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  1. Its aired in Malaysia but i forgot on what year. I remember my mom keep telling me to watch it with her because it was good. I refuse to watch it because i can’t stand SSH’s hairstyle and his sleeveless shirt. That time i only know him as a smart man after watch Autumn In My Heart. So his style in SS kinda weird for me..
  2. This is one of the part in Something In The Rain.
  3. where i can watch the full interview of this with eng sub... cc : @thi2018
  4. I guess many people just start to watch CLOY because of covid19/stay at home. Malaysian celebrities : Indonesian celebrity : I miss SYJ... Wonder what her next project....
  5. Heard that YJ is the one and only actress he sent a food truck..
  6. Wow, so many things i didnt know about her. She got Melo Queen title since 2005.. and until now.. And i didnt know Bad Guys Always Die did well in China.. Thanks @Helena,please keep posting her old interview or article..
  7. I believe international fans more into kdrama. But our YJ more into movie. Thats might be the reason. She is mega star and award winning actress in Korea. @dramalover_71,i normally download from telegram
  8. Comrades,please please dont over analyze or spread false rumor or overthinking.. I am just worried that it will make them avoid to appear in any event. I want to see both of them attend Baeksang Art Award...
  9. I think it is better to just tag the person u want to reply. No need to quote. I still want to be a shopper in this pink bubble market. So,please follow the rules.
  10. Agree!! And i personally think i enjoy SJ - SR moment more than SJ-SD. SYJ have a very great chemistry not only with the male lead. All the supporting cast give a long words to praise her. The insurance guy scene with Seri in the car also make me cry. Ah btw,i hope u gals dont mind if we post CLOY news here. I rarely go to drama thread.
  11. Thanks @thi2018 for the translation.. Woo,i thought SYJ is younger than him. Btw,i can't wait to know SYJ's next project. I seriously hope it will be a movie.
  12. The insurans guy talk about our Yejin.
  13. No no...It is not JCW's drama. That comment from SYJ's hater because their bias's drama start with higher rating.. The other drama got high rating (24+% i think) but it was on public/free channel. I wont mention the title here.. I know there is a fans of those drama here.
  14. Gosh im so happy and proud knowing the other actor praise her. The words from Pyo Chi Soo is my favourite. Im waiting interview from EunDong. I can see SYJ treat him like a little kid. So cute!
  15. Thats why i am so so so so emotional whenever i read a news about CLOY huge success. It will remind me back to those days.... The days people say it gonna be flop. The days people labelled its already flop when the first ep. got only 6%. The days people criticize my Yejin’s acting. The days people compare CLOY with the other drama that airing before that. The days people compare 6% with other first episode drama. And once CLOY hit 14.6% on ep. 10, i feel like i want to write on banner “CLOY GOT 14.6%!!” and go show off to those haters face! CLOY has a special place in my heart.
  16. Can someone translate this.. @thi2018 please... Under the table news is already show on SK TV ?
  17. And if international media call them,they have to prepare the English version of statement ..
  18. Wah,this thread is so active which is i like it. I haven’t read all the comments. My life is soooo busy rewatching CLOY. So,any fanwar/argument here?? I hope no. I enjoy reading different POV of this ship. But please,respect each other. If any of u think they are not couple,i don’t think this place is for you. As clear as day “BinJin Couple-Shipper Paradise”. Non-shipper can spend time to their individual thread. Here we have HB’s thread. Son Ye Jin’s thread. CLOY’s thread. Don’t be lazy,go search yourself. Whether they are dating or not. Comrade,just don’t be sooo serious. Don’t attack each other. Don’t attack HB,don’t attack SYJ. Respect their privacy. Enjoy this ride ok. Warning,BinJin shipper. Please behave! Don’t attack their future co lead after this. At least,not publicly. We are matured enough to do that kind of childish behavior right. Btw,HB must have save the country in his previous life huh. He want to act with her : HE GOT IT! He want to act in romcom/melo : HE GOT IT! HE WANT 22%. : HE GOT IT! Stay Positive and Respect Each Other everyone! Much love! #InPinkBubbleWeTrust #InGroceryWeTrust #InVastWeDontTrust #InMSTeamWeDontTrust
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