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  1. Ooh sure xD lol she can kiss the cute puppy so it turns into an human Prince !! Putting some fantasy wouldn’t hurt this drama, right ? Your comment made me laugh xD
  2. even the monk?? xD but her best chemistry is with the King for sure!! just joking lol xD kim so hyun has more chemistry with a tree than with the king lol
  3. September is too far away but I try to think positive, the story won't feel rushed and the quality/cinematography will be so good, since they have all time in the world to work on this. At the end of the day, I prefer to wait a long time for a drama to air than for a drama for to air shortly, if it means the quality/cinematography will be better and the story won't feel rushed and not lazily made (I believe many others also thinks the same as me)
  4. So, does anyone have second lead syndrome? I don't , I find Go Geon too arrogant and selfish. And by watching teaser of next ep I think Ga Jin and Ondal will steal my heart completely when watching that ep <3
  5. It sure is fast paced (one of the few dramas that doesn't drag at all) but without feeling rushed. This drama is so refreshing! Seems like Ondal and Gajin will already become a couple next ep?? or at least almost... very refreshing as in most kdramas it can take up to 9-12 episodes before the leads becomes a couple (even in those dramas that have only 16 episodes)
  6. I read bits from the folktale, quite different from this drama and novel(?). In the folktale Pyeonggang does everything she can to make Ondal marry her (for her own benefits) having no feelings for him , they’re basically strangers when she asks him to marry her..at first he refuses, but eventually accepts .. Anyways , I’m glad Ondal doesn’t hate Pyeonggang after finding out she is the Princess. Shows that despite him being a bit of ”fool” he is still rational and not stupid (In some dramas the ML hates the FL for having a cruel father who destroyed the lives of the ML’s family...but not O
  7. For lots of people On Dal is the weakest character of this drama... I guess its off putting for some of you because he’s such a ”fool” , and that’s understandable. However, I like him. He’s a good person as already shown when he was concerned about the deer (probably most people during that time era couldn’t care less about animals , if they were in pain).Anyways, he won’t be stuck as just a ”fool” forever. Can’t wait for the love story between On Dal and Pyongggang to start ~ As for Pyeonggang , I have nothing more to add...she is such a badass!! This must be Kim So Hyun’s best role ever
  8. All sageuks, yes even the lighthearted ones, has some dark / serious stuff... such as Moonlight drawn by Clouds (another Kim Yoo Jung drama) which is described as a lighthearted romcom...So this will too have dark/serious moments. But yeah, ofc it won't be as heavy/dark as most sageuks I haven't watched sungkyunwan scandal tho, so idk if its fully comedy or if it too has its serious/dark moments. Anyways, can't wait for next teaser ~
  9. There will be romance but it might be minimal, like with ”Cruel City”. Tbh I would have prefered too this drama to be without comedy , but at least it won’t be slapstick / childish kind of humor ..:) Fiery Priest (same screenwriter) has also comedy, but it was black humor
  10. Most definitely yes !! After reading some bits here and there from the novel I think Hong Chun Gi and Ha Ram Will turn out to be the best couple ever for me<3 their love story is so beautiful , heartfelt and touching ..they truly love each other so much + they are destinied to be together which is super romantic!!
  11. i wonder if this will be somewhat similar to "Cruel City" that is full of action, thriller etc and minimal romance? Anyways, fiery priest is a great drama, so much depth and all.. so now i have even higher expectations of this drama. A lot of people are worried about this drama because of comedy tag , but like what has been mentioned before; there is nothing to worry about .. its not some slapstick childish kind of comedy This drama won't be some shallow superficial one that has basically no plot, it will be deep and complex not that i always dislike shallow characters with not much of
  12. He’s pretty good looking indeed. I read somewhere that the 2ml has Been in love with the fl for a long time ...so i’m a bit worrried i get sls lol . If he had fallen in love with the fl about same time as the ml (or later) i wouldn’t be worrying as much xD i feel sorry for those who Been in love with that someone for many years but that person doesnt feel the same way and even falls in love with someone else must be soooo painful ... !!
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