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  1. @binjinunnie KSR and HB announced their break on Dec 2017 NOT 2018. I think they broke up before Dec 2017.
  2. Yey!! I finally finished back reading from page 175! Gawd that was exhausting! Got so busy with work that it's got so difficult to keep up with this thread. Was I busy or did BINJIN just got more and more popular? I'm just so happy that CLOY has gotten so popular now. A lot of people are talking about it here in my country. I'm just a little worried that if it gets too popular, BinJin would be recognized anywhere they go. Then they'd have difficulty going on dates! But then again they can just date at home right? Maybe then our dream twins could happen! Hahaha I had fun reading all the post here. Some of it were (very) appalling tho. But I'm not gonna let that dampen my spirit. I know they are together. Like I said before, I FEEL IT IN MY BONES. They really are together. And that denial article? I'm not gonna take that seriously unless there's an official statement from BinJin's agencies. And even if one day an official statement would be issued denying their relationship, I'm still not gonna believe it. Because I know what I saw. And I'm confident with my own judgement. I'm just going to be here shipping them. I'll keep on praying for their happiness and future marital bliss. I'm going to respect whatever decision they will make. And one day when they finally announce their marriage I'm just going to pretend like I wasn't expecting it. How I will react one day when BinJin announce their engagement: Hahahahaha peace y'all! Yey we're page 200 now!!
  3. I'm really confused why you're bothered with the hug. Couples can't always be passionate all the time can they? They were in a room full of people with cellphones/cameras. I personally don't think it's awkward. I think it was only appropriate at that time and place. They're both actors. I'm pretty sure they're smart and calculating. The green screen hug - I think it was really sweet. Considering Hyun Bin seems to be the type of person who doesn't like to be touched (based on those video comparisons with his old female leads), him initiating all the hugs we've seen so far is just something else. I think it was really sweet that he was "comforting" Ye Jin. Who wouldn't be sad when your show just came to an end? Heck I only watched CLOY for two months and yet the separation anxiety is REAL Imagine how Son Ye Jin would feel when she acted the character herself? We've all fallen in love with Seri and RJH but the truth of the matter is, no one would love those characters more than the writer who created them and the actors who played them. Hehehe just my thoughts. Also, I really strongly believe that they are together and they are in a relationship and it's serious. And IF it turns out that all of my assumptions are incorrect, I will not have any regrets because I am enjoying every bit of this shipping thing. I really strongly think that they are together. I can feel it in my bones. I don't live in South Korea and yet the chemistry radar BinJin gives is so strong they reached my bones
  4. Gaaah! The way he catched her at :02! Son Ye Jin, you lucky girl you! ❤️❤️
  5. Yyyyaaaaasss! #binjinroadtoaltar I love this hashtag! Haha Just bravo!!! This is my favorite kdrama by far!! And HB&YJ are the first couple I've shipped this hard! I didn't even know forums like this exist two months ago! I've always thought I was weird. People my age are getting married and having babies and I'm all watching interviews and video clips of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin... trying to find clues whether or not their dating in real life. I was just so slightly convinced then. Now I am 99.9% sure they are! (That French kiss in Switzerland just boost my shipping morale to cloud nine. Was it French kiss?? Was it just me? I'm pretty sure there was some tongue action going on in there. And also that hug at the wrap up party ahhh my heart is full) I'm just so glad I've stumbled in here. I was just so happy to know there are like minded people out there. I was just so happy to know I wasn't alone. So thank u all chingus Tis a happy night for us! I'm soooooo proud of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Their performance is just incredible ❤️ I'm tearing up hahahaha Ah my OTP is in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. Omona! I think someone mentioned it here before about CLOY writers reading this forum. That might really be true. They're trolling us. lol Tae Pyung and Eun Jin made a cameo again (in the epilogue) ❤️❤️❤️ Tonight's episode is so depressing I need to see a new bts (just like the last bts) to recover.
  7. That's Korean Internet Citizens Hahahahaha I'm being overly optimistic. I want to believe it's true hahaha #noshame
  8. Here I've drawn it for you guys. You're welcome! hahahahahaha They're really holding hands you guys!! I really now believe that the cast and crew knew about the BinJin romance. He's holding Ye Jin's left hand. Who ever does the editing in their bts is really sneaky!! When Ye Jin said "did you actually film this?" I thought she was referring to that scence were the director took a shot at the chicken, but now I think she's talking about something else because how else would you explain the shock look in Hyun Bin's face? Hahahaha. Just look at Hyun Bin's eyes! Hahahahaha I could be delulu but I like this delusion #noshame
  9. Omo sesange!! Hahaha thanks for sharing this video Apparently he doesn't wanna be touched. Only Ye Jin Unnie can touch him ❤️❤️❤️ waaaah (I feel bad for the other actresses tho) This is what I think so too! It's like it was written with a touch of their love story If I'd let my imagination run wild (as I normally would) I'd say they've talked to the writer (or they're friends with the writer) about it. HB & SYJ: We know you're one of the best writers in the industry so we want you to write us a drama. Name your price. Writer-Nim: Omona! It would be an honor! I am currently working on a project. But this one's going to be a bit controversial as it's going to be about a South Korean woman who crash landed on the North. Are you up for it? Aren't you two involved in a dating scandal? HB❤️SYJ: Exactly why we want to act together in a romcom. So the fans would fall for our characters and then eventually they'll fall for us. And then they would just accept us being together. And we know you write the best characters. Your characters are loved by all. ........Okay. I'm not very good with this so let's just say they went on telling her about their story. So writernim added some bits and pieces of what's real into the drama. Hahahaha
  10. Yes! Really? I hope those babies are the RiRi Twins. I hope they'll inspire BinJin to make twins of their own
  11. You guys!! I've been all over the moon for the past 24 hours after seeing that bts Tvn has released yesterday. And I still couldn't get enough of BinJin ❤️❤️❤️ Eeeeeeeek I've been replaying the clips/vids of the bts for the last 24 hours hopping from app to app (Netflix, IG, Twitter, Soompi) hahahaha and sometimes I'd find myself suddenly grinning (sometimes in public) when I remember BinJin. Goodness me just a little bit more and somebody's going to start calling me crazy. Then I saw the preview for next weekend's episode and it kinda put me down a little. But then I saw this on IG and my spirit's suddenly lift up.... isn't this a spoiler???? Is RiRi going to have their twins???? Omo sesange!!!!!!!!! Edit: damn it I should have screenshoted it. Now it's gone. It's a picture of Se Ri's dad and another guy (forgot who he was in cloy) holding two adorable looking twin baby girls. Just so kyoooot
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