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  1. Whew!! I do declare, if all of these wins, accolades, and acknowledgments of HB, SYJ, and CLOY keep it up, more awards and polls and a new dictionary with more adjectives will need to be created. Bloomberg: New Musical Express (NME): https://twitter.com/EdelweissPH_FC/status/1343927497029644289/photo/2 Kino Lights Award: https://twitter.com/Sontokkiesintl/status/1343861144763568129/photo/2 Weibo TV Drama Awards: https://twitter.com/Sontokkiesintl/status/1343907558302498816/photo/1
  2. I know many of us have dissected HB, SYJ, BinJin, and CLOY in probably more ways than we could possibly imagine to the point you'd think we were all biologists and forensic scientists. To some extent, it's comparable to saying how many ways can you prepare and serve up chicken? Most of us know the answer to that question, just like it would be for HB, SYJ, BinJin, and CLOY, is that it is indeterminable. However, I think one would be remiss and doing themselves a disservice if the following information was not reviewed. I feel it does a great job of encapsulating the success of CLOY
  3. And the accolades and acknowledgments just keep coming! We're used to seeing CLOY out rank others in the K-Ent market but this particular article highlights how CLOY is achieving high ranks even when competing and in comparison with western competitors: "According to Google Philippines, Crash Landing on You was the most-searched K-Drama in the country this year. Not only that, it is also the most-searched television show even if western series are to be considered." https://entertainment.inquirer.net/398796/crash-landing-on-you-is-most-searched-k-drama-on-google-ph-this
  4. @Seriya I just want to make sure that everyone is clear (no ifs, ands, or buts) on what I was referencing when I said "This tweet gives us some insight into their beautiful and productive work relationship (and by extension their romantic relationship)." I want to make sure it is not misconstrued or misinterpreted. What I was referring to is the give and take attitude that HB and SYJ have, the confidence they have in each other, and the consultation they employ (all of which were displayed within the tweet I noted). We have been able to observe these things within their work relationship as we
  5. It's amazing that in spite of the passage of time, there are still loving tidbits and insights to be discovered about HB and SYJ and Cloy and what it took to bring us this amazing drama. I'm sure there is a treasure trove still out there. I reflect on various interviews and articles where HB commended and commented on SYJ's abundance of ideas and SYJ commented on HB's willingness to listen, not only to her but others as well. This tweet gives us some insight into their beautiful and productive work relationship (and by extension their romantic relationship). I cannot imagine Cloy w
  6. @ElectricHearts O.K. Then this 8/12/20 article is what you're looking for. It includes a gallery of 18 designer items she has in her decor, including the clock and other items which were seen in the MITH episodes: LOOK: Son Ye-Jin Invested In All These Designer Furniture… And We Tell You Where You Can Get Them Locally | Metro.Style
  7. @ElectricHearts If you are referring to the 3 pictures (abstract looking human figure, side profile of a woman, and flower picture) in a row on the wall, the artist is Ana Prata, a renowned female Brazilian artist. SYJ also confirms she's the artist too in a 3/24/17 IG post.
  8. @ElectricHearts Yes, it's definitely a 7. You can compare it to the definitely irrefutable 9 seen in the date. Others online have confirmed it's a 7 too.
  9. I'm not trying to be delulu but am being realistic and using reasoning, logic, and the process of elimination. Whatever he is holding is definitely not the edge of the table. There is a line of demarcation between the table edge and what he is holding. It might not look as pronounced to some since both items are brown. When you compare the sleeve of the lady in relation to the table, you can see whatever HB is holding is gripped by his right hand and sits on his lap and is below the table grade/range. You can tell where the edge/corner of the table stops because the corner of the table is som
  10. In case you didn't click on the tweet within @cloyfan post, these are 2 additional statements he made in the interview:
  11. @ElectricHearts HB being the equal opportunity spokesperson that he is, also saw fit to do a kids version. I'm sure they'll be able to relate:
  12. Hello Sandra Wheeler! Like you, I was unable to fully set up Naver due to U.S. restrictions. There was some other site too that began with a "T" which I also could not access. However, I was able to set up the Choeaedol site on my cell. For some reason I was unable to set it up on my laptop. But, at least having it on my cell allows me to utilize the viewing of ads and picking up extra hearts by voting on the poster. I also take advantage of peak times to gain extra hearts by viewing the ads and logging in to receive daily hearts and bonuses. Basically, I do anything for which Nave
  13. @fangirl it appears to be true. Her brother posted the following tweet with an update. It has an English translation too. She had diabetes and based on his tweet, it appears she was also battling Covid-19. She wasn't even 20 but from what I researched, she was a prolific poster:
  14. @BinjinHome, I don't think it is a fully a matter of complacency and/or for the lack of trying. There are a number of components and factors I think that are impacting the situation regarding, not only Choaedol but other polls. I think for many the problem is that BinJin has an international fan base, especially due to CLOY. That is creating an issue, I know in my case, because many of the higher heart opportunities are not an option. For example, I'm in the U.S. but Naver will not allow me to fully set up an account because the U.S. has some restrictions in place. But, being able to access Na
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