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  1. Just hoping our train reaches its destination someday despite some twists and turns, We’re just here for the ride and wish for the best.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFi-hBfJjXF/?igshid=cp38ffmuqxfd Happy 3 yrs HB Birthday celebration with YJ I think her latest IG post is the most public greeting we’re going to get until D-Day or Sunday
  3. So nice to wake up on Monday to flowers and cakes everywhere and their BinJin pic which means “He’s Mine “
  4. Love this part the best Son was already a star before Crash Landing On You, The Negotiation, also with Hyun Bin. Seems we’ll be getting more good stuff day by day until the big Riveal #ICBM
  5. Back reading and looking at this Vogue photoshoot... Just noticed his hand in thie 5th pic https://www.instagram.com/p/CD5WVtXJflP/?igshid=436xjepfg0nx
  6. The couple who play golf together Same hobby Golf is not easy and takes almost all day to play. #Ingolfwetrust
  7. Just awesome reading this again 2 months later and look where we are now #InSMARTWETRUST #InBodyguardWETRUST #KeepCALMandSHIPBINJIN
  8. Thank you soo much @cybertron for launching this cruise and for the original shippers who first boarded the ship and kept us sailing through stormy seas! To all our fellow cruisers and our new cruise director @ElectricHearts
  9. Our Queen SYJ is slaying it and blowing out the competition worldwide
  10. Made her MARK We all have to support her! How many times will we be watching this to reach 1M
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