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  1. Happy Belated birthday to the Captain of the Ship @cybertron. Thanks to your foresight (as well as all the other senior shippers who have been with the ship through thick and thin) this forum came to be and will soon be celebrating 2 years. What a great two years it has been for this ship and its members. 1/1/21 brought us the news of confirmation we knew in hearts was true all along and hopefully even better news before we celebrate the 2 year anniversary in July.
  2. @Ayado you get Dramacool in your country? You can access anything Korean- drama, movies, I even watched Master In the House that featured SYJ as the special guest for their first Anniversary back in 2018. (Episode 46 and 47)If you have not seen MITH, I suggest you do so as you will appreciate SYJ even more. I believe her episode is the highest rated among all MITH episodes. I have probably seen her MITH episodes 5 times- her episodes were aired post TN and if you look and listen closely there are HB references (or what I feel are references). These were also filmed and aired
  3. @BinJinshipperfromIndiaso lovely to see your post because it was through you that I became a full blown shipper. I was late hopping on the CLoY train having watched it only in March when I was on a two week quarantine. I refused to watch Korean dramas as my choices are mostly documentaries and features that did not have any sub titles. Once I finally gave in, I remember watching it non-stop (only bathroom breaks), and I was hooked! Just like most I, too was captivated by HB and while I loved his chemistry with the female lead I never thought they were linked in real life. But
  4. https://www.thedailybeast.com/netflixs-crash-landing-on-you-will-take-your-breath-away Almost a year after it ended, this article comes out on The Daily Beast 1/17/21, a popular US publication, on CLoY. It is a gushing review on the Netflix series, it is even compared to a current popular Netflix series Bridgeton. Author points out popularity of series is due to the chemistry of the lead actors and that on Jan 1, 2021, it was announced that they were a real life couple. The article states that while the series is popular, it has not caught on so much Stateside (I th
  5. One perk of living in Los Angeles is being able to visit the places SYJ posts on her IG account as she often visits and while Pavilions Newport Beach (setting of the most iconic event in a BinJin shipper's life) is about 45 miles away, many of her posts features my home city. It will be two years since she posted the tree photo- January 26. While it could be argued that HB could not have been the one who took the photographs as he was back in SK on the 24th, there could also be the possibility that he did (e.g.late posting as she often does). How else can the double heart emoji comment b
  6. Your post reminds me of @RiRiGaGa's medical post from a while back where she mentions all the ailments and that the cure is Soompidia, One of the funniest posts I will never forget is where it shows a photo of a BinJin shipper looking at a computer waiting for BinJin to announce and that shipper is already a skeleton and BinJin has not announced yet. It was so funny because it is testament to how much we believe in our OTP, we were willing to wait how ever long it took. And our patience, belief and loyalty paid off and we did not have to wait that long! Since we ar
  7. @faserunThe video edit by @bpwinces!is the absolute best and I cried buckets when she decided to take down her YT Channel for personal reasons. Her 101 Reasons video was my daily go-to to feed my shipper soul, with Soompi being my daily happy pill. I was pleasantly surprised to learn she was an early shipper on this forum as with another YT favorite itsmelalah. Have been binge watching CLOY for the nth time but this time with the knowledge and full conviction that BinJin is for real. Much as we always know they were, validation brings it to a new high, a much different level of
  8. The day we have been dreaming about has finally come when a confirmation of them being together was announced. We have always known what is in our hearts and are on this ship because pf what we see, what we believe and what we feel. Now we can confidently say- WHAT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. This has indeed been a wonderful journey and so glad to be a part of an amazing ship that has finally come to shore. My very first ship (definitely my last, this is hard to top) and what an amazing ship this is! Starting from our OTP (perfection) to all members of this ship. Thank you very much to you @cyber
  9. @RiRiGaGayou never ever cease to amaze. You eloquently put into words what most of us feel not only about CLoy but also about our love for our OTP, why we are on this ship and why we continue to do so. Thank you for sharing your gift.
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