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  1. Hi @Casual Couch Carrot! Wanted to add on Mr. Nam's skills as a special effects' make up artist. *wink! Hopefully all skills will come to a significant play with their ongoing war with Babel. NIce point @hankukin on Mr. Cho. Maybe he really is a special intelligence agent chasing the case on the Chinese owner, and the Guillotine file all along. And because of his built friendship with Vincenzo, he is willing to let him go - to Vincenzo's tears. Also agree with @chuu18 on the romance part. I know it's not the show highlight but with all these fake outs, it's
  2. Amazed at how things turned out for episode 11! Allow my comparison to cooking - we got the right spices together to come up with an awesome episode. DRAMA - The scene with Vincenzo and his mom was so heartfelt. Their eyes spoke what their hearts felt. Vincenzo was tired, and he ran to family for comfort - the comfort in knowing that he was not left out of rejection but in the hopes for him to have a better future. ROMANCE - Despite the 'no-feelings-only-worry' conclusion from our Cha Young, the idea of both of them making excuses to talk until dawn was sweet. Rooting
  3. Laughed at your comment about the gold @goldenashes97. I barely noticed it too as the web of deaths and sense of justice weighs more. Maybe that's how Vincenzo is feeling too, making Mr. Cho so mad, he's taking things into his hands. Also as much as I wanted to see the kiss too, I agree with @shinystar1985 that it 'might' not be on tonight's episode. Maybe Inzhagi will interrupt them? Lol. Though the fangirl in me wishes otherwise. *wink! Annnd thanks @backstreetboysfan, @raziela and everyone for the warmest welcome! Watching Vincenzo is so much more fun with you guys!
  4. Hi everyone! I am new to this thread and have been silently reading since I jumped aboard this drama. And like many of the chingus here, I ended up logging in again to my Soompi account after five long years. The choice of name may have been very obvious to determine my past shipping days - swag.puppy.song) *wink! Vincenzo just had enough magic to lure me out. Cannot blame the show as the sight of Soong Jong Ki and Jeon Yeo-Bin in suits is nothing short of eye-candy. I love everyone's thoughts here too! Had super fun backreading and giggling at keen observa
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