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  1. I could not agree with you more! Many of us know Denzel Washington as a great actor but who would have "thunk" he's a great philosopher too. In conjunction with your admonition, let us reflect on his following quotes: https://images.app.goo.gl/A52R8K9Nc3Dscmep9 https://images.app.goo.gl/d1gh51oD82VZWcLc6 https://images.app.goo.gl/tWECoq6nLh6AJTdm7 https://images.app.goo.gl/d1gh51oD82VZWcLc6
  2. I'm in the U.S. and for some reason Metro.Style stopped updating the ranks as of 9/17/20. However, I saw on Twitter or Instagram that some in other areas still see the updates. I asked them how but have not gotten a response. I've still continued to vote though even though I can't see the results ! Believe me, I would never purposely leave SYJ out .
  3. It looks like today we're being bombarded with good news about BinJin in some form or another from various sources. HB is finally showing as #1 on KBoard at 65% for Korean Drama Actor Popular Votes. In addition, HB and SYJ are leading the Korean Drama Best Couples Popular Votes at 83%. However, lets keep the fingers clicking ! https://korea.kaigai-drama-board.com/vote/category/ranking/6 https://korea.kaigai-drama-board.com/vote/category/ranking/15
  4. What time is it? It's chuckle time!!! What one Twitter poster referenced as having the TN crackhead edition feels. I'm not quite sure I would phrase it that way but when you view it, you can see why they'd say that.: Replying to @pinkeonjin ning@eonjinnie the negotiation feels but crackhead edition
  5. It was originally scheduled to end on 9/15/20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT time. It shows Sept 30 in the URL but the site is not allowing any additional votes. When I go to the link, it shows the following detail and is not allowing votes: https://kingchoice.me/themes/ranker/ Details "THE 100 MOST ATTRACTIVE ASIAN CELEBS 2020" POLL BY KINGCHOICE - Voting Period: August 15 - September 15, 2020 - Downvote not allowed
  6. Well, I guess everybody can't be or sing like HB. It's the thought that counts but at least they have rhythm. Believe it or not, the song is "That Man." If it wasn't for the melody, I never would have guessed
  7. As Cinderella #8 said, keep voting! SYJ has dropped from #1 on 9/14/20 to #3 on 9/15/20 (See below). Unlike most polls, voting is unlimited and there is no wait period for additional votes. Deadline is 9/26/20.:
  8. Thanks for the video! I know it has been said at times that we can't always put stock in rings being on various fingers and the reasons for wearing the rings (personal or sponsored, etc.) but I'm just curious as to why when SYJ made her entry for ELLE 2018 it was very clear that a ring was only on her left-hand ring finger. In between making it to her table and going on stage (the camera was constantly being put on her) there's no ring on the left-hand ring finger and then rings are only displayed on the left-hand index finger and thumb. I also noticed when the TN interview was done with her and HB in the theater seats, she displayed a ring only on her left-hand ring finger. It made me think of a video I saw the other day where an entertainer (I don't know his name) made the switch of his left-hand ring finger to another finger right before being interviewed. In both his case and SYJ's, why come in with the ring on the left-hand ring finger in the first place if there is no significance or big deal about it and you're just going to switch it anyway If the switches were made to not raise speculations, why wear the rings at all? I don't know if the cases were significant or not, maybe they just forgot to take it off or switch before they came.
  9. One insight that I had for TN as it pertains to SYJ and her portrayal/representation of a negotiator and the reason for the form of representation was it was a "step into the light" moment of her stark realization of an industry/profession she was involved in and its ugly underbelly. In that particular hostage negotiation moment, she came to the realization of the betrayal of the profession to her beliefs as to what the profession should be representative of. In doing so, I think that realization caused her to sympathize with the hostage taker (HB) moreso than she would have normally done in some other negotiating situation. At that point, it became sort of a me and you against them situation thing. As a result of the actions of others, she felt the need to be apologetic for the industry as a whole while still trying to function and contend with the personal shock regarding the industry. While still trying to maintain a semblance of order, she felt she was operating on a string, basically flying by the seat of her pants, and not sure who or who could not be trusted when it came to her superiors. She felt they basically had set her up for failure.
  10. You're welcome! Considering he is familiar with Incheon Airport and has a phone, I thought it odd too that he would be asking about, as Toxic Baby phrased it "the transportation". I found this especially so considering his team would, more than likely, be in charge and on top of things. It's rough being at the mercy of a translator and observer but, thankfully, within the forum we have the needed talents, resources, inputs, and a little salt to keep us in check.
  11. If the Toxic Baby video that @TotoroSY posted on pg. 1217 has any validity, the lady he was speaking with was a volunteer at the Seoul Guide Desk. Toxic Baby posed the question what were they speaking about and then went on to answer the question that he was asking about the transportation. I assume that means he was trying to find out where he could locate his vehicle.
  12. 8/21/18 Vogue Korea interview with SYJ and HB during TN time period: https://t.co/pJm5x4Dav3?amp=1 5/23/18 Soompi interview with SITR PD which also addresses why he chose SYJ: https://t.co/Lw0Nv8uiM2?amp=1 Vogue article includes translate capability and Soompi is already in English.
  13. Who of us does not like to know we are respected and admired by our peers? I'm sure the same goes for SYJ. The following article addresses various actresses' views of SYJ. I assume with the translations is where it gets a little fuzzy sometimes as to who is being referred to with the usage of pronouns. I've noticed a pattern in various translations where "he" tends to be used generically to represent a male or a female rather than "she" consistently being used to represent a female. It can make for a convoluted interpretation but, thankfully, (not that she needs their validation) there's no doubt these actresses are referring to the one and only SYJ.
  14. I came across this '05 SuperAction Making 2 video of HB. It really helped me to appreciate even moreso when he was working with SYJ on TN why he was so thrilled and impressed with how energetic SYJ was. A portion of it deals with an 18 hour work day just for a CF. All I have to say is acting is definitely not for everyone unless as HB said you want to have an "irregular lifestyle." The commitment shown in this '05 video is the same commitment that both he and SYJ still show even to this day. We definitely didn't choose a lazy OTP !
  15. Just want to share what I think is a very reflective and thought provoking video:
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