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  1. I never have been good at dissecting a drama or frogs for that matter. Not to mention I only need a sprinkle of romance to keep me watching and there is more than enough of that in just two episodes. An umbrella held over a woman in the rain works just about as good as a piggyback ride. I look forward to this story unfolding and reading everyone's thoughts here as well... Looking forward to the new faces here and my Add & Subtract Chingu @Jillia and a special shout out to my Brownie Buddies @aniliaz & @luvtokki
  2. @UnniSarah is right, but what's wrong with this picture??? JH couldn't even protect GH's heart or their marriage the first time. How in the heck is it even possible he would think he has the right to even argue about what's best for GH. Last time I looked he is still married to Pajama Queen and he chose that and her himself no one forced him to cheat, leave or get married to someone else. He made his bed and now he can just put those matching PJ's on and lay in it. For he has no rights what so ever to even utter a single word about her or her life. D I V O R C E = DONE Not to mention he isn't only a cheater and I might add a great liar. The fact is he doesn't know the first thing about honor, trust or loving someone. He needs a good kick in the pants and a reminder that yes he had it all once but chose his own path and no woman in her right mind would give a man like him a second chance...
  3. I still find it amazing that no matter the number of dramas or the characters seen this view and action of a simple piggyback ride becomes as beautiful to me as a couple watching a sunset it just gets to me every time. In just one episode I find the introduction to these characters interesting and colorful. The story seems to be a mixture of light as well as dark a drama with comedy and yet mystery. Romance and yet there is fear of even a storm. In truth I came being a proud fan of Gong Seung Yeon in being able to watch her talent on screen once again as well as the other actors and this story brought to life. So far it seems to be a perfect choice at least to me...
  4. Not only the moment we all have waited for, but the moment we all hoped for finally came. It was as if our hearts were being pushed to the limits in having to wait even one moment more. A goodbye expressing a child's innocent and honest feelings through a crayon drawing that needed no words. For it's message could not only be seen it could be felt as a true masterpiece. A memory of a perfect day captured and stored forever in his little heart. As if all of that wasn't enough to move our hearts they gave us what we wanted a rushing SW to the airport our hearts beating as if we were rushing right along with him. Just when you think he might miss them at the gate. The writer gives us a bathroom break and our hearts are given relief as well. We didn't know how the truth would come but it wasn't as important as it finally being done. You could see SW's eyes and know what was beneath them finally finding not just any boy that was his son but YR someone he knew and already loved. Yet at the same time my focus went to GH who must have felt so lost in what was it that she was seeing and what did it all mean. Even today I wonder how she will feel is it this sense of relief that the other man isn't YR's dad, anger at others and maybe a mixture of happiness for SW and sadness for herself. For as the truth is set free and those responsible hopefully pay at least some price. She would have to be feeling a bit lost and concerned in what the future has in store for her and YR and their life. I wonder... What her thoughts might be there looking at that view of SW's arms wrapped tightly around YR holding and knowing it's his son for the first time. Yet within her world a silent voice might be thinking and saying to YR. No matter what my heart is you...
  5. We enter this world empty handed and we leave this world the same. All those things we thought we had to have or needed are left behind. Suddenly what's most valuable becomes more clear realizing it's the love and memories we placed within those we loved family and friends we were blessed to know and have in our lives. @CatchMine_ID thinking of you... See you among the stars
  6. Can anyone tell me if there is a ship for this OTP? I watched them in Legend and now this and all I can say is if there isn't with their chemistry, there should be LOL
  7. @Lmangla Thank you for clearing a few things up for me. I think the most interesting piece of the puzzle will be who is it that MH answers too? She is powerful she has proven that but I don't think she is the king or should I say the Queen, at least not yet...
  8. @lynne22 & @angelangie Decided to add this just because I saw your names and some other Chingus whom have great taste here as well. I loved 020 so hoping this one captures my heart too! We shall see LOL
  9. This song was used in a Chinese show as background music and I had never heard it before and it took me a while to find it but I finally did.... Love it...
  10. I can understand the frustration and craziness that some viewers are feeling yet no one can deny the writing is pretty much amazing. The characters keep us guessing and every episode makes us feel like one step forward two steps back. What makes it worse is the realistic view of how the justice system often fails those who are innocent, deserve being protected and need it most. How evil, money and power creep into places and people until it feels as if there is no hope and no real justice... My heart broke for YD's Mom seeing her sitting there remembering only a shadow of the young woman she once was. Realizing her story might be the cruelest of all and knowing without a doubt it's one of many. For not even freedom can redeem all this woman has lost and not even justice, power or money can recover what's even more valuable... Precious memories and time lost... As for MH it would seem she started out trying to be a good person that is until she enjoyed her power a little to much. Lost her faith in the system decided instead of being a defender of justice she wanted to be not just a powerful player, the player. Through time and manipulation she willingly sold her soul to the dark side. For this woman who was known for rejecting bribes. Well I guess all the other bribes just were not as attractive or as powerful... I have a feeling that the reason YD looks interesting to her is because she sees a part of the person she once was within him that's now lost. She believes that he too will sell himself in time just like she did. After all she doesn't want to believe or be reminded that someone could or would be stronger than her. That honor, trust and honesty could survive and that some people can't and won't be bought no matter how high the offer. She might be surprised to find out YD is just that kind of man. Integrity still means something. For no one knows more than he does or understands the price the innocent pay to those who are more powerful and evil. What bothers me most is MH's evil smile and satisfied look after doing evil things. That really gets to me...
  11. Can't get this song off my mind or this story... It's not just the amazing OTP or their chemistry which I love. There is something even greater here. Proving it's not about rich or poor what you have or don't have. It's about the person you are inside. That each person has their own story and a gift within them. Strengths and weaknesses, courage and fears. That no matter the differences when brought together for a greater cause all those differences disappear. It's a love and bond not of the romantic kind but it's beauty warms the heart through laughter and tears and for those who have experienced it. It's no wonder those memories last for years...
  12. My choice for #4 might not be as popular as it once was. Yet even reality can't change or erase what I felt the moment I saw it. It's a scene that says clearly and loudly. I'm here... I Love You... without even having to say one word. Because just like the song the eyes are saying it all " You are my everything " Thanks for the shout out @sushilicious only problem is now that I think about it, this isn't at least to me a typical drama scene or moment
  13. I haven't yet caught up to rest of you but I so agree with your comment. Although I am always attracted to a romantic drama this one to me is even better because of the lack of physical contact. It's more about the little things their interactions, stares, smiles, a crinkle in his eyebrow when he is worried. It's the being so close that you can almost feel their attraction like two magnets moving in slow motion. It's the teasing and fighting and yes most of all friendship and protectiveness that turned into so much more. It's what they don't say and don't do that allows our imaginations to run free and our hearts to soar... It's always being so moved in just watching them that you can't help but hope and wish that you just might see something more... What I love about this drama most of all is the view of a group of strangers coming together from different places to a military academy. Sharing a new way of life and experiencing those everyday struggles that push you beyond what you believed were your limits. Created a bond between them that was brought on in facing life and even death situations and having each others back. It's a family who once were strangers...
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