee@MASTERPIECEthat is why #InGroceryWeTrust remains to be a very valuable proof for this fandom that they are indeed together. This is consistent with how other KEnt couples were "outed" (SSC , Rain/KTH ). Many of us became shippers after CLOY but I commend the early shippers for believing and for being the foundation of this ship. So yes, Daegu photos (or any photos of them outside of work) will indeed be the money shot and until then we will have to contend with the taking all these with a grain of salt and be happy with edited pictures. YET The
  9. @Peony @bin-jin@BinJinBestI too read about the three piece suit so I watched the CLoy scene again and indeed it was a three piece suit, just a different tie. Whether it is the same suit (the pants were a little too long in my opinion, but I guess I was the only one who noticed because all eyes were focused on how handsome and dashing he looked) or a similar suit we don't know. What we know is that a similar suit was picked out by YSR for RHJ in one of the most memorable scenes of CLoy. It is also a Tom Ford suit as confirmed by his Fashion account on IG. It brings m
  10. @Maggie Ruff @Beadharmony@Sandra Wheeler and all the other Boomers out there! in the fandom Let us show up in full force. We vowed never to go on TikTok and yet with did and even some of us even went on a recruiting spree just so our OTP could get the votes! The reward was worth all the effort. We got the best gift we could ever hope and imagine! The two of them together- with all the proof we need to make us even better believers. Thank you to @krystalfor that comprehensive post and going through the step by step to make sure everybody gets it correctly. I have been blessed
  11. @bin-jinI noticed also her over sized puffer coat and he is just is a hoodie. This coat is similar to the coat HB is seen wearing in some BTS. The filming was done in winter, she must have been cold after the meal and he offered his coat. Maybe this is over analyzing and presumptuous but it could also be caring and as you say "protective". As this was the infamous photo whereby the owner's son was DM'ed by Vast to take down (still don't understand why if they were with other people and not on a date), it is amazing that this same photo is now all over. I have dow
  12. @fangirl101 for someone who calls herself an non-shipper you do sound like one of us addicted BinJin shippers! I love it! I got my 30 year old daughter and her boyfriend to watch it with me. They liked it as well and understand why until now I am still hooked on my OTP. @bin-jinno surprise CLoy did not win at the awards show as we know the bias towards this beloved drama (OTP was not even nominated, I don't get it). Anyway, it was interesting to note the clips they chose as background for the song. They showed the scenes from the DMZ where the turn over took place and the reuni
  13. @grazieaand yet the last two IG posts she has are supposedly for that (BAU bride and you ready to wear and the Probiotic product. There is still no word about the latter and the connection to the blue balloons and the formal wear with matching Jimmy Choo Bridal shoes. My thoughts are there is an underlying message layered in to these works she is doing, these posts that she is sharing. I am a newbie in shipping and have never been a stan so I don't know what it means when your idol (s) are conveying messages like these. The synchronized postings, the color white,
  14. @LavenderVirgo @QueenieBeethe one scene that resonates with me (there are many parallels) is from Ep 15 when YSR's mother meets up with RJH and asks him directly "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DATING". When I first saw this scene as a shipper my heart skipped a beat and wondered what his answer would be. But just like IRL this question has remained unanswered. Just like YSR's mom, the world also wants to know, With all the wonderful messages coming our way these past few days, is it safe to say we may get the answer soon? Her IG update yesterday ignited the BinJin ship I am
  15. @Beadharmonyto add to the already long list of Baeksang proofs is the less mentioned fact of them having their make-up re-touched at the same time. This was captured on video, no less. In the days following the ceremony, we find out that their stylists received the same gifts (Diptique Fragrance). We truly are blessed as a ship to have them as our OTP, The BinJin nation has become so huge (and loud) and to @lovelyz point this could be a turn off for some people, thus could be a reason for antis to feel that way. Ship hard in silence, stay in our lanes because the Truth will b
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