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  1. Note to Agent FK@t left in her hotel room at base : Agent FK@t and Agent Bruno You didn't even alert me that you were back on base. I was just worrying over you for nothing ! I hope history did not repeat itself and you did not lose all our surveillance devices over some hot date. I am leaving you this last surveillance intercepted audio I have in my possession. Guard it with your life ! There is a double agent who stole all our original HB and SYJ intercepted phone conversation and posted them all online . Thanks to the new boss, Master Spy EntreWid8X2 for the alert. If you still report to Cho, not me, I spilled everything on him at HQ, He's a goner. But I am on Code Red and I don't eat here at base anymore fearing the tainted food like last time. I know Cho still has an extension of his 'claws' everywhere and I know he is out to get me for revenge so I am heading out for some air and for some food. I also have very little cash money left and I cannot use our HQ issued credit card fearing Cho already put a tracker on it. I fear for my life but it looks like you are working independently these days and have excluded me from your mission plans. So be it ! Last night I saw some men from my hotel window lurking around. It's too dark and I couldn't figure it out if they were Jordanian men or Cho's men. I was also a little tipsy from drinking all that champagne you left for me last night. Anyhow, I don't know when I will be back but you know where to reach me. Please review this audio when you get back for skips and clarity asap.. ******* KRIING KRIING KRIING HB : Hello...hello, love. SYJ : Hi love....did you sleep well ? HB : Yes, love, I feel so refreshed...! SYJ : Happy to hear that ! I did , too. But I am too bored to death and missing you a lot as always. HB : Aside from being bored, are you ok? SYJ : Yes, I am, but I have a request, love.. HB : Anything for you, love. What is it? SYJ : Can you recite that poem again that you wrote for me before ? HB : Again ?!! Haven't you memorized it by heart yet after all this time ? SYJ : Yes, but I want to hear the words from you, again.... HB : Ok, here goes...are you there...? SYJ : Yes, I am.... I 'm listening... This Woman I Know This woman I know Of great beauty and charm, A quick thinker with a wit so sharp, Her smiling eyes cast a wondrous spell Her laughter like music in the wind, Precious as sunshine, it keeps failures away, It heals my soul. Dearest friend, look at what you 've done, i am no longer the same man. She's like a thousand beam of light, Like the sun that shines and shines Regardless of all the storms and sorrows. A precious flower that I cannot live without. Tough as nails with will power so strong Yet gentle and tender, loving and true. Love, all our giggles and laughter Will soon give me wrinkles, But who cares, all our giggles and laughter, isn't that what they call happiness and bliss? My search is over, I've waited for so long, She turned my boring life into jam It's like she came from the clouds above And found her way into my heart. Colored my life from gray to pink, With scented candles, pink bubbles, Sunflower, and peony flowers all around. She fears and worries on what the neighbors think The Heavens just had to conspire and interfere All along, it's been their plan. So love, calm your heart down. It's been written. This is Fate. Forget about your worries and fears And what the neighbors would think. Let's grasp love while we can. Time ticks forward, The only Master of our Fate. There is no need to wait Let's tell the world of our perfect love Like waves in the ocean, like wind in the night, We are meant to be. Together we will walk towards destiny, Our journey has just begun. I can feel it, I can see it. It is within our grasp, we're almost there. i can almost hear our September's sweet song And like the paraglider in the sky, We will land, and live, and love forever, Together.... SYJ : Beautiful !!!! Clap, clap, clap !!!! I didn't know you have a poetic vein in you, love !!! You deserve a... HB : Only ? ha ha ha SYJ : Ha ha ha, you're copying me.... I haven't even told you... HB : Ha ha ha...I know what it is...but I will collect with triple compounded interest when I see you.... SYJ : Ha ha ha...ok, you know I am willing to pay the interest and all.... Ok, love, it's late. I'll let you go before this conversation goes somewhere... HB : You're just trying to avoid it.....ha ha ha SYJ : Ha ha ha...Ok, good night, love. Sleep well. HB : Ok , love, will talk to you tomorrow. Good night... *********** Over and out, BinJin Nation Delulu Headquarters Agent BJHPill Master Spy Seven men entered the hotel base as Agent BJHPill was about to step out.... KABOOM !!!! KABAAM !!!! BANG !!! KABOOM !!!! Fade out.....
  2. YAY ! We're back !!! It is so true when they say that you don't know what you have until it's gone.. Truth is you knew what you had, you just thought you'd never lose it." Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in there. " I'm sure everyone didn't know what to do or what to think when the forum went down without any warning or explanation. We were all in a panic mode since Thursday ! I am so relieved we are back !!!! Now that my heart is bursting with love and happiness once again, I feel like liking and reacting to everyone's posts. I don't care who, senior shipper, new shipper, (sorry trolls, not you ) ! It was really one hell of a week, full of anxiety for me, including having to deal with a very difficult boss at work. Impakta ! Aswang ! (Monster! ) Ok, beloved fellow shippers....back to deluluing and smiling from ear to ear...keep sailing...keep praying...we're almost there ! Agent BJHPill BinJin Nation Delulu Headquarters High Ranking Member with DQ of 99 Delulu Quotient (105 to 107 is Insanity) At your service #ingrocerywetrust #inSmartwetrust #inVroomVroomwetrust #intheyknowthatweknowtheyarelyingwetrust #indockingsoonwetrust
  3. @Felizak@t Agent FK@t CORRECTION : I did not get jealous at all ! What, with that monkey,? please ! He and I made a deal that he will not touch you, the reason why I went along with it. How many times do I have to repeat that ! I never went berserk ! LIAR, LIAR, FAKE LASHES ON FIRE !! ! I don't think you know the exact definition of dating. And all for fake eyelashes? How can you stoop that low ! And now a date with some Ahmad ! History repeats itself ! You better keep our electronic surveillance devices safe ! The last time you dated a sexy Swiss man, it turned out that he was a sneaky reporter who stole all of our completed video and audio recordings. This Ahmad might be one of those " male Ravens" I warned you about. If he gets you drunk and steals all of our surveillance secret devices, i swear to God ! Do not fall asleep or you will wake up with neon green eyelashes the next morning ! Everyone will think you are one of those vampire clans. You better be home before midnight !!! i found one more of our surveillance cricket device containing an intercepted phone conversation with HB and SYJ at HB's hotel room. I would like you to check and review it for clarity when you get home. July 19 KRIING KRIING KRIING KRIING HB : Hello, hello,...Love. SYJ : Why don't you ever pick up on the second ring , I don't understand ! HB : i fell asleep, Love, it's late. SYJ : Oh, so you want me to hang up now, is that it ? HB : Of course not, hold on, let me just get a glass of cold water. SYJ : Ok, so how's everything ? HB : Eon Jin ! I just talked to you 2 hours ago ! SYJ : Oh, so it's Eon Jin now, ha ? What happened to 'love" ? HB : EON JIN !!! SYJ : Don't you raise your voice on me, KIM TAE PYUNG !!!! HB : What is wrong, love? I have a film shoot early in the morning . I need to get some sleep. SYJ : Oh, so you think I'm being selfish now because I won't let you sleep? HB : Love, go to sleep, I love you. I promise to call you first thing in the morning, ok? SYJ : Ok, promise? HB : I promise. Goodnight, love. HB : Arggh, women !!!! SYJ : What was that? I heard you ! HB : Eon Jin !!! SYJ : Ok, love, love you, sleep tight !!!! Over and out, Agent BJHPill
  4. @Felizak@t Master Cho, Are you surprised that I am still breathing and standing ? I have all our surveillance gadgets, and surveillance insects . All intelligence gathered were from intercepted phone communications between HB and SYJ at HB's hotel room in Jordan. Affirmative, I have implemented all surveillance devices per your orders. They are all 'clean'. All audio recordings and video recordings are intact. I will leave them with the hotel front desk clerk for Agent FK@t to pick up when she arrives . The box is labeled EYES ONLY. As agreed, Agent FK@t will pick up our bonus when she returns. I have checked the intercepted recordings and they are all clear : Here are some examples : July 15 KRIING KRIING KRIING KRIING.. HB : Hello, hello...Hi love, SYJ : Why weren't you picking up on the second ring ???! HB : Love, relax, I was in the bathroom. SYJ : And you didn't take your phone to the bathroom ??? HB : I just didn't think you would call this late. SYJ : You know I can call anytime. HB : Ok,, enough. Are we going to waste time arguing ? SYJ : I just miss you too much, love. HB : Just a little more patience, love . It will be over soon. Then I will come home and we will both be very happy again and.... SYJ : And ? HB : And when I see you I will smother you with 1000 kisses until you can no longer breathe. SYJ : Only ? HB : Ok, 2000 kisses SYJ : Only ? HB : Ok, 5000 kisses. SYJ : Only ? HB : Ok, love, as many as you want ! SYJ : Ha, ha, ha, Ok, that's better ! Ok, love, i will let you go as I know you are tired. Will talk to you tomorrow. Love you ! HB : Love you, too, love, bye. July 16 KRIING KRINIG KRIING HB : Hi, Love SYJ : Hi Love, what are you doing? HB : Oh, nothing, really. Just relaxing, waiting for your call. SYJ : I just really miss you too much. ...wait a minute, what's that sound I heard? HB : What sound ? SYJ : I heard a woman's voice . Is someone there with you, Kim Tae Pyung ?????!! HB : Love, that was the TV. SYJ : Oh, ok. HB : Why are you so uptight since yesterday? Are you.....? SYJ : i don't know. Just please hurry back because I feel like dying here without you. i wish I can ride the clouds and be there with you like the wind. HB : I know, love, I feel the same way. By the way, are you taking care of all the paper works i asked you for the..... you know what I'm talking about. SYJ : Yes, love, I did. Everything's set. Just waiting for your signature. HB : OK, Good ! SYJ : Ok, love, will let you go..will call back tomorrow. Good night ! Sleep well ! Love you... HB : Ok, good night. love you, too. Bye .. ************* Agent FK@t and Agent Bruno There are two boxes I left with the hotel front desk clerk. One is labeled EYES ONLY. I told Cho that is the box you will pick up. DON'T ! It's fake ! The correct box for you is labeled DRY CLEAN LAUNDRY. If Cho beats you to your box and switches the two boxes because I know he will try to do that and get the merit and bonus for himself, I have back up copies, so don't worry ! Please send me a cipher when he gives you the bonus for these recordings. Then I will proceed with my plans. You can keep the merits. I don't care. But I will burn him down. Will see you around, Agent FK@t and Agent BRN. Over and out, Agent BJHPill Spy
  5. Agent @FelizaK@t WHAT ????????!! That stupid, short, ugly two timing &*#$$*@ ! Now I'm very pissed ! He lured me by promising the moon and the stars - FULL ACCESS to HB, YSJ, VAST, and MSTeam. I went along with it because we had a deal that he is not to touch you. !!!! Now you are saying that he went for you, too ! That dirty son of a Bacchai !!! I will have his wrinkled stinky hide !!!! I get it now. Cho was trying to delay your arrival in Jordan so there would be no chance for us to talk and compare notes. That black bird by my hotel window that night was an electronic bird saying buck...buck..buck..was designed to scare me off so i would leave. When that didn't work, he sent more contaminated meals delivered to my room that made me sick . I thought I would black out earlier today . He was trying to poison me ! Soompidolax wouldn't have worked ! He was expecting that I would be taken to the hospital before you arrive in Jordan. If he has direct access to HB and YSJ, why would he need us here for this mission ? He has some dangerous plans up his sleeves that I have to figure out very soon. But first, if I make it out alive here, I will stake out Cho's house, and sneak in after his wife leaves for the office. i will mess up his curtain rods and deposit a few of the half eaten shrimp shells into the hollow section of all curtain rods in his house. That would be the greatest revenge ever. His house will stink forever and ever. i will not be here when you arrive in Jordan. You are on your own. So where does this leave us - you and me ? A broken friendship ? All those good times we shared over the years. All those dangerous missions we completed. I wouldn't have cared if it was another agent. You know I don't take crap. But this is the mother of all craps ! It involves you ! i will report Cho to higher management at HQ and will personally talk to PQ, Cho's boss. I will request for transfer to a new base or for a new partner. I will move on from this . But knowing you, the arrogant and cold spy I thought I knew, wouldn't even blink an eye over this...and on that note...I wish you the best, have a nice life, Agent FK@at, partner, friend. No regrets knowing you.... Over and out, Agent BJHPill, Spy
  6. URGENT MESSAGE Agent Felizak@t and Agent BRN Ten days? I don't know where you got your memo from but per memo I received, you were being ordered to be here ASAP ! The intel I sent you about Yejin's CF is affirmative. It is Code Smart Green on a motorcycle. Code Green is 'clean.' Be on the alert ! You don't want to be 'burned' with bad consequences . Watch out for a 'blow back' to mislead and throw us off. Don't fall for a 'Honey Trap' and a 'male Raven.' You have a history of doing that ! There is a MOLE at the Smart office. Just watch your back ! Why was I looking for you ? Had you been at Incheon Airport, you could have watched the heavily tinted van waiting at the airport gate while I rush to retrieve our surveillance insects from HB's other van. i know, it was my fault. I wasted our surveillance gadgets. I will take responsibility for that. Enough said. How the hell am I going to contain Mr. Bizarre when I can't even contain my own stomach because I need Sommpidolax ! I am trying to work here even with my aching tummy. Just a simple Sommpidolax request, you cannot do it for me ! I can't believe you will let me die of dehydration here. What do you mean marinate? Do you hear yourself talk ?!! If the situation was reversed and you needed Soompidolax, I would have crossed 4 mountains to get it for you. I would order Neophyte Agent Ambrosio, never mind his grubby appearance and super stinky armpits, to drive me on a motorbike to the mountains to buy the Soompidolax for you and bring you back some fresh, soft, and warm tortillas to ease your aching tummy ! But no, you wouldn't do it for me ! We've been partners for years and years, and this is what I get from you, the coldest spy I have ever met in my entire spy career ! Tsk, tsk, how disappointing ! Whatever !!!... No promotion for me this year ? Excuse me, Agent K@t, Master Cho is my boss, not you !!!! Ok, I am heading to HB's fan gathering or whatever they call it at the park, and yes, I will bring my gadgets ! And, oh,I have a surprise for you and Agent BRN in your hotel room. You will know what it is when you get here, of course. He, he, he, NEVER MESS WITH A WOMAN SPY !!!!!! Over and out, Agent BJHPill Spy
  7. Agent @Felizak@t and Agent BRN Thunder throwing Zeus !!! Finally !!! Where were you ??! &#$*@^%##@*%! !!!! I've called your phone more than a hundred times already ! You were supposed to meet me at Incheon Airport at 1am sharp Sunday. I've called and prayed to all the saints in heaven but still, there was no sign of you ! I have set up all the electronic insect surveillance gadgets on HB's van on Saturday night. When HB arrived at the airport, ackk ! I was horrified to see that he used a different van, possibly Yejin's and all our surveillance gadgets were on his other van ! Dang it !! Now we will never know who was inside the heavily tinted van waiting by the airport gate before HB went inside to check in his luggages. Thanks to you !! So I had no choice but to report to Master Cho that you were MIA ! Our bonus, once again, flies out of the window, and here you are worrying about manicure and hair curlers? Gods ! I will lose most of my hair from excessive pulling when I get frustrated with you ! Imagine my poor husband one day so horrified waking up next to a near bald wife ?? That would be so scary ! And if he files for divorce because of that, i will hound you wherever you are !!! I'm already in Jordan but I can't eat their food here ! i've been to the bathroom all night yesterday so I'm not eating another bite of their food .I want some Italian spaghetti, sob ... And oh, before you leave, please get me some Soompidolax for my tummy at the Sanctuary Pharmacy, please ?. It's just over the counter. Not at the Grocery Pharmacy , but only at the Sanctuary pharmacy as we both have a discount there. Don't get me flu medicine or i will have your scalp, I swear to God! Soompidolax, remember ! I promise not to scold you anymore and will lend you my hair curlers. Will you please hurry and get here soon. There was a huge black bird at my hotel window last night. I was really scared ! I thought our cover was blown but then I heard the bird saying...buck ! ....buck !.. buck !.... so loud !....every 30 seconds!. please hurry....No I am not hallucinating from starvation !....Just hurry ! Over and out, Agent BJHPill Spy
  8. @ ElectricHearts I still wonder what happened on screen/stage when this happened lol. Why is she like this even back then I know, ha. The poor YJ kept looking at HB as if begging for just one glance..but he kept ignoring her ! Tssss...Tsss.....2014 PFAN Awards ceremonies. FINE..... Fast Forward to the present time....situation reversed ! ... so WHO'S WHIPPED now ? NEVER MESS WITH A WOMAN !!!! LOL...... BINJIN Nation....keep sailing....we're almost there !!...
  9. Agent @Felizak@t Let me remind you that you were assigned to lead this mission. I am here just as your back up and teammate to assist you and Agent Bruno . So you two better keep your act together ! Our mission while in Jordan : Secret close up pictures of HB and YJ, together, or solo shots, ONLY. No gorgeous Jordanian men, or boyfriend photos, NADA ! Affirmative, Agent FK@t. I covered your eyes during the kissing scenes in Switzerland. But you coughed and sneezed so hard each time that I had to remove my hand from your eyes. You thought I didn't know they were fake coughs and sneezes ?? You actually saw all kissing scenes and retakes, faker ! Tsss, innocent eyes, my foot ! You better not be a snitcher rat to Master Cho about our chocolate money. I bought the 4 clover seeds with our chocolate money not just to impress Binnshi. I bought the seeds as a diversion, to keep him occupied and off guard while he was looking at the seeds, so I can secretly take photos of HB and YJ with my fake water bottle equipped with a hidden video camera. You didn't know I had it because I never told you, and I was successful and I thought we were on our way to get that big FAT Bonus check from Master Cho. But do you remember what you did to me that night? You had me crawl under YJ's trailer at their Switzerland location site. Yes, you helped me set up my electronic insects that can take photos and record voices from YJ's trailer's closed window and roof. Yes, the electronic bugs and insects we set up were perfect and cannot be detected. Then you left me because you had to go on a date with a gorgeous Swiss man. So fine, you worked hard that day so I let you go. I can do it. Easy peasy. I was just waiting until midnight so I can retrieve the bugs and go back to the hotel. I just needed another 15 minutes . I was so happy smiling from ear to ear I can almost taste our bonus check, until I felt something biting me from inside my jeans. ANTS !!!!! There were so many of them !!!! In my confusion and haste trying to get my things together so I can leave the small dusty space under the van, my head hit the floor of the trailer !!. BOGG! I heard YG's voice : Mwoya?? My limited Korean translated it to " What the hell ?" A male voice , HB, said .." Sssh, just paparazzo. It's nothing. " So I hurriedly retrieved the electronic bugs and left quietly, while scratching all over. When I got to the hotel, I was so happy that I had the electronic bugs but on examination, the recording switch were turned off, you forgot to turn them on when you set them up ! All that time under that dusty van and ant bites for nothing !!! When you came back from your date, you knocked at my door, your face so pale and I can smell the liquor when you spoke. You said that all our secret films were gone ! Your date was a sneaky reporter, stole them all from inside your purse ! Shame on you, Agent K ! We never got our bonus. Mission FAILED ! Anyway, that's water under the bridge now. And oh, just so you know, when you're off duty, you can't go clubbing with any Jordanian man, I don't care if he is gorgeous or not. Not this time ! I will be watching your every move, Agent K@t ! Over and out, Agent BNJHPill Just for laughs..... keep sailing....it won't be long....
  10. Agent @Felizak@t : New orders from BJ Spy Headquarters : 1. Focus on more shots of Code MTP and Code SEJ together. 2. But single shots of Code SEJ are OK. Send signal to HQ if she really tagged along. 3. Don't waste too many shots on irrelevant super gorgeous Jordanian men. You've been warned last time. Personal camera OK. Using HQ super camera NO. 4. Tell Bruno to stop lingering too long at the cafeteria. That's how we got caught last time. 5. Don't get caught. STAY OUT OF JAIL ! We are low on Jordanian dinars so it might take longer to bail you out just in case. REPEAT : Dont' get caught ! PS: Can't join you until a few days later. My invisible insect suit has a tear on both armpits and is not working when I tried it on. I ate too much during our last stake out. Requested Headquarters for a new suit. Remember to hide completed film secret shots of Code MTP and Code ESJ inside Bruno's empty cat food can and seal it well with HQ provided tool. I hope you did not forget to bring this very important tool with you. I know, I know, you know what to do. Don't get agitated ! Just a reminder. Just be very careful ! Will see you soon . Don't forget, straight 7 knocks before you open the door. Over and out, Agent BJHPill
  11. HB- manly, yet humble, gentle, loving, and kind... If only all men are like HB, then this world of ours would be a better place to live in. SYJ, do you know how sooooo lucky you are ?
  12. @ElectricHearts said " Oh fate is sure funny lol Do they know yet? " ********** " When people are destined to be together, they always meet coincidentally. They find each other from among the crowds. They don't have to force it. When you like someone, you begin to observe, guess, and even pretend. Love requires an effort. Every action is an effort. In matters of the heart, so they say, Heaven favors the courageous.... because love doesn't always go as expected. If it does, then it will be meaningless...." "...during one of HB's and YSJ's interviews, I forgot when, I think it was post CLOY, they were asked about their dating rumors. HB answered first, and he said ..." It just happened. " I've always wondered. Which just happened ? The rumors or the love feelings? LOL " The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny your feelings, the more they grow. ".....Forget the risk and take the fall. If your heart says it's what you want, then it's worth it all..." ....is it just my delulu mind ?... Smooth sailing , BinJin shippers....
  13. @Choisamsook "I will give all YESSSSS to every positivity, coz me signed my self here is delusional already! why i have to Be afraid, panicked, And overthinking. " Lack of kiss we complaint, and there you go somebody found tongue involveD in that kiss then we panicked. No news from Yejin, we moaning “i miss you Yejin” And now A big news coming we afraid! " *********** The fearless and wise Choisamsook, you are a breath of fresh air ! I salute you, Certified BinJin shipper ! You go, girl !!!! More power to you !!!
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