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  1. Seeing this reminded me of the photo yejin posted with hyunbin in Switzerland on her Instagram,if you see clearly it is snowing lightly,considering it was filmed in September,it might be first snow there,both of them look so happy,see hyunbin's expression, just some random curious thoughts of mine lol.Does any one know when did it snow for the first time in Switzerland last year(shippers who stay in swiss help me out lol)https://www.instagram.com/p/B6cjGF-HgRL/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. They are not really accurate ,please take it with a grain of salt,should i delete the post?it wasn't my intension to make you sad. She shared that the love between the couple will be great,and told marriage is worth it at the end of the video(even though there might be few difficulties) Honestly no relationship is bed of roses all the time,it's working through it,growing together and deepening the bond together. Well again they don't know the exact time of birth,which makes a hell a lot of difference,may be their time of birth can make their marriage really compatible who knows? Let's pray for the best
  3. https://youtu.be/yqka33dWqCA take this with a grain of salt, saw this in youtube ,fortune about our couple
  4. Guys do you know that the production company cancelled blu ray/dvd for crash landing on you,what can we do to convince them other wise?
  5. May be to make sure he doesn't defect and settle down in sk or more feasible is to assist him in his mission in capturing csk,and also to make sure rjh safety
  6. I know, I'm being greedy but, it will be amazing if kim eun sook(goblin,Sega,dots) writer ,will write a drama for binjin to act together again
  7. Guys did any one buy a DVD director's cut before,is there any difference with the broadcasted episodes,and what can we expect from cloy DVD if released?like more BTS and stuff
  8. I really didn't expect them to wear couple outfits lol,but why did hyunbin change his coat inside, were they teasing them or what,.. and the cake lol
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