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  1. Thank you @Intuition1.. I feel all the dot connected from all @ElectricHearts Binjin history that feed up my mind. Keep fantasized if it could be this insightful!
  2. Keep it up! Your wiggling can electricfiying the machine of dad plane for flying to South Korea soon.. I'll help you..
  3. September is for BINJIN join CF Include Join each others live forever
  4. Edit: i just realize @charray has been post it too.. Just change it with this sweet gaze.. Thanks for the links @gloriousCh33se..
  5. The fact that, they shoot Granada and Barcelona scene in hungary https://progressiveproductions.eu/productions/film-television/memories-of-alhambra
  6. I'm sorry for away from discussion.. Being a google Maps wanderer really takes time. As a lot of mention that i've not answer before, regarding some related question, i'll try to answer it.. South France short vacation possibility As we know, i've said this photo is from analog/film camera because theres a light leaks at the right side Photo above is taken on june 2018. While when HB away for Milan Fashion Week on febuary 2018 has shown his brand new camera. Based on that camera body form, in this picture below
  7. regarding this, her IG post actually a late post.. that day she is on filming 'be with you' so, based on timeline, after filming TN on 5th August and before starting filming 'be with you' on August 12th, she is take a short vacation to Tokyo. The pasta with peach is kind of fusion pasta (in japanesse call wafu pasta) with japanesse style. Its include she went to MORI art museum on the other day.
  8. Its more hard losing this Forum rather than drought from any BINJIN news.. I never been miss you guys this much.. huhu..
  9. Thank you so much @Teeners.. really glad you enjoying it.. Really need to answer it on this other post for you.. cause this could be a long answer.. i'm sorry its take a long time for replying. First of All, I need to show this latest timeline update of their 2018 schedule. I hope no one get a headache seing this. So, regarding the timeline above, its look like they're reconnect again when HB sent her a food truck on Febuary based on YJ look and the weather condition on the photo that time. That was early springs. Because of her busy and h
  10. @BinjinHAB Thank you so much.. Really glad you like it @bingejin Wow! thank you for finding it! I'm still looking for that place too since you mention it this morning.. It look like cannes beach. But i'm still look the exact place. If that beach near Saint Topez, Theres a possibility maybe thats straw of Mom and Dad.. I'm still observe for the spesific boat too.. what rental that they use.. and what port that they start the sailing. Glad you enjoying what i've found @TotoroSY.. Actually, i've found the island first, i just found the mirror two days ago when
  11. Don't worry @BinjinHAB.. Port Cros is one of France National Park.. theres a lot of tree at there that could protect from hot mediteranian Sun.. The place also private, theres not much tourist, more quiet, a lot of secret beautiful beach and free from Paparazi, that from the blog that i read yesterday afternoon. btw, this hotel table description remind me of @RiRiGaGa post. Suddenly makes me remember about our Daddy Eucaliptus Based on this Le Manoir Hotel menu, with the iconic standing basil garnish I thought this picture is the menu th
  12. @ElectricHearts for the sake of your love towards flowers Which in conclution, Mom has been there at "one day in june" on 2018. Spend her night while cruising around the island..
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