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  1. Ditto! I cannot imagine CLOY without our BinJin. The roles were tailor made for them that is why I don’t buy what People Asia said about HB being the 6th choice. It just doesn’t make sense. Even after the dating scandal they took the risk of doing this project probably to test their relationship as well. That is why in one of his interviews HB was eager to fast forward to the future (post CLOY). As we all know, CLOy did very well than he ever expected. I like to believe that it also solidified their relationship.
  2. Wooh, it has been quite busy these past days with all the news we are getting. I have to admit that I am one of those shippers who wished that BinJin would give their personal lives priority. But Hollywood is calling so...I’m happy for Ye Jin. She deserves all the recognition. She’s not just an exemplary actress but a great human being as well. I’m sure HB is so proud of her. I hope and pray that everything will work out for them especially with their special relationship and their plans on their future together. I need your 2 cents about this statement from her agency: “On July 6, Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment responded to the reports that the actress was set to star in the new film. Although hinting that it was almost a certainty that she would be starring in the movie, the agency was cautious with its words as it stated, “Son Ye Jin is in talks for the movie ‘Cross,’ and the outlook is favorable. Unless there are any huge changes, she’ll be going through with it.“ Based on this Soompi article, they are still negotiating on the offer. I am just curious as to what “unless there are any huge changes“ mean? Are they wanting to stipulate it on the contract that there might be conditions that will happen between now and March that will give them the option to back out? I would to love to hear what you guys think. Cheers!
  3. AMEN to that! The shipping business is no joke. In the future, we will still be hearing more stories about our OTP be it something we like to hear or something that will make our blood boil but we have to be tough & resilient. They have given us so much receipts that I feel a dating confirmation is not needed anymore. We chose to be here so let us keep our faith that this ship will dock soon. Yay, p 1000! Wow, glad to see more shippers coming out of the woodwork. Truly a milestone! I’m pretty sure something great will happen in the next 1000. #ingrocerywetrust
  4. I would gladly wait another 5 years to see them in a tv drama or movies just as long that I am 100% confident that they are together, starting a family and working on their twins. To all my fellow Canadians:
  5. I totally agree with everything you said. They both have established careers not only in K ent Industry but internationally as well. Now, they are in the stage wherein they are prioritizing their personal life especially that they have found each other. Life is too short especially with this pandemic. I hope we will hear something wonderful from them soon ( preferrably before this forum reach page 1000..jk)
  6. I love your profile pic! This scene is one of my fave from CLOY. I agree that Jinnie looks so beautiful when she cries ( how is that possible?) and so adorable when she laughs (the eye smile & contagious laughter). Binnie is a goner when it comes to YJ.
  7. OMG! This is EPIC! No wonder I’m feeling agitated 24/7. I think I am experiencing adverse effects of said medications. I heard that there will be a vaccine soon -BJ-WDG-9/22/20
  8. My FOMO instincts woke me up at 4 am, checked the forum and got this news! YJ in a white dress, glowing and feeling so happy that she posted 2 selfie videos and now this Dispatch article. My delulu self: Yes!They got married yesterday!!! my realist self: They got married yesterday!?! BinJin, we are going crazy. Please have mercy on us and just tell us already!
  9. I am getting the same vibes too. She is definitely glowing and in good spirits. Oh Ye Jin ssi! I thought there won’t be more reasons to love you more but here you go again.
  10. Hello,  

    can you please let me know how I can join your club? I would like to be part of the group and share happy stories on our couple.



  11. Awww @RiRiGaGa once again you made my heart flutter after reading that poem. I just love the thought that they both bring out the best in each other. I agree that Binnie is willing to be “uncomfortably comfortable ” with her and Jinnie (to quote from your other post) “ loves being loved by him.”
  12. Hi pls join me in! thanks

  13. I feel “kilig” reading this. You don’t have to be a genius to figure these things out. Aww...so sweet. #couplevibes
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