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  1. I would say i'm getting from Still2gether exactly what i've expected. Some domestic & cute interaction, a drop of drama, not much going on. I believe that Tine really felt that miserable but it was hard to watch without smile. Not sure which series count as important ones.)) There is many upcoming series but i don't pay attention much because at least half of them looks like all the same uni-students stories. (I don't watch much lately in general.)
  2. this person translated few chapters (mostly SaifahZon related) with author's permission.
  3. Adding to that I have an impression that they're also just trying to make up for flaws which many fans were not happy with. I mean it's also probably the reason they gave Still2gether to Aof. So eventually for everyone to remember not high-five (if it's possible to forget)) but something they will show us in specials.
  4. Are they? I would say many young actors are good only on the level "we do our best". They are usually picked to be fit to a role. But if they can sing or dance it will be their benefit for future fan meetings. (Or in making tiktok videos.) I would say Bright is ok enough in singing, can't say about Win - he didn't sing much in the series. My criteria is simple: if my ears are not bleeding and i can easily to listen a song twice - it passes. You and series creators have different definition of "at minima".
  5. It's just sad that good impression (if the novel is really good as you and many say) about a novel might be ruined because of such unpleasant moments. I heard enough to not even got close to this story. Interesting point. Because i recently came across opinion that Sarawat (from the series one) is quite sadistic and manipulative person and he enjoys to see Tine suffer. And it was the only way for that viewer to make all what happened in the series to make sense. I can't accept such pov for myself (for me it's always been mostly how Bright explained) but seems like i have to accept that such interpretation of Sarawat character is also possible.))
  6. True. Bright voiced out most of my thoughts about whole situation between Sarawat and Tine. I'm not happy with unnecessary drama what was created for 12-13 ep. But since we have it anyway i don't see the point to blame everything on Sarawat. Especially chapter 21. It's just i heard how some people were saying about how harsh their first time is and had a short look at it. Even if in all other parts Sarawat is super loving and caring person such contrast looks quite disturbing. (What is of course writer's fault, bed scene in ToL if i remember correctly is questionable too.) Bright is bad at guitar playing by you opinion?
  7. I mean that only in asian shows i see added noises, emoji, animation which probably suppose to make this shows funnier or cuter. So toys would be logical addition.))
  8. Aren't some asian tv and web shows tend to be more cute? So may be they all hold dolls/toys/cushions because they can?
  9. Ouch, i didn't mean anything like this. You can talk about what ever you want (well, it's not like you need my permission anyway). My only point was that may be you digging too much into such simple habit (but maybe it looks like nothing only for me...). But of course observation is always welcome. I'm sorry if i sounded rude. Actually i do remember what you said once that you like kinda to exaggerate things for humor, so i have it in my mind when i'm reading you. Thing is... i just like to answer seriously sometimes anyway. Because who knows... there is always possibility that you were saying seriously or just half-joking. You reminded me about this.
  10. I think you give too much attention and put unnecessary meaning to such a small thing like having something in your hand to make them (hands) occupied. (It can be typical small thing like pen/pencil, tissue, keys, even phone.) Tbh, i don't remember many interviews where actors have toys or cushions in their hands. As i said it more common for reaction videos. Well, not most... i would say some questions. They're not dogs or cats to tear cushions apart. So all objects are usually stay safe.
  11. It's just for personal comfort. Especially for reaction videos when it's really handy when you have something to hug when you get emotional. Some people feel less nervous if they have something in their hands (me included). In previous video Win was tousling a tissue during watching.
  12. Yes, it was not believable at all. For me better outcome would be for Fighter's father to say something like "i still think you're making a mistake but since you want to be independent in your wishes and doing - go ahead. Not stopping you anymore." with sure-of-himself tone. And may be couple or more years later he would've admit that it was him who was wrong.
  13. In the series everything is real. (At least until they don't come up with s2 and decided to make s1 as not real.)) I think you looking for a meaning where is non. At least for me it was just a nice way to conclude the story. Since they used animation before make sense to use it in the end too. I also read an opinion that on this pictures the characters look visually closer to actors what can be seen as what started from a novel became real. But on the other hand such logic with novel and reality combined in these frames can be applied to you version too.))
  14. True. I felt so sorry for both Bright and Sarawat to have to deal with shorter than needed crutches.
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