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  1. That’s great news @eLizza!!! . BTW what exactly does a black heart emoji mean?
  2. First want to thank the CLOY Weibo fans for the latest gift and second wanted to find out if it’s just me who finds the BTS more romantic than the actual drama?What were u thinking dear PD-nim?
  3. Well looks like Hollywood is coming to S Korea due to surge in California Covid19 cases. It’s a blessing for Ye Jin. I hope this movie will be streamed to the digital platform when released . Thank you
  4. Y’all I am just super excited for YeJin now. So psyched to see this happen. For someone who is passionate about acting and who loves what she does, this Hollywood project is truly deserving. The next few days we’ll find out if her MSTeam actually has an official statement out re: Cross. So keeping fingers crossed . If Naver has inside info I find it true ( that’s just my intuition). Now, regarding what happens in YeJin’s and HB’s personal life between now and March 2021 only God Knows. So we will keep praying if it’s God’s Will it will happen. If not, they still will be busy with their work. There will be more doors open on an international platform to HB well ( again my gut feeling). Although I am a Catholic, I have to quote the Bhagavad Gita because I believe it applies to both HB and SYJ- “Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.” I am just gonna leave that here. We have no control over the future but we have over the present and let’s be happy for both of them. Happy Monday
  5. Thank you @citron for that lengthy list of probable roles that HB would or could have declined due to whatever reasons.It was an insightful post. Thank You @cloyfan for translating the audio version of the TN DVD cut. Well it’s pretty evident that they were close during that TN promo period and now they are in a confident and comfortable place with each other. Like everyone we can only pray and wish when they are ready they will inform us of that special day when they call it official. Waiting for that day We all know that in July HB will be flying to Jordan for his shooting and probably already there (though we have not seen any airport pics)and Ye Jin... hope to hear about what’s happening in her neck of woods. BTW thank u to the Chinese Weibo posters for dissecting that kiss. Otherwise all the kisses in CLOY looked very much PG13, like they were shooting a couple of high school kids.
  6. Have to agree with your sentiments here @BinJinshipperfromIndia. I am just going to let them be whatever it is that they want to be in the future. Will just go with the flow. Knowing that SYJ prefers not to act with the same lead again, I am waiting patiently to find out what she is planning to do next.I know she loves her line of work so much so hoping she will come out soon with some new updates. Just know that they are great together but whatever God and universe has in store for them, time will tell. I say if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. When the stars are aligned everything will fall into place.
  7. I have been curious as to who turned down the offer to work with each other prior to TN. From the TN promo it looked like it was HB. We will never know the reason why, but he must have had very valid reason at that time. Well just have to think that their stars didn’t align prior to TN. Whatever it is they were explosive in their first project. BinJin We support you wholeheartedly in your next endeavors. Good luck to them !!!
  8. I see that Studio Dragon has some great dramas with strong female characters. If and when SYJ choose to come back and do dramas there will be no dearth for finding a good script. I am pretty sure she will pick a great woman-centric movie role too. Based on the way it looks there is a strong probability that she will choose a movie and then later a drama. I am just eager to find out. I hope and pray HB’s movie will be out on one of the international streaming services. Wishing them both success and lots of
  9. @BinJin2020 chill !! Take it as u pls . Like I said it’s my opinion so I can say what I want based on what I see in his interview. I wanted a Dtr so bad but I am now blessed with 3 healthy boisterous boys. Thankful to God . Yes we can all wish all we want but what’s in store for us only God can choose
  10. @ElectricHearts these two def remind me of star crossed lovers who finally will have a happy ending.
  11. Thank you @ElectricHearts for finding that old interview. It was indeed a very interesting read. We now know why he gives out that fixed gaze to YJ . Have to agree with @binyeji, regarding his fixation with having a son. Seems like a true conservative guy. Please don’t come bashing at me people. That’s just my opinion. This is the second time I have seen something written about him wanting a son. I hope that between 2010 and 2020 someone must have explained to HB oppa that according to medical science he is the one who carries the sex determining chromosome. So if he ends up with a daughter or daughters it’s not the wife’s fault, it’s all on him. . Well it’s 2020. So I believe his outlook must have changed. If not, don’t know what to say. Well I hope to hear something good about these two actors regarding their next projects especially YJ. Meanwhile happy shipping everyone .
  12. Hey @wolfie26 I am all in for starting a closed club to keep this level of toxicity and policing out . I am all in for it . I say go ahead pls with starting a club where we can post and enjoy Sharing our viewpoints without being attacked, policing, and shut down by other level of toxic shippers. Thank you
  13. @Haarik Thank you for that awesome post. You wrote what everyone ought to hear. Again thank you
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