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  1. No, it's one a week. And they're supposed to be 9-11 eps. I think they would solve one case one eps like others procedural jdrama. Tbh, I was surprised when I knew kdrama is aired two eps in a week.
  2. Haha, Pertiwi, at first I was a bit mad they pick Universitas Indonesia as the top university, not my almamater. That's cool that they really changed the character background. But, tbh I just know about sumpitan there lmao. Well, the word "sumpitan" is very linguistic in Bahasa, but I might not notice it even if they kept making her from Vietnam.
  3. I may give a try to watch japanese remake of Voice S1, it's gonna be aired this Saturday (July 13). I'll go checking if Waku Waku Japan aired it or VIU had it. Actually, I don't watch a lot of K-dramas like you guys, I watched many J-dramas because I diverted it from Kamen Rider show I used to follow and wanna see a manga live action hahaha. Btw, I'm still running my Voice blog on tumblr so I'm still here to check info. And I wanted to make some gifset too. I think I'm not moving on [laughs] @msaamia I finished watching Secret Forest on TVN Asia, it was being aired after VOICE S1 last year. I just wanna know the culprit in the end haha, but still, it's confusing to me. I dont like prosecutor world in K-drama. I ever watched a kind of corruption in police agency in J-drama but I understand it better, just the police who are involved and being the leads, no prosecutors or lawyers.
  4. I'm patiently waiting for Strangers from Hell, that's my list after VOICE S3. Corruption isn't my thing, I ever tried to watch Secret Forest but I was confused a lot hahaha.
  5. I rethink about DKW's death once again in more positive view and edit my statement above. I accept that his life is tragic, even more tragic because we got a hope that his mental disorder could be cured abroad but fate took him away, that he was about to save Kang Kwonjoo from being cut by Kaneki but The SWAT Team didn’t view it that way as they just arrived. As @ellelyana88 said, they could’ve made the SWAT team arrive during the scene when Kaneki is the one who strangle him and perhaps work something from there causing both of them being shot. At least, it didn’t sound he give up of his life nor wanna kill himself because he’s kind of letting The SWAT team shoot him by ignoring their alert to make a move. I think he didn’t mean to lose to his own demon, he already won it as he returned to himself while about strangling KKJ. it was him being a neutral human, but it was really a unfortunate timing that The SWAT team just arrived during his action. He even shed a tear when the lasers pointing him!! I don’t know about Law in South Korea. What I get from Western Procedural Series is, sometimes, killing the bad guy is necessary, didn’t OCN air Western Procedural Series, too? That's why I’m okay if Do Kang Woo decided to kill his evil brother, it does not automatically make him an equal evil as Kaneki too although Kaneki thanked him to murder his own brother. In moral alignment chart, I can see he is Neutral character, not really a Good one as Kang Kwon Joo nor an Evil one like all villains here. Neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction but Do Kang Woo didn’t represent those. And if he didn’t kill Kaneki, who guarantee Kaneki wouldn’t escape from prison like Bang Je Soo did as he should have more accomplices? It was sad that only the viewers knowing his intention on strangling Kaneki at the first place while from The Police’s POV who just arrived, it looks like he was about killing someone. Even if Kang Kwon Joo believed that he made a sacrifice, she didn’t witness how he tried to save her as her last moment is she seeing him strangling her to faint. She can’t made a statement to justify his last action and clear his name accurately to perhaps get a proper burial as if he was still a police officer honorably. Double tragic and maybe not everyone get this point. I've been mixing a song playlist of DKW since I roleplayed him, will share it here later.
  6. The writer might've ruined DKW's story, but I love VOICE for the heart and the thriller of their episodic cases. Thus, I'm still up for new season and Voice can't be without Kang Center. I'm not against LHN taking a break to do another role at least 1-2 romantic drama before going back to Voice if they really decided to produce Season 04. That's why I also wish the writer and the production team would take a break too before continue the series, see Save Me Season 2 and God's Quiz for example. They need to evaluate their production. As for LJW, I favor him doing a lot of action and DKW really give him different image from a romantic lead actor he used to do a lot in previous works. So, I would like him to do similar project again, not turning into romance or romcom after VOICE. We see Gong Yoo in The Suspect, we see Hyun Bin in The Negotiation, why not Lee Jin Wook? I watched him in The Target and Time Renegades but those are not enough, he is A-List actor, right? @ellelyana88 THIS!! I QUOTE YOU. They could've make the SWAT team arrive during the scene when Kaneki is the one who strangle KW, and perhaps work something from there causing both of them being shot. Damn, many scenarios they still could pick to kill him better but the actual ending.
  7. Actually, since Season 2, I’m kind of expecting him to die to by sacrificing himself as his proof to never give up ‘til the end….. not like this!!! It’s clearly a suicide, selfish, as he let the SWAT team shoot him dead after they warned him. What’s the point he still saved a little girl from gas if that’s not his last fight? He could hold himself not to kill BJS and KKJ but afterall he lost the final battle against Kaneki, he lost to his own demon. I prefer the better execution of how he should die i.e the bad guy kill him unexpectedly, or the basement crashes down because Kaneki set a bomb (like he did to KKJ in S2 final) but he already rescued KKJ and Detective Park to go outside safely. I know it’s still tragic because we got a hope that he could be cured abroad but fate took him away, but at least it’s more honorable and heroic, and THAT’S WHAT WE COULD CALL SACRIFICE, WRITER-NIM!! That’s what I ever imagined when I roleplayed him, an opposite ending of how KKJ could survive the bomb in S2 but DKW couldn’t in S3. And yes, no need much melodrama of that scene, quick and not much painful, I still like the single shot on the head compared to Kill It tho’. That’s why I was hoping it’s BJS who infiltrate the SWAT team and shoot him when I saw the spoiler everywhere that he seems to carry the case of rifle, but I watched the full eps with subtitle and in the epilogue, BJS just opened the case after the woman told him. Pfftttt…. My hope is definitely crushed now. He shed a tear in this scene btw, damn.
  8. I like those ones, havent made my own fanvid about them yet.
  9. OCN put subtitle in these interviews.
  10. I've posted it on my tumblr. feel free to reblog: https://ocnvoice-daily.tumblr.com/post/185699573402/
  11. Q:Talking about season 2, if it happen, you won't be there and that's sad. A: Personally, yes I am sad. But I also think if indeed season 2 is produced, the villains in the story can be constantly changing like in Gotham City and they could pick any timeline they want to. (---KIM JAE WOOK'S INTERVIEW APRIL 1ST 2017) Meanwhile, Do Kang Woo is in Gotham City Those are my gifs, I haven't made the one that he's driving Batmobile in the next eps [laughs]
  12. I think S4 and S5 can be one related story like how they cut S2 and S3. Western series sometimes also cut one story arc in 2-3 seasons and leave it as cliffhanger. So, whatever the ending is, DKW's character might and might not be included. I dont watch many K-Drama, but from what I googled in curiosity, different from Jang Hyuk and Kim Jae Wook who took many different roles, Lee Jin Wook is a typical lead for romance drama for so long and I'm sure VOICE has given him a brand new image to be attached for next! He also played three times as Detective but still, I think VOICE has challenged him the most as a psychopath too, he's acting out of his previous roles. That's why I hope he would still take the offer for next season unless DKW is dead.
  13. Yes, there will be season 4 even 5. The chairman of the studio has said it in interview. The writer has written it. I think I have informed it already in old post. OCN's goal is to make seasonal series like western series, see God's Quiz despite the low rating compared to VOICE.
  14. Dont worry, girls. I'm planning to make at least one fanvid of DKW x KKJ. I've arranged a playlist about them too for season 2. This is my video of season 1-2 about Hero vs Villain tho'. Idk if I should share it here since this is thread for season 3. But I share it anyway haha.
  15. Voice S4 and S5 is already prepared by the studio. I guess the story between those two seasons are continuously connected like how they wrap S2-S3 up. I hope the characters in the golden time team are still the same; look at how Quiz from God made it happen until S5 despite low ratings. But if they didn't, I'll still watch it. OCN's goal or dream is actually to make many seasonal series like the western one, not typical kdrama. I forget where I read the translation of the interview, it's on Twitter.
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