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  1. I think they call him Ri Tae Jang Dong-ji. Tae Jang means Captain (something I picked up from Chuno lol!) and Dong-ji is Comrade. So it's Comrade Captain Ri in English. I am also bowled by the word 'saudade' used in the lovely scene of Seri's tribute to the NK Ahjummas, where it was the name of the limited edition range of Seri' Choice cream. I paused to Google the meaning, and was gobsmacked by its meaning: "Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent somethings or someones that one cares for and/or loves while simultaneously having positive emotions towards the future. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never be had again" And then I had rewind again to catch the exact Korean word used, and it was 'Keurium' and here's the exact meaning: In Korean, keurium (그리움) is probably closest to saudade. “It reflects a yearning for anything that has left a deep impression in the heart—a memory, a place, a person, etc.” So so lovely. Kudos to the translator for capturing the essence of an important which truly reflects the mood of the story.
  2. Oh yes, me! I had a lump in my throat at that scene. It is so poignant in driving home the senselessness of a divided Korea, when they are essentially one people ❤️ Love how a sport against a 'common historical enemy' where pride is at stake unites people together.
  3. Whereabouts are you @J13? I'm in Perth and new epis appear on my Netflix at 10.30pm. 2am would be a torturous wait!
  4. This drama has been classified as a zippy romcom from the beginning, so i think we can rest assured the ending will be a light one.
  5. In one of the earlier episodes in NK, Ju Meok (the kdrama fan) asked Seri what happened to Daegil cos he had not gotten to the end of the drama yet. Hence I was so tickled when he finally got to watch that tragic final episode at the Internet cafe. I loved Chuno too (it was one of my easiest kdramas), and I howled laughing when the Chuno OST came on. Ju Meok's reaction to that scene was also pretty much mine when Daegil died lol!
  6. So we all agree that Ep 12 is brilliant - it made me laugh so hard, the cameo appearance of Chuno+Jang Hyuk just killed me (that Chuno OST brought the feels all over again lol!) ; and then Memories of Alhambra dropped by as well just minutes later and I died all over again laughing! How Jakka-nim weaves these in, she is truly a genius! And then there's also the hilarious shenanigans of our F5 and i laughed so hard at Chi Su's failed SK accent, and omggggg The Handsome One being inundated with calling cards by talent scouts - I see that so happening with him after this drama ends And then of course, the poignant scenes which were done so well, it left painful lumps in my throat. Seri breaking down upon thinking they had left, and us totally not expecting the surprise birthday party + Seri's overwhelmed reaction to it was just brilliant writing and acting.
  7. Thank you for this very insightful info on the geo-political backdrop. I've never really known much abt the SK-NK divide, but thanks to this drama I'm so intrigued by it now. If only I was as focused and as diligent as this when studying history back in school (or had history/social studies lessons come alive by amazing dramas and Hyunbin lol!). Love the peace treaty possibility! It doesn't seem as far-fetched as reunification or defection and might be the most diplomatic option the writer has. And looking at your name.... Seolma.... Are you an Orange? Cos Omo! I am a fan of another Junghyuk too and I think I've read your blog before
  8. Annyeong tongmu! My first time posting anything here after being a lurker for the longest time. I don't think I can sleep after ep9, with goosebumps and various emotions running thru my mind. That last scene was obviously the clincher, but for me the whole mood was set as they made their way to the DMZ. That scene of the silhouette of Seri and the boys trekking on the horizon with the military-drum tune in the background was beautiful. The old abandoned house with mementos of family and time (what looked like an old photo frame of old faded family photos lying broken on the road, the broken clock frozen in time) all served as a heartbreaking reminder of the senselessness of families split/separated by war/ideology. And then Seri and the ducklings sitting in a row, and Joo Meok pointing out how they can see that mountain in Seoul from where they were. So near, yet so far and so different. And we are talking about one people from what was formerly one country here. Truly heartbreaking. And baby Eun Dong saying he hasn't seen his mom, and can only see his mom upon his discharge 9 years away. So sad when juxtaposed with Seri's own relationship with her mom/non-mom. And my take of the kiss - it was so full of love and desperation, yet non-sexual, and somehow I feel guilty looking at them, like it was meant to be their moment and something that we are not privy to. I think gamtong-nim had that objective in mind, cos the angles are all 'you can see but you can't really see', if you know what I mean. I'm still a blubbering mess here. Gosh, so heartbreakingly beautiful.
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