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  1. Keep calm & counting down the hours till tomorrow Go Go Jinnie, our Queen. Keep on being classy & elegant. We love you & always support you. #INSMARTWETRUST
  2. Hello August 2020 Recap of Binjin's update for month of July 2020 What a happy & exciting month for us!!
  3. Haha.. Super creative Binjin stan Gosh, now this Binjin's hip-hop/rap song is stuck in my head now Whatever, I'm still happy to sing a long with it Binjin Binjin Binjin
  4. Hahaha.. This is soo funny, I need to share it here Put your hands up & said.. Binjin Binjin Binjin..
  5. Proud of Binjin's stan eagle eye New leaked image of Jinnie #INSMARTWETRUST
  6. This quirky twitter account ( has Binjin confirmed?) , who always said NO, but for today.. Updated: Yeah, I think roughly I get the idea why the owner of this twitter tweet like that. Thanx for explanation @Beadharmony Keep calm & watch their real love story in CLOY
  7. Haha.. Just for fun. I hope this is not us . Me: Stay calm & keep waiting for 3rd of August. Me also : Nope.... I lied, I can't stay calm, I'm too excited counting down the days
  8. Guyss, new Binnie's pic from Bench Gosh, Binnie look so cute in this pic, his dimple is killing me . He look so young too..
  9. I saw a few times that fans from this forum & twitter keep on mentioning that they hope Binjin will act on movie like Mr & Mrs Smith. In my mind, that's only the fans & shipper hope. I have no idea that actually Jinnie know about this & she completely agree with the fans suggestion !! Soompi article in 2018, TN era. https://www.soompi.com/article/1229699wpp/son-ye-jin-says-hyun-bin-make-great-mr-mrs-smith BTW she think both of them will be a good match in this movie Sorry, maybe some of u guys already knew about this info. However, for me this is new info & I'm still excited to know about it.. haha..
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