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  1. The parents know when their kids got bullied and need to calm them down. Not to retaliate but to be happy with them together. That’s how classy these two are, that's how classy this fandom is and should be. Just kill the haters with calm demeanor Do not let any negative vibes get on this ship for we are sailing smoothly and calmly. Learn to read the signs chingus!
  2. Yes me too! I had to play that scene 3x...made me recollect The Classic and this BinJin Taekwendo edited by BPWinces when she was still active. Because I loved this manip so I had to copy it and I'm glad I did before she deleted her account. Funny after I watched that rain scene in Start Up, I decided to upload this on you tube.
  3. Congratulations to CLOY nominations for APAN Best Drama and to our Tae Pyung for Best Actor and to our Eon Jin for Best Actress! Thank you CLOY for blessing us with this show it was one of the best things happened in 2020. It brought smiles to a lot of us especially coping with corona. I wish you both could feel and see our gratitude and appreciation for your superb acting in this drama.
  4. @Beadharmony She also dated it one day in October similar to HB"s when he signed one for a fan at a pet store. 2020.10 @QueenieBee HB pretending he's not paying attention weh. That explains the sighting of him at a pet store. Happy that they both have a baby to pet and pamper... Anyway just stopping by at 8am in my world to say happy halloween chingus! Hoping we can still do trick or treating and dress up amidst the kj covid
  5. @Kari nailed it girl, I hope she's lurking here Yejin and Hyun Bin are very much aware that they have haters...while they have millions of fans all over the world who adore and love them, there are these antis scrambling around spreading lies, twist the truths in an attempt to make everyone think that our bias are disgusting. That they don't deserve to be adored. Antis including that YJ hater you mentioned are irrational fans, they pretend they speak & write eloquently but are actually idiots and have no common sense. I will leave my piece at that and thank goodness
  6. Cold what? Yeah I can see it look at these pics so sad that he looks amazingly happy with Yejin. As usual they're in denial, what else? I'm sure they're also butt hurts that his drama with YeJin is making waves all over the world and being recognized and admired by all races from all walks of life despite that it's been almost a year since it aired. He also got this prestigious and grandiose award out of all any awards...Presidential Citation it is! (yeah...one that they wished it's with their bias' project when this happened, so they resort to be nega). CONGRATULAT
  7. @QueenieBee yes thank you for sharing this! I'm soo happy for Binnie! Finally and this is a well deserved award. Congratulations Hyun Bin! Let's see if they will use his proper name not his actor's name like what they did to YeJin Kim Tae Peyung is actually cute...so please let it be
  8. Keep your hopes high Sandra, they might re-stock later when Korea is up. He gained a lot of international fans and everyone is shelling out money for this. They’re probably controlling the number of orders so just keep an eye for it.
  9. I’m guessing you are having Binjinson syndrome and Dr Ririgaga diagnosed this already and prescribed some pages ago. Not sure how many dose of soompida you have to take a day or every hour or so? There’s also twitterrex and some IG pills (?). Soompida cured mine and once in a while it hits me and thank goodness there’s a new meds that came out few months after which is Tapa balm. It’s really good but it’s not available over the counter like soompida or twitterex although it’s effective and fast relief
  10. Aneong keep it cool chingus! Don't overthink...not me, yes me! Oh my goshh did I hear the bells ringing? I'm hallucinating...don't mind me, it's BinJin's Oct 22nd post fault
  11. Sandra, you are so cute madam! Thank you for taking part in this AAA voting for our OTP (BinJin). I guess it's everyone's first time for the International fans (we got duped). I too am from the other side of the hemisphere and I have to agree with what everyone from North, Central and South America said, it's a struggle to collect hearts as it seems the app is limited to what is only available to us. I just keep posting their pics on free board and then watch video ads 10x every hour. I even had to download two games (LoL) where I play while waiting for the next round to view video ads.... S
  12. Hail to our Son YeJin! All I can say is wow! Can't wait for the movie already but before that of course our oppa's Bargaining!
  13. Not in a heart beat she will do such a thing for she doesn't need it. Only the ones who are used to seeing that in their own cocoon would be able to say such words. Antis say that maybe that's what they see their bias has been doing? (That's right...). This is one of the things I like about BinJin stans, you could not find them attacking other celebrities unless they need to retaliate when the hate is almost intollerable. Continue being classy and a peaceful shipper for that is what our OTP prefer. I also commend those who keep on keeping this forum active and lively
  14. I can feel a hand written letter coming any day now... Happy happy birthday oppa Bin!!! It's 9-25 morning on my side so technically I'm still early for his partey!!! I'm struggling to find a solo pic of you when I only typed HyunBin on google and all showed up are with YeJin. So i'm cool with that! Happy happy birthday ahjussi....man I can see all the love you are getting from the whole universe! Take care of yourself and stay happy together! Love ya.
  15. Keep voting guys...she's 2nd https://metro.style/promos/most-beautiful-korean-actresses-votation-page
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