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  1. Finally... the forum is back! Hi everyone! I miss all the stories here.
  2. Totally agree on this. Those swoony clips are the best and sweetest yet + of course the BTS is undoubtedly the icing over the cake. I miss them both. Good thing SYJ updated today. 22 forever.
  3. That's way back before. And I noticed that she don't care about it. It's probably vaccine scar. It's always been there. And sometimes they edit it out, but during events and red carpet, nope. It's always there. And that what makes me love her more. Beautiful ever
  4. I love also the #InVroomVroomWeTrust These BinJin hashtag movement InWe-- will move on for the rest of our lives.
  5. I had the same issue too. I think the other theme went offline. As per announcement, they had an update again.
  6. Ok so here goes the translation c/o my BIL (husband is still asleep and I can't wait for the translation so I asked his help - call in desperate move of BinJin addiction) for this guy's story in IG. This is a summary of the important things additional to what I've said earlier: Main catch here is that like what you said @TotoroSY based on his observation on HB, we all know he's a gentleman. I think nothing important except we're looking forward for that long interview as he promised and that they are safe. Oh my BinJin heart... be still.
  7. Yeah I love that he prefers comfortability over style. It was a long flight. I just want to ask though, the one behind him was holding an umbrella? I'm gonna use the powers of my husband being an arab, hahahahah!!! But what I sense is that he finds him so gentle and they arrived around fajr time in Amman which was around 4 to 5am. He said he'll bring all types of food for them, korean, mexican and even Mansaf (which is a traditional Jordanian food). He also mentioned something about them staying in the hotel for 8 days (so yeah I guess you're right about the quarantine period @ElectricHearts). I understand what the guys said but sorry I can't translate all in details but the good thing is they all arrived safe + my smiile is from ears to ears knowing that he's surrounded by the people who looks forward for their safety. But I'll bribe my husband tomorrow to translate it all for me hahahah!!!!
  8. Yes, if I'm not mistaken, there's layover in Qatar (right?). It is cold in the Doha Airport, and very hot right now in Jordan. I love the tights though. He really is a simple guy. Love his attire. So simple yet classy. wow! we have eyes on the plane even. hahaha!
  9. Oh there she goes.... there she goes again.... I guess this mask thing was the highlights of this poem. Good thing they didn't wear mask. Otherwise, we'll probably still be in the land not yet on sail. Excuse me as I'm backgreading from 1026/1030 at the moment. 2 more days, and one of our better half's gonna fly over to Jordan. I pray for their safety staff and crew and everyone involved in the making of the film. Me too.... + insert that 'dan dan dan dan dan dandan dan dandandan dan.... yokro chi ameul...'
  10. As much as I want to keep reading here, the color scheme is hurting my eyes I'll get used to it though... but it'll take time. We're half the 2000 already. Go go go! Binjin Fighting!
  11. There's a lot of things going on here. But I just want to say I'm happy for the new movie for SYJ. I'm happy for both of them actually. I'm happy for everyone on this ship. Ship ahoy everyone! Done backread 1016 pages.
  12. Hello hello hello. 957/1007 Oh god. I need to catch up quick, pali pali.
  13. Enlighten me please, so that's like a built-in soap/bodywash inside the shower head right?
  14. I had fun reading this. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can see it in video too. If there’s a links DM me please. If none, it’s ok. 감사합니다. Thank you.
  15. I googled and I found “Giant Allium”. It reminds me of Horton Hears Who hahahaha!
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