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  1. 6 hours ago, quietobserver said:



    I heard she has many mini cow doll and one bigger one on kimmiso's  bed... She gave away one big and one small cow doll during Seoul FM. This explained so much why she gave it away. Cos she has the mini cow one left, and it was picked by PSJ :lol: 



    Ohhh definitely HAHA 



    @Matilda_Anne  you bought japanese dvd?

    Hi .. she only gave the small cow during her first Fan Meet in Seoul.. the big one she had it coz that’s the original hard working vow.. the crew loaded it back to her Van  after the fan meet...:)

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  2. 48 minutes ago, quietobserver said:

    @twoparkcouple and then when they done with filming, pmy and psj and with their staffs have a dinner together~ ...right? judging from pmy's stylist ig story when they watch ep 8 together:lol: 


    Isnt it PMY mentioned too i believe during the kakao talk IV that the casts  and staff go out to eat and drink.. and i think they have eat together  during breaks.. 

  3. 7 hours ago, twoparkcouple said:

    ppc didn't follow the direction.:lol:

    ppc laughed out and said to the staff "when did you watch the movie?"(means the direction is old-fashioned.)


    there is no this bts in Korean ver. usually bts in Japanese ver is different from Korean ver.  this is why i'm looking forward to Japanese ver dvd too.:rolleyes:

    There was no BtS of the longer version of that scene in the Korean version.. i think either it was included in the 77 mins deleted scenes or they really didnt include it.. coz i think how i see it is they didnt know the camera was running until the end when PmY caught it ..

  4. 5 hours ago, twoparkcouple said:

    ppc's goodbye messages at the individual interview in dvd.


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    pmy interview 29:07~

    pmy- To everyone who loved wwwsk..

    I had been much happier when I was Miso than PMY..for three and a half months.

    I was so glad I could share this happiness with you. Thanks again for giving me this 

    opportunity to talk about wwwsk together. 

    I hope you continue to remember 

    wwwsk as happy memories...and as pretty Miso, nice YJ, cheerful people in office of secretary to 

    the vice president. i will show you my best. 

    wwwsk that i really really loved, bye..




    psj interview 36:45~

    psj- Today will be the last day for finishing all the schedules for wwwsk. Although wwwsk has always been in my mind, i'm sad that it's time to leave it. I worked really hard. because I think if i don't do my best, that makes a mockery of viewers.

    I thought i would be satisfied if only viewers were happy while watching wwwsk. But i really thank even Director cut is produced and you give me the opportunity to look back on the time i filmed wwwsk through doing commentary.

    I hope you will feel happy again, watching those moments i worked hard through the director cut blu-ray and dvd. I'm enormously grateful to fans.

    I will try to show new side of me through works(drama&movie). thank you. i love you.


    when i have time, i will post too ppc's goodbye messages in the couple interview.

    Thank you @twoparkcouple for translating everything.... i can feel the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Between PSJ and PMY .. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, snitchdream08 said:

    Wow just wow..bedscene is really hoooottt..I repeat again and again. When pmy touch psj's body i can't handle this. Looks so natural:rolleyes:


    From the bts wall kiss scene, pmy is so sexy and she lead the actions but they look so comfortable oh my god!


    From the bedscene's bts when psj zipped his pants look so usual in front of pmy :phew: it makes me thinking something lol


    From the bts scene where kms-lyj caught by her daddy, pmy several times put her hands in psj's thigh :wub:


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