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  1. Remind me of when some said that HB not only look alike SYJ’s father ,her father also from Marine industry (something like that). Btw,i personally think those who left bad comment or angry emoticon are hb’s hater or SYJ’s haters. Because there also many comment saying he looks old,what happen to him nowadays,dont know how people said he is handsome bla bla when he attend Omega event. I cant believe there is such comment because HB look extremely hot in that event. But well,who cares. Right now i just want to enjoy every moment of BinJin because after this i dont know when i get to see them in another project again.
  2. https://deskgram.cc/p/2134755330546307726_13775049806 Guys,can u help to translate this post. She on the same plane with HB & SYJ? And what people comment bout it?
  3. Ah finally there is airport pic.. ahhh just this pic already makes me smile.. i dont know what happen to me when i watch them hugging kissing and looking at each other eyes...
  4. I was thinking the same thing when i read the other shipper comment that HB used to said that he won’t do aeygo with his gf. So,SYJ probably not his gf. It is just fans service from him. But for me,LOVE can change a person.
  5. Friends,let me add more about SYJ & KNG. As i remember,their rumor came out while they filming The Pirates. And their rumor started from the production staff,just based on how close they were on set. And from SYJ’s personality that is easy going and friendly,and KNG is fun,bubbly and like to tease her,no wonder they become that close. And both respond to the rumor themself,not thru agency. While with HB,the rumor came out with the proof before the news about they got an offer. So,they can reject the offer if they don’t want to be link to each other. And when they got caught at golf course on Nov,isnt that time HB was busy with Rampant and MoTA. But he still have time to play golf with SYJ. And after finish filming MoTA,he spent his time with SYJ in LA. All that things make me think that a serious,shy,reserve man like HB wont put that so much effort if he is not interested to that woman. When i saw the clip he ask her to cover her leg (before the rumor),i was like “dude,do u hv to be that caring and protective? She’s been in the industry for 20 yrs,she knows how to handle it.She even wore shorter than that during Pirates promo”. After all,i really hope they end up together in real life. But,if they are not meant together,i just wish both will find their true love. At least,im satisfied that they have a drama together. I can rewatch it whenever i miss them. I can’t wait to see the teaser ,the HD pics and the presscon moment. Can we skip Oct and jump into Nov?
  6. Same thing happened when the rumor still hot. Reporters were waiting for them at the airport everyday. But then,nobody ask them personally about the rumor until now. Is it because their status as A List,so they are well protected and well respected by reporters? So,reporters will only write about them once they/the agency approved.
  7. HB already in Korea yesterday. He looks sooo hot,handsome and glowing.. Happy with his love life maybe... erm not maybe..definitely..
  8. Seems like they hv returned to SK. Is it normal when the drama filming abroad,nobody spot the crews and the cast at the airport?? Or CLL is the only one that is sooooo secretive?
  9. Thank u so much @randomlee for the translation. I really like all Lady Jane said. -1 cart for 2 people and HB not be able to admit because of SYJ.
  10. SYJ looks soooo beautiful. Finally got to see her latest pic.
  11. haha thats right. she has someone to take a very good care of her,so her manager dont need to go with her
  12. yes that guy.. i think he came to support jhi.. just like he came to negotiation premier.
  13. yea im so happy she updated her ig after 6 months.. btw,SYJ’s manager also attend JhI’s movie premier. But i think it is because of the other actor also attend it. I forgot his name,he played as SYJ’s dongsaeng in SiTR. And he is from the same agency with SYJ - MSTeam..
  14. @peggygordon,i remember about they use the same bodyguard at SiTR thread few months ago..i think they are hired by the company.. the male bodyguard for jhi also the same bodyguard for nego team. and i heard he also with hb in some events. when is the VIP premier?? isn’t right now SYJ is in Swiss??
  15. Just because she is the only one from SK,so she is wearing black
  16. i wonder is it related to the drama? Something like in the contract,she can’t update her ig.Not until the drama start to airing. Because everytime she post a pic,there is a comment mention about HB. And since she act with HB in this drama,they don’t want fans focus more on their rumor instead of the drama.
  17. I have a question,why Korean celebrities have to write a letter on their ig about their dating rumor. No matter to deny or to admit. Yesterday,i read about Jang Nara denied her rumor with KNG on her ig,and then Kang Daniel,previously SJS also did the same. I just know that KNG-JNR also had a rumor back then in 2013?? isn't that time he had a rumor with SYJ? Btw,when i compare BinJin grocery pics with SJS & his gf / Kang Daniel&Jihyo,for me BinJin pics obviously like a couple compare to those couples. .
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