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  1. OMG this dessert page on insta just tagged Yejin: Also seems like she had a photoshoot today (look for the comment section the page answered a fan and said that was from today ) seems like we’re gonna have new content of the queen FINALLY !!!!! Plus Binnie’s CF teaser just came up BinJin new stuff showing up again like back when those behind the scenes of their CF’s were post almost simultaneously (although knowing that both brands that they work for are like of the same company) this time wasn’t related to that .... HMMM how intriguing .
  2. Yes my dear I know that ^^ the info that I shared with u guys here it’s already getting spread on twitter and some ppl that knows about this are also active members on fb so they’ll gonna help as well. I just did my part on spreading the info . About the c-fans they have a “different version” of tiktok we don’t know how they’ll gonna help us and if the poll it would be available for them but we’re discussing about this on twitter. But anyways we being small or big on this forum page it doesn’t matter, all the help is valid and each person that helps on voting for our beloved pair increases our chances for winning .
  3. Hi dear shoppers just recently our beloved queen won the title of Most Beautiful Woman of 2020 by Starmometer Poll . But now we have another poll to : Most Handsome and Beautiful Face of 2020 hold by TC Candler : Pls show your support to our beloved BinJin. How to ? Follow those steps bellow : The link for the nominations : Most Handsome Faces (for king Hyun Bin): Most Beautiful Face (for queen Yejin): Pls comment as many as u can xoxo.
  4. Queen Yejin just recently won Most Beautiful Woman of 2020 by Starmometer poll: But now we need your help to nominate her for TC CANDLER most beautiful face of 2020 How to? Follow those steps below :
  5. Guys please help us voting for Yejin on Baeksang Awards Official Poll for : Most Popular Actress (for who’s also a binnie fan like me follow the same steps) How to vote : 1st - Download the app TikTok 2st- Create an acc 3st- Follow Baeksang official ch there : baeksang.official 3 votes per day and if u share the link of the poll u also could vote +2times. This poll do NOT interfere on the award for besta actress. The poll will gonna start on May 26 at 11 Am KST
  6. Pls support BinJin on this poll since that unfortunately usually idols that wins those kinda of poll (and IU is one of the contestants) also on a korean poll survey on dawn website (that wasn’t the official one) Yejin was ranked only in 3rd place but she almost didn’t even made it the 3rd place. So pls help to vote, try to talk with your fiancée and explains to him that u will just wanna use for vote. But anyways in my opinion u should have the freedom to do whatever u wanna to .
  7. The popular award does not interfere on the main award ... Don’t worry cause the award for best actress and actor is not even open to the public. But if both wins this popular award they’ll gonna have a interaction on stage.
  8. Please guys help voting for Yejin and Hyun Bin on Baeksang Awards oficial poll for most popular actor and actresses - You need to download first the Tik Tok app and create an acc -Follow their channel there : baeksang.official -The poll will gonna start tomorrow at May 26 11am KST -3 votes per day + 2 votes if u share the link
  9. [HanCinema's News] Son Ye-jin Participates in Gratitude Challenge By William Schwartz Son Ye-jin recently made a post on her Instagram account where she engaged in the Gratitude Challenge, which has been popular on South Korean social media lately. Son Ye-jin singled out Song Yoon-ah and Lee Min-jung as persons whose work she has long admired and said that she wanted to greet them. Son Ye-jin then moved on to thanking COVID-19 responders for doing their best to protect people in these difficult times. Son Ye-jin offered them a strong heartfelt thanks. She expressed respect for their toil and urged them to stay strong in the situation. Son Ye-Jin appeared in "Crash Landing on You"earlier this year. She has confirmed the feature film "Boston 1947" as her next project, but shooting has stalled due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Written by William Schwartz "[HanCinema's News] Son Ye-jin Participates in Gratitude Challenge"by HanCinema is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Link : https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-son-ye-jin-participates-in-gratitude-challenge-141242.html So FINALLY we have now the confirmation that she’ll gonna be on “Boston 1947”... I’m so happy ——————————————————————————————————— Also thank u @Helena for the baeksang awards explanation
  10. I can’t wait to see her attending baeksang awards this year... sadly due to the recently events around the world the vibes wouldn’t be the same but still I hope that she attends : Anyone could help me to smth pls??? Usually the actors say beforehand if they’ll gonna attend or not ? I’m already her fan like for seven years since that I’ve started watching dramas but until 2018 I never was able to watch the awards so I would be glad if someone could answer me this question thanks.
  11. Please guys vote for Yejin (she’s on two polls) The first one u can only vote one time each 10 hours (don’t need an acc to vote just click on the heart) http://www.bihann.com/cast/509.html The second one it’s by starmometer and have different platforms and mechanisms to vote : On twitter (needs to have a acc) Like and retweet this tweet : On Facebook (needs to have an acc) : React with an heart this post,comment and (if possibly) share the post : https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1622499711239889&id=252364158253458&set=a.1622499461239914&source=49&refid=13&__tn__=%2B%3D On Instagram (also need to have an acc ) : Like and comment this pic And the last step (and most important one) the POLL : https://www.starmometer.com/2020/05/01/mostbeautifulwoman2020-the-final-battle/ The poll DOESN’T have a limit of votes so all u need to do to vote again it’s just refresh the page. U need to answer the CAPTCHA ‘cause otherwise the vote won’t be valid. This poll will gonna be close on May 22.
  12. I love the theory that this acc shared... after that Yejin suspicious followed that acc we all went crazy on twitter full of speculations she’s driving us shoppers crazy :
  13. We got news about binnie on the set of his next movie Bargaining . guess who’s the other person that also enjoys americano ?
  14. I just founded the video of CLOY wrap up party ... the one of ajummas speech Seems like they were teasing BinJin about that Yoon Seri and RJH doesn’t need to “act” to fake anything...
  15. Anyone has the link of CLOY wrap up party but the ajumma speech??? I just found BinJin speech. Thanks in advance xoxo
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