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  1. Thank u ^^ . What a question even HB was embarrassed by it. Yejin nailed the question as always .
  2. Finally Youtube are recommend to me high quality content . I'm getting a lot of Yejin past works recommendations on Youtube ^^ , I'm so happy 'cause many of the clips I never saw bf4. I think the lip bellow it's from the drama ''Alone in Love'' which I didn't have watched (YET) but it's on my watchilist, and I saw some commentaries praising this drama and Yejin's acting a lot (in fact seems from what I read online that SYJ even won an award 'cause of this drama) I wanna know if someone have watched Alone in Love here, and if u had saw did u liked? The plot it's well written ?
  3. Find the difference : The couple of ''besties'' just doing their usual things
  4. First was that BBC article now this....Feeling the impact of CLOY fever comrades? The supposed to be a flop drama : I hope that much more achievements come to our CLOY cast and staff... They deseves that .
  5. First was that BBC article now this....Feeling the impact of CLOY fever shoppers? The supposed to be a flop drama :
  6. We deserve a 17 episode with a proper ending of RiRi (I mean that they didn’t have that much of moments after episode 10). I’m feeling robbed , with the success of CLOY I think while they were still shooting they should have thinking about an special episode.
  7. Your comment (This part of it) makes me laugh 'cause seems like we're a secret sect (cult) or smth .
  8. Does anyone has the link of the full interview? Every time that I tries to search I just found some short clips like this above : Pls could someone translates what did she said that both of them laughed ? Thank u so much .
  9. So I had see on this forum a lot of new shoppers asking if Hyun Bin's behaves the same way with all of his co-star. This video its just a glimpse of how he interacts different with SYJ ... Our lover/grocery boy :
  10. Omg Hyun Bin imitates Son Ye-jin greeting What a teaser boy'''FRIEND'' LOL
  11. She was stunning at this red carpet. I sense that the MC has the same thoughts as mine : I hope to see her at an red carpet event this year .
  12. It’s true I also noticed that. And seems like HB saw the person as well but he wanted to hug Yejin so bad, poor person I feel bad for him/she (I dunno remember if it was a guy or a girl), this person it’s clearly me when I try to impress my crush (sad/true story :/) . Go watch this video again and you’ll see it. I laughed so bad when I noticed Hyun Bin Doug that, our loverboy can’t control himself anymore. I’m questioning myself if he’s naughty hands didn’t attacked again when they were watching the episode with the lights off #delulu .
  13. Nope. Seems like he has co-owner who’s his friend. Hyun Bin doesn’t have a personal account on Instagram but his label has.
  14. Could u please send to me this pic? Did u have twitter or did u mind to send to me privately on my DM?
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