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  1. I've watched the trailer 4 times and all i can see is ANGST. LBC and HICTM spoiled me and I'm afraid now that i won't get enough sweet OffGun/KaiThird-moments. I like watching him getting better. He did well in Our Skyy. I can't make myself to continue to watch "Wolf" yet (i like the cast but already annoyed with a plot) so i'm going to pay very close attention on Off's acting in ToL. Your words reminded me that for some photoshoots Gun indeed sometimes have been putted on some kind of stand to make their height difference less.))
  2. I can't get rid of the idea of ghost-double-date with Thun/Met and Khem/Ngoon.
  3. Are they? Because their latest series get engsub quite quickly. So i don't think we should be worried about sub for ToL, DBK and other GMM-series. Every time i listen Singto singing i just can hear how hard he tries to do his best. And his efforts pays off. He did nice with the song, and i like a capella part in the end. May be in the series reality it is typical for monk to gain the ability to see ghosts eventually after being a monk for long time. But I'm actually mostly curious about Khem: can he see all ghosts now or only Ngoon?
  4. Krist, New, Jane, Namtan... To be honest i wish there was Krist/Namtan and New/Jane, but it seems they will be paired differently (well, it looks good too, New and Namtan are funny together). I don't really like a plot with finding parent whom a person had never known, but ok... First episode was nice, and i do hope the series wouldn't play too long with their (future)love-4-angle.
  5. I really like this scene because Thun is questioning all this stereotypical things like if young guy/girl not interested in watching 18+ content (or at least to do it with others, or if they just don't do something typical for majority) then others like to mock that there is something wrong with them. And it's quite annoying, and yeah, create uncomfortable feeling.
  6. When i was searching for HICTM-songs, i found a little easter egg. Actress who played Khwan (Thun's mom) is/was music star of 90th too, and her song is also in the series. It's playing in ep.6 when Thun comes home, hears a song and thinks that Met is back. I watched the clip before i googled her name, and at first i didn't recognize her at all.))
  7. Interesting thing: I agree with almost every word you said, but it doesn't make me to agree with you on the main point from which we started. But it doesn't matter, i'll stop here. Also i remember you were saying from the beginning (before watching HICTM) that you not really like series with something supernatural in it. I don't see it as "making men into the image of a woman", more like opportunity for male-couple to have their own biological baby. It's fiction anyway (heh, i'm repeating myself). 99% of fanfiction that i read through my life was from Harry Potter-fandom, where it's easier to make up a way for man's pregnancy because of magic world. But i still didn't like MPREG, always tried to avoid it in the fanfics i read. May be because it's still solely women thing, or i was just not interested seeing children in the stories i was reading.
  8. Yeah, me too. I was so glad about this little moments which show us what this Noh is still Noh we remember (and the same with Phun).
  9. Little moment on the second gif was only in the trailer. I like it because of Noh's reaction, so i was a bit sad that for the episode they edited this scene differently (first and third gifs).
  10. It seems to me that you totally ignored second part of my explanation, which explained why end is not fairytale or Disney. At least into the series reality, which obviously is different from ours. As i understood all supernatural things in the series are based on buddhism. It doesn't matter if we believe in it or not, it's fiction anyway. Met's come back wasn't even a miracle (it may seems like that only for Thun), it was way out, opportunity which Met took. And it's all explained by three reasons why ghosts can be stuck in the world of living. Yes, on this point i agree with you. As i already said in previous answer. Please, don't...
  11. I felt a bit like that too. I don't like sudden change from drama to comedy. It usually confuse me.
  12. While we're waiting for subs i have brought another couple songs. About this one Met said as about his favorite song. (Thun sang it for him at birthday party.) This one from last episode from hug/kiss-moment. Also gmm gave us track-list. Yeah.. makes it so "easy" for the int.fan (me) to search for the songs.
  13. I laughed so hard watching it (probably because Ohm, Sing, Gigie, Guy and Amper barely could hold themself too).
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