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  1. Aloha... Will be sharing few editz on Jinuk oppa...
  2. Its all about choices.. Both of them had bad childhood memories but still one chose the good while the one stayed in darkness.... Thank you Oppa.. ill try make during this weekend..
  3. Oppa.. i cant view the playlist... can you share the youtube link... I love to make more.. but im sucks in choosing the song..
  4. She is so good... I asked for eng sub for the BTS video... She actually did it... My shipper heart fly whenever LHN call LJK oppa... And look like LJW did few NGs during shoot me dont care scene.. haha... LHN there, Oppa ..for the final time.. My Do Kangwoo x Kang KwonJoo VM
  5. I knew the ending will be like this... either Kang Woo make Kwon Joo as captive ( pretending he was innocent all the time) or Kwong Joo died... what ever it is.. Kwon Joo will be back next season.. All the hardwork to get Kang Center ear wont go in vain...
  6. dok ki is seriously suspicious... He was looking at bang je soo direction when they were going to Agent Jin apartment.... huhu whats going on...
  7. Goodies frm epi 11.. Total of 12 gifs here.. based on Finale preview
  8. Just watched the raw epi.. Will wait until sub video out.. Dok ki gesture at Hospital... Its so cute.. hahaha
  9. Thanks yaar.. I have been waiting for Voice 2 since they announced Jin Wook part of it..Haha.. I am a crazy fan of him... Thank re.. I am really enjoying the convo… Love how you all discussing the plot... And Special Shout out to all #KangWoo #KwonJoo fans.. Chasing ... cant wait for it..
  10. Aloha peepz..How r u all.. Feeling happy seeing the thread moving fast.. Have been a silent reader since the start of Voice 2... Coz I am so lazy to try to remember my id and password though.. Yours discussion makes me to create new id.. Now here I am..
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