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  1. Name: Eternal Love or Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms ( Chinese ) 58 Episodes OTP: Actors Yang Mi & Mark Chao Summary: A mixture of fantasy, romance and endurance in what it means to experience, fight for and strive to achieve eternal love. Two Characters whom meet and simply fall in love without having to know whom and what they truly are. For what they see and feel is enough and the only thing they need is each other. Yet they endure outside forces and like a fairy tale face things they cannot always control. An enchanting story that through each episode and struggle continues to bloom while capturing your heart and the chemistry you will see is beyond even art... Watch When You Are In The Mood For: LOVE!!! A Drama that allows your heart to soak up every emotion and to soar above the stars and carry you to beyond being entertained. Visual Factor: It's like watching art come to life before your very eyes for it's warmth, beauty and cinematography create a world even Disney would be proud of. Emotional Moments That You LIked: This drama is full of them and picking would be like having to chose between ones children, trust me. Impossible. Annoying Bits You Might Need To Ignore: None and no fast forward needed while watching this drama only replay and pause LOL Overall grade: Perfection and a top 10 for me. Let love be your own guide. I hope after you have watched it, you too will agree in wanting to share it with others so they too can see... A love story that lingers within you beyond it's end...
  2. My only side is Marriage LOL I too am not willing to take sides mainly because I learned a long time ago there are three sides to every story. His side, her side and the truth. No one besides they themselves knows what that truth truly is. I also don't want to come across as judging or pointing my finger at others when 3 are always pointing back towards me. I simply believe Marriage shouldn't be taken lightly from the beginning and once entered should be given every chance. In realizing it takes a whole lot more than love and romance to make it last. Yet it still happens at least where I come from... @Dhakra to answer your comment... Yep, I dropped the 2 on my profile name and claimed my original name back. I don't think anyone would want it anyway LOL I didn't want to use it at first for I had hopes of getting my old account back but understandably so and no fault to Sommpi it had already been deleted. Such is life... 848
  3. Here comes the dinosaur... Speaking from my heart and from everything I have seen and experienced I don't think there is anything good about divorce in fact no matter who it is I feel sad about it. Mainly because it's impact is felt by more than just the couple that is involved. It's a ripple that moves far and wide through families, friends, children and even memories. That sadness and even suffering lingers not just for days but often for years and for some a lifetime. Mind you I don't believe in abuse of any kind and I don't have my head buried in the sand either thinking divorces will end. Yet in a world where thoughts and ideas are constantly changing and people too who once believed in principles even the belief that there is a wrong or right. Somehow want to make everything in life GRAY. Even the idea of marriage has changed and in my mind not for the better, maybe I am a dinosaur. To me it isn't just a piece of legal paper or should be easily thrown away like day old trash. It shouldn't be quick or even made so simple that it's done without thought and in a flash. It's the very reason marriages are no longer thought of as eternal and all to often what could of been never really has a chance. It's about our micro everything and our impatience in giving up instead of sticking with something in making it work to make it last. It's about giving more than taking and loving more than hating. It's about a vow two people freely make to one another in front of mankind and God and to me that in itself makes it worth fighting for. That and believing that no matter what struggles should come that vow and promise once made to each other if two people are willing can make it last... 842
  4. @UnniSarah & @nohamahamoud2002 Always thankful to be on the same thread as you my Chingu's and read your words and thoughts. @dramaninja & @stroppyse and others are like family makes for great reading here. I have always been a fan of daily dramas mainly because I don't mind the amount of episodes ever. More episodes to me only mean more time in understanding the story and being able to see the actors fully express their characters. Not to mention having something to look forward to during the week. This one opens our hearts and our eyes to so many things. I love how this writer is showing the importance of adoption and also the struggles and fighting spirit of those whom can't have children of their own and what they endure. I don't know about you all but to me there is no better poster child in showing that every child deserves to be loved and have a home. Song Min-Jae is able to show us all what love can do through his character as Seo Yeo-Reum. Just his beaming little face melts my heart and he doesn't have to say a word to make me pay attention....
  5. The key isn't in finding someone who you love but rather in finding someone who truly loves you even more... Hello everyone I am new to this thread but not new to this drama. I think for me Sang Mi fell in lust with Swarmy the moment he protected her like a knight on a white horse in that parking garage. Not so much for who he was or even is, but rather what he did. I agree with others that Sang Mi can't love anyone until she learns what love means and is. If that's possible? I do however think that what she saw in Swarmy was also his confident nature and his rejection in honoring his wife at least at first. I think she was impressed until she felt his rejection not once but many times. Then it became a challenge. It sounds old fashioned thinking and some won't agree but that saying behind every great man stands a woman. My thoughts here, with an invisible arm holding him up often when he needs it most and a heart that loves him more than even herself. I also believe the same goes for a great woman whom has a man holding her up too! I think that this kind of love and caring allows a man or woman to be the best they can be and it shows in every part of their life because they are working together they have each others back. Until one forgets how precious that kind of love can be and is... To me it's that love and comfort that GH gave to him freely for years that he foolishly took for granted. Even now he still hasn't really realized what all GH did for him or what she meant. It wasn't just a mistake he made it was a BIG BIG BIG mistake and in truth he is simply learning that not only is the grass not greener on the other side like he thought but it's full of weeds and lies. That when he stepped across that line and cheated he left the best part of himself behind. All those memories and moments in his life and the very best grass( GH an amazing woman ) that others only hope & dream about having....
  6. Often we forget to be thankful for what we have and whom we share it with... From a Daily Drama - Home For The Summer...
  7. @nohamahamoud2002 It's hard when you reach out and your kind intentions are misunderstood and that's the sad part about writing words. Often it's feelings like faces that are not seen here that are so easily misjudged by others. I have witnessed it many times over the years of being here and I understand how you feel for no one wants to be blocked by anyone or attacked for that matter. Yet never allow someone else's misunderstanding to influence you or your way of reaching out to others. For this world doesn't need less but more small acts of kindness spread even here on Soompi... I don't want to sound like I am defending this person whom you're dealing with but remember too that often there are people who for what ever reason or hardships think the worst instead of the best. Live their lives being negative instead of positive and there is not a thing you can do about it. What you can do is what you have already done and that is show them your heart in being concerned and whether they accept it or not is up to them... There are also those whom misunderstand and attack someones innocent thoughts and use their words to encourage others to join in. I have seen that many times too, to me that's the worst. I have never been one to report or wait for others to handle those situations. Instead I choose to handle it by sheltering them with my own words as best I can. Not in anger but in hopes of bringing calmness. It doesn't take away the importance of rules and Mods. Yet like in life one cannot just sit or watch in silence when you know something is wrong and protecting another is right... -2
  8. @Lmangla Hope you stay dry. When ever it rains for some reason I always think of sad songs maybe it's the overcast of clouds or the rain that falls like tears that makes me a little blue... " It's odd how something so dark can still feel and be so beautiful " 894
  9. I am in the middle of watching Le Coup de Foudre a Chinese drama of course LOL and am reminded why I love scenes, quotes and songs so much in dramas as well as movies. Often they are like gems you can like memories collect over a lifetime. Placed within yourself like a treasure box and upon hearing them open yourself up in remembering how they still make you feel... An older man speaking to a younger one who is experiencing failure. In trying to give heartfelt advise and encourage him through his own failures and experiences that led to his own success. ( There is something to be said for listening to those older than yourself ) Forgive my sharing a little more than a short quote. Young man - " Sometimes you're completely worn-out as though you've climbed a mountain. You haven't caught your breath yet, and you'll find the mountain before you is much steeper." Older man replies "Once you have a goal, it needs complete devotion. Abandon all your sentiments and complaints. The only thing you can do is keep climbing all your life. There are only two animals that can reach the top of pyramids, eagles and snails. Most of us are snails. So we have no right to be lazy. " There is much more to this conversation that was inspiring mainly saying success is about overcoming life's failures in standing back up no matter how many times you fall or are discouraged. Which to me meant, continuing to climb towards your dreams, hopes and desires that God would have for you in this life. In believing and trusting that no matter how long it takes, you can and will get there... -2
  10. I just happen upon this drama and just started it while waiting for subs for a few others. There is something to be said for knowing the future and yet still being so touched and even a bit surprised in how this writer shows us the journey of love. How the seed is planted and how over time it grows faces storms and yet is able to endure and bloom. I think it's the slow pace that I am loving and the fact that we get to experience it step by step through her memories. Just like it's OST it's tenderness is worth watching... Will place my thoughts on my favorite scene so far in spoiler as to protect those whom haven't seen this yet...
  11. Time teaches me to love... We may push and pull... We may lose sight... We may stumble and even fall... Yet it is LOVE teaching us and growing within us that allows us to hold onto each other... And not surrender or let go...
  12. Just heard about this drama and since I am a big Shen Yue fan I will be here and plan on watching it although it does feel a little odd I guess only time and chemistry will tell...
  13. " From now on in this world... Only I can touch you " It's quotes such as this that allow our hearts to soar...
  14. Will there ever be a day where Chinese Dramas are Subbed right away for the whole world to see and enjoy? Someday... I wish it was today...
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