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  1. Hi .. she only gave the small cow during her first Fan Meet in Seoul.. the big one she had it coz that’s the original hard working vow.. the crew loaded it back to her Van after the fan meet...
  2. If for international buyers use the HMV and then click the for overseas orders.. then follow the instructions to order..
  3. Isnt it PMY mentioned too i believe during the kakao talk IV that the casts and staff go out to eat and drink.. and i think they have eat together during breaks..
  4. @twoparkcouple ... the other shippers are still in denial and making up reasons that it is due to a glitch ..lol... what do they think they are SPECIAL that only their comments were “chosen” .. they still cant get what PMY is sending them....Hahahah
  5. It is really very suspicious.. same as what happened when last minute they deleted 77 minutes of the dcut DVD... if they didnt delete the 77 mins it wont be obvious that PSJ and PMY have something..
  6. There was no BtS of the longer version of that scene in the Korean version.. i think either it was included in the 77 mins deleted scenes or they really didnt include it.. coz i think how i see it is they didnt know the camera was running until the end when PmY caught it ..
  7. I was watching again the BTS i think the Disc 12 and at the amusement park where they went to ride the boat like. So while it was moving there was an instance where PSJ held PMY’s hand but had to release coz i think they know that the BTS camera is rolling....
  8. Thank you @twoparkcouple for translating everything.... i can feel the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Between PSJ and PMY ..
  9. If you watch her other dramas she doesn’t his them on their abs or chest but arms.. and she hits hard.. but to PSJ she hits his abs and chest lightly.... and she feels fluttered
  10. Did you see the part when PsJ held PMY’s hand and placed it between his thighs?... my eyes went like this... whoaaaaa..
  11. I didnt get PSJ or PMY’s signature.. which i wish i did but i got the other cast signature.
  12. Yes but it is the same as what the Was shown by tvn and on you tube... i was curious tho as some said the closet scene is hot hot but i didnt see any difference with the scene in the drama itself.. and there was no additional scene on the closet scene..
  13. Good morning.. may i ask if the blu ray has more scenes there? Coz everyone is saying that the closet scene is super hot .. i watched the scene and it’s the same as the one shown on air
  14. I heard they might open again as a lot of people are requesting... not sure but that’s what some peoples are saying... just check on the postings..
  15. Good you bought the DVD.. it’s worth it that we bought it.. with all the BTS and interviews that wasnt shown..
  16. Hi everyone .. i actually am just an observer and just reads all your postings here.. if anyone of you bought the DVD .. pls watch the bed scene where there was a little continuation .. like if you guys and gals remember the drama itself they cut the bed scene but if you watch one of the DVDs there..
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