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  1. cto - 10 years later they said "Hi" with each other at Pifan 2014 and then formally met in 2017 during TN and then inseparable afterwards.... on and on and on... In conclusion...
  2. Let's celebrate and be happy for Yejin and Hyun Bin chingus! Don't worry about the antis...they will never be happy at all
  3. @cybertron You said it very well missy! I love how you shaded that two faced monger, she ain’t pretty no matter what angle... I’m excited for Yejin’s birthday even though it’s not mine but I want to celebrate with her! Let’s celebrate with her chingus! Go to restaurant or cook her fave dish, buy a cake or something. Whatever you want to cheer for her! HB will be there (wink wink)! @Mikayla Holloway as someone living in the West, I know what you mean. Thank God there's this soompi that could keep us away from that stress. As Bin said, 'this too shall pass".
  4. Good morning and evening BinJin all over the world!!! I wanna say the Queen has spoken! I found out about the news few hours ago and checking soompi and tapa is the first thing I did! My heart is still full!!! Oh my goshh, it's sooo loud here in Soompi! What a beautiful fireworks to greet 2021 we got from our lovebirds!!! I remember when we all started in this ship, it wasn't easy, there were pirates trying to wrecked this ship and have even tried to stop this from mooring by making fake news, dissent all the receipts BJ hinted to us all and now it is finally confirmed that this s
  5. Yeah good to see you again @RiRiGaGagirly! I'm sure you're doing pretty well with your school. I love your poem, had to bookmarked it along with @PrettyNoona for posting similar answers of the two during their Esquire interviews. Binnie's Esquire interview is full of charms like him. He really talks from the heart and love that Yejin is always present in his interviews (since they met). I noticed a lot of new mainstays here in Soompi...welcome BJ fam! Keep this thread always alive. Stay safe and healthy!
  6. Congratulations Yejin!!! These are beauties with substance.…not just the facade like others could only define with their limited knowledge of what beauty is. --Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Adele, Son Ye Jin, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Amy Adams, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Miranda Kerr…plus a few k-pop singers but Yejin is the only SK actress included indeed. That speaks a lot, I’m sure Hyun Bin is so proud of her, the rest of South Korea and International fans.
  7. Plus I believe she explained in one of her interviews, she stopped because of her busy schedule. I see a lot of celebrities do the same thing even here in Hollywood. It's their busy schedule that intervenes with their school and just a matter of which one is priority when the situation calls for it. At this point you can really tell chingus that there is nothing they can really find fault on YeJin so they used that one but forgot (or maybe they never really do some research before they bark? of course they don't! ) that their idol was also a drop out (not sure if high school drop out or colleg
  8. Swinging by just to congratulate Yejin for winning first in Apan Popularity Actress Award. Clap clap for all the hardwork her solo fans, Binjins and some help from her previous leading men fans. You guys are awesome and never gave up on her. Sadly for Binnie (I love you so much!) We did our best to keep you (at least) on top 3. BinJins and some of his die hard solo stans did not give up on him. He would have been fall way behind if everyone gave up on him. You guys rock and showed how much you really love idol Bin. I also just want to second those who mentioned how popularity award
  9. The parents know when their kids got bullied and need to calm them down. Not to retaliate but to be happy with them together. That’s how classy these two are, that's how classy this fandom is and should be. Just kill the haters with calm demeanor Do not let any negative vibes get on this ship for we are sailing smoothly and calmly. Learn to read the signs chingus!
  10. Yes me too! I had to play that scene 3x...made me recollect The Classic and this BinJin Taekwendo edited by BPWinces when she was still active. Because I loved this manip so I had to copy it and I'm glad I did before she deleted her account. Funny after I watched that rain scene in Start Up, I decided to upload this on you tube.
  11. Congratulations to CLOY nominations for APAN Best Drama and to our Tae Pyung for Best Actor and to our Eon Jin for Best Actress! Thank you CLOY for blessing us with this show it was one of the best things happened in 2020. It brought smiles to a lot of us especially coping with corona. I wish you both could feel and see our gratitude and appreciation for your superb acting in this drama.
  12. @Beadharmony She also dated it one day in October similar to HB"s when he signed one for a fan at a pet store. 2020.10 @QueenieBee HB pretending he's not paying attention weh. That explains the sighting of him at a pet store. Happy that they both have a baby to pet and pamper... Anyway just stopping by at 8am in my world to say happy halloween chingus! Hoping we can still do trick or treating and dress up amidst the kj covid
  13. @Kari nailed it girl, I hope she's lurking here Yejin and Hyun Bin are very much aware that they have haters...while they have millions of fans all over the world who adore and love them, there are these antis scrambling around spreading lies, twist the truths in an attempt to make everyone think that our bias are disgusting. That they don't deserve to be adored. Antis including that YJ hater you mentioned are irrational fans, they pretend they speak & write eloquently but are actually idiots and have no common sense. I will leave my piece at that and thank goodness
  14. Cold what? Yeah I can see it look at these pics so sad that he looks amazingly happy with Yejin. As usual they're in denial, what else? I'm sure they're also butt hurts that his drama with YeJin is making waves all over the world and being recognized and admired by all races from all walks of life despite that it's been almost a year since it aired. He also got this prestigious and grandiose award out of all any awards...Presidential Citation it is! (yeah...one that they wished it's with their bias' project when this happened, so they resort to be nega). CONGRATULAT
  15. @QueenieBee yes thank you for sharing this! I'm soo happy for Binnie! Finally and this is a well deserved award. Congratulations Hyun Bin! Let's see if they will use his proper name not his actor's name like what they did to YeJin Kim Tae Peyung is actually cute...so please let it be
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