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  1. Whew!! I do declare, if all of these wins, accolades, and acknowledgments of HB, SYJ, and CLOY keep it up, more awards and polls and a new dictionary with more adjectives will need to be created. Bloomberg: New Musical Express (NME): https://twitter.com/EdelweissPH_FC/status/1343927497029644289/photo/2 Kino Lights Award: https://twitter.com/Sontokkiesintl/status/1343861144763568129/photo/2 Weibo TV Drama Awards: https://twitter.com/Sontokkiesintl/status/1343907558302498816/photo/1
  2. I know many of us have dissected HB, SYJ, BinJin, and CLOY in probably more ways than we could possibly imagine to the point you'd think we were all biologists and forensic scientists. To some extent, it's comparable to saying how many ways can you prepare and serve up chicken? Most of us know the answer to that question, just like it would be for HB, SYJ, BinJin, and CLOY, is that it is indeterminable. However, I think one would be remiss and doing themselves a disservice if the following information was not reviewed. I feel it does a great job of encapsulating the success of CLOY
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