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  1. This is the message that Vast was referring to from the Space. I hope poster does not get in trouble with Vast. Apparently she was on a roll sending out the link to everyone.
  2. I mean, obviously they cannot film in Afghanistan even if there was no pandemic. Jordan is a go-too destination for movie location settings. Several Hollywood movies were filmed there including Star Wars, Transformers, Aladdin and anything with a Mars setting. Originally I thought the setting was Lebanon until I read about it being based on the rescue of SK missionaries in Afghanistan. @jamy47 I agree with you a hundred percent as Jordan being the excellent choice, even if there was no pandemic. Wadi Rum where I understand the desert scenes will be filmed is a no-brainer choice (the teaser ads are of Wadi Rum). Jordan Film commission is world-class and have they experience. It is just unfortunate because that their filming is being done in the heat of summer as they are still bound by a contract to finish filming. Based on what we hear about what is going on (which is almost nothing), Jordan filming is indeed a great choice, meaning filming is going smoothly (hopefully). Jordan is also the most liberal among Middle East countries, and has one of the lowest CoVid incidents in the world, They have since opened their doors to touris, although highly doubtful who would like to travel at a time like these? The smoother, the filming goes, the better for everyone, HB gets back to SK and we hopefully the world will get the announcement we most desire to hear. With regards the Soompi announcement, if they do decide to close down the site for good, I would to this site for being my safe haven during the time of pandemic. I found pure joy in admiring and seeing how beautiful the BinJin lovestory us, but it was through this forum that that admiration really flourished. I found this community of wonderful people who shared my obsession. True you can get that fix from other platform but this community is special. Whether the ship will dock and we are celebrating here or on other sites, thank you all for this heartwarming experience!
  3. I don't have Twitter but someone in one of my GC sent a screen shot of SYJ with her Chanel bag and another screen shot with HB on it and they were both dated May 19. It was a meeting with Smart executives. Looks like there was a Zoom meeting around that time cause they are thanking her.
  4. @ednamode101The Queen she knows her bags! Black and white version Chanel Gabrielle Backpack.
  5. From my understanding there are three campaigns and the contract is for one year and this includes a fan meet (don't know how this will work out with the current situation, but I am sure they will find a way to fulfill this). From the get-go it was always teased by MVP that it will be both of them. Capt.Ri cannot be lonely, or words to that effect. MVP is the top of the top honcho at PLDT (parent company of SMART) and he would not personally let out a statement like that and let it be half baked. Story line will probably have allusions to CLOY and a story line that will suit the products being pushed. I have seen the Miss Universe Catriona Grey commercials for SMART card in their last campaign and I was really impressed with how it was done. I would imagine having SYJ, it will not be anything less. Interestingly the scene ends in a kiss. I don't know if the commercial I saw was a three part series or one whole commercial (I know how Pinoys love to tell their stories in series). Please advise. Nevertheless, it ends with a kiss and a twist to the story. Just thinking about HB and SYJ possibly being together, whether in the second campaign or a third one is enough to give me the chills. So much skepticism as to whether SYJ will accept this project or not. But here we are (or should I say, a little less than 24 hours to go). There is a 15 hour difference between Philippine time and PST, which means for me, it will be reliving Baeksang all over again, time and sleep wise. But for the love of BinJin, this ahjumma's got to do what she's gotta do.PS Can anyone advise how we can participate in making SYJ's CF trend? I have no Twitter account but I have YT as well as IG. Will do my share to achieve what it needs to achieve and show my support.
  6. @cheesenbyou probably are a more informed fan than me as I only became a BinJin fan post CLOY (and an even newer shipper) so I don't know much about their TN days except from what I read here and in other platforms. I am curious though what you think about the HB HK interview done in May 2019 where he refers to bringing a "camera to Europe after filming" as the most romantic thing he has done. This seems to coincide with the Alhambra timeline. Coincidentally, SYJ also has postings right around this time of being in the South of France (2 hours away from Barcelona where MOTA filming was). These all occurred on end of June 2018, way before the TN promotions which began in August 2018. There have been discussions about this in past posts, so I am just really curious.
  7. @SHpectator @cris_felizSMART CEO may not be the biggest shipper but he might as well be the richest. Thank you, SMART for moving hell and high water to have them in their third project together. I am so excited for August 3, 5pm. I am on the other side of the globe (oops, sorry, the world), but will be keeping close watch as it happens. I am very proud of my countrymen! Despite the challenges going on in my home country, we continue to be a resilient people and so happy that BinJin is there for many of them. While I am citizen of the BinJin nation, I am Filipino in real life . So to quote Binnie-"MAHAL KO KAYO" Quick PS @RiRiGaGacan you please run for president?
  8. Unnie @Cherie Ceeyou earned your sleep with your post! Although i have heard about this (and know for a FACT they are a couple, it is still very heart fluttering and kilig! I really have to strengthen my dear heart for when the real announcement is made. If little trivial things like this makes me weak in the knees- I can just imagine what happens when. Lord help us all!!!!
  9. @BeadharmonyI think she is wearing the women's version. She is much too petite to be wearing his coat, she will be dragging it as HB is 6' and she is 5'5" (not to mention he has very broad shoulders) If I may add to outfits, the Balmain double breasted dress she wore to the Negotiation press conference is very similar to the double breasted coat he wore to the Rampant premiere. Also the twinning ensembles they wore to the CLOY wrap party. Perhaps this is their way of non verbally telling the world they are a couple, albeit in a subtle way?
  10. @ChewyNow you got me all intrigued! According to Wikipedia "thinking outside he box" is a metaphor to think differently, unconventionally or from a different perspective. Is it Palm Springs? or as @Jimmy Greenesuggested somewhere more South, like Torrey Pines? SYJ has been to San Diego as well based on her IG postings. Regardless, the theory about The Resort at Pelican Hill seems to hold water and the clip that @Elle Rhas shown why this could be possible. I have not been to any Pavilions in the OC but the pictures @cloyfanhad taken were enough to convince me how SPOT ON it was! When we do our LA meet, a visit to this grocery store is a must!
  11. @TotoroSYwe may never know which grocery store they went , but strong evidence seem to point that it was Pavilion's (definitely not Ralph's). When I first heard about it my inkling was the Pavilion's in Hancock Park as this is the closest to Koreatown (there is members-only golf course The Wilshire Country Club, where there are many Korean members), but the more I read on the posts here, the mm ore convinced I was that it was the Pavilions in Newport Beach close to the Resort at Pelican Hill. With due respect to @Chewy who begged to disagree that the golfing rendezvous did not happen there. There is evidence to support the strong possibility that they may have stayed at the Resort at Pelican Hill, not only for its exclusivity and privacy (and needless to say a world class golf course with a view) but also because SYJ herself has stayed there. And there is a Pavilions's 5 minutes away. So we may not have the solid proof you have to say this is not the place they played golf at, it still would make perfect sense. Furthermore, The Resort is in Newport Beach, and nearby is an area where there are many affluent Chinese and Taiwanese residents. @Jimmy Greene I am not a golfer like you but I am a long time resident of LA and I am sure you will agree that LA and SoCal is a wonderful haven for golfers . If the timeline is correct (please confirm @ElectricHeartsthey stayed here for at least 10 days, plenty of time to check out different golf courses and meet up with friends (like the reported meeting with HB's Marine Senior). I also believe that they both attended the birthday party of SYJ's friend's daughter in Koreatown where the picture by the tree (as referred to by @Walk Kindly)was taken not by a smart phone but by a camera, similar to the one used in Europe. Meanwhile, HB is filming in the hot hot Jordan weather (it would have been so much easier to have filmed in March as originally planned). All is quiet in SYJ's camp... for us the drought is real, as dry as the Wadi Rum Desert. I hope it rains candies soon to feed our hungry hearts.
  12. @Teenersyou probably are right as far as finding hard evidence, but what about circumstantial? Like the IG posts of SYJ at the end of June and early July (her team had already gone back to SK by then) and more importantly the very telling HK interview HB had where he talked about bringing a romantic camera to Europe after filming? Between our resident sleuths @Walk Kindlyand @ElectricHeartsthey have unearthed some interesting "coincidences". Make syou go hmmmmm. @ElectricHeartsregarding fashion: HB wore a Balmain suit at the Rampant premiere, SYJ wore a Balmain suit on the August 9 TN press tour. Note the similarity in style of the outfits. I wonder if their stylists already were working closely back then. With regards, golfing locations. Good call on Terranea as that is also one of the most beautiful courses, overlooking the ocean. (FYI There are 26 Pavilions in all of LA county and there is one close to it) However, The rationale behind THe Resort at the Pelican Hill theory is because it is documented that SYJ has been there- based on her IG post dated Feb 4, 2018. There is also a Pavilion's 5 minutes away and that is the location @cloyfantook pictures of. This is where many of us believe is the site of #InGroceryWeTrust. We may never have proof, never have the confirmation, but somehow connecting the dots feels like we have cracked the code. I think this is what makes shipping all the more fun! We are allowed to combine our sensibilities with our delulu. We could be right, we never know!
  13. @TotoroSYI LOVE how you use the word love in your whole post (I counted 16 times!) because that is why we are all here. We love our OTP and we love how our community of like minded people gives us that solace. Many of us go to other platforms and find better information, more scoops about BinJin and yet we come back here (those days of the blackout was a true testament to how I truly felt about this forum). So no matter how trivial and delulu we all are , we embrace it! @September 22@binjinalways appreciate your passion, especially for a BinJin fan like me who never even knew what a stan meant. You have taken the words out of my mouth! @Chewythank you for coming back to this forum and posting again. I used to read your posts from way back when I started and it was always great reading it from a POV of someone who actually knows HB! I am glad you clarified your original post because sometimes it is hard to understand writing styles, reading between the lines and knowing that it was written in jest and in sarcasm. For a minute I was taken aback, too. i am happy to see familiar names again. Even our dear thread creator @cybertronhas graced us with a cameo post! This forum is my happy pill, thank you everyone for making it so!
  14. @ElectricHeartsin her CoVid challenge back in May, she challenged Hunter Kang, a DOG trainer. Also i just to revisit that IG post- the three people she tagged had HK/KH for initials. The other two she tagged were Kim Hee-ae (from World of the MARRIED), and the little BOY from Return of Superman, Kang Hao. There was also a thumbs up sign that can be seen. While many say it was to cover the word Boring on the painting, I think there was someone else who wanted in on the challenge! (one whose screen name starts with an H and real last name, KIM)
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