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  1. Guyss, our Birthday boy successfully enter the top 10 finalist for 100 sexiest man in the world 2020. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFcZbmop2Qj/?igshid=4rymsun9zo31 I'm so impress since he able stand strong among other younger kpopers stars Let's continue to vote for him (1 like count for 2 vote, 1 comment count for 1 vote)
  2. Happy Birthday to Kim Tae Pyung Enjoy this beautiful day with your loved ones
  3. Guys, SYJ already won the most beautiful woman in 2020. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBpv_6hJ3nj/?igshid=18ult4vtnvha8 Now it's time to vote for HB. His vote quite low right now https://www.instagram.com/p/CB9tUU4Jl7s/?igshid=1co46b89ccdjb Let,s make this power couple the most beautiful people in 2020! Please spread the word!
  4. Guys, there is new category from King Choice award, this time for 100 most attractive Asian celebrity. Currently Binnie at number 19 I almost missed his name because they use his true name Kim Tae Pyung, not Hyun Bin. Binjin stan, let's vote & proved that our Binnie is the most attractive man alive!! https://kingchoice.me/topic-the-100-most-attractive-asian-celebs-2020-close-sept30-1245.html
  5. Congrats to our elegant & classy Queen Binjin stans are the best!!
  6. Awww.. I found this amazing vid to feed my delulu mind. Waiting patiently & pray hard for this to happen soon.
  7. Keep calm & counting down the hours till tomorrow Go Go Jinnie, our Queen. Keep on being classy & elegant. We love you & always support you. #INSMARTWETRUST
  8. Hello August 2020 Recap of Binjin's update for month of July 2020 What a happy & exciting month for us!!
  9. Haha.. Super creative Binjin stan Gosh, now this Binjin's hip-hop/rap song is stuck in my head now Whatever, I'm still happy to sing a long with it Binjin Binjin Binjin
  10. Hahaha.. This is soo funny, I need to share it here Put your hands up & said.. Binjin Binjin Binjin..
  11. Proud of Binjin's stan eagle eye New leaked image of Jinnie #INSMARTWETRUST
  12. This quirky twitter account ( has Binjin confirmed?) , who always said NO, but for today.. Updated: Yeah, I think roughly I get the idea why the owner of this twitter tweet like that. Thanx for explanation @Beadharmony Keep calm & watch their real love story in CLOY
  13. Haha.. Just for fun. I hope this is not us . Me: Stay calm & keep waiting for 3rd of August. Me also : Nope.... I lied, I can't stay calm, I'm too excited counting down the days
  14. Guyss, new Binnie's pic from Bench Gosh, Binnie look so cute in this pic, his dimple is killing me . He look so young too..
  15. I saw a few times that fans from this forum & twitter keep on mentioning that they hope Binjin will act on movie like Mr & Mrs Smith. In my mind, that's only the fans & shipper hope. I have no idea that actually Jinnie know about this & she completely agree with the fans suggestion !! Soompi article in 2018, TN era. https://www.soompi.com/article/1229699wpp/son-ye-jin-says-hyun-bin-make-great-mr-mrs-smith BTW she think both of them will be a good match in this movie Sorry, maybe some of u guys already knew about this info. However, for me this is new info & I'm still excited to know about it.. haha..
  16. Hi.. Welcome to the thread. @autumncloud107 Okay, this is new information for me (about Binjin spotted holding hand ) ,I don't think I ever encountered this info before. I see you get the information from weibo. Thanks a lot for post it here. Keep the extra/new Binjin info from Weibo coming here
  17. Thank God the forum coming back... My life felt soo empty without this forum for the past 2 days. Full article from soompi https://www.soompi.com/article/1414705wpp/ahn-hyo-seop-talks-about-friendships-with-dr-romantic-2-cast-sf9s-rowoon-and-lee-jae-wook BTW look like someone leave the Baeksang Award with their partner . My delulu mind think they going back HOME together??
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