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  1. I'm almost jealous that we didn't have this with DBK, had to wait whole day. I've liked first ep. too. Traffic (Nanon) is all kinda: "I'm main character with internal drama, who don't talk or smile much; i don't know about yet but i'll be leading them to the battle and cute girl will melt my heart". And again school director have invisible print on his face "I'm the villain".
  2. I have been waiting for this kind of photo to happen sooner or later. * * * Also God and Bas had couple-event yesterday. Judging by some video from this event there was a lot of screaming. (Btw, I usually prefer longer hair over short but i think God looks good with such short hair.) So there is hope for PS-fans, they just have to wait for about 2 years.
  3. Well, this series turned out quite good (at least for me). I half-expected that i had to force myself to watch it only because of Pluem Purim. Cos i really liked him in "My Dear Loser: 17" and wanted to see him again. "Happy Birthday" seems like obvious choice since he is the lead here. And he was good, as well as the others actors. It's actually satisfying feeling when you don't have complains about acting, script and how it was filmed. I like that in this series there are no big dark secrets, unexpected twists, unnecessary drama, just people who make mistakes, misunderstand each other and sometimes fail to take care of each other as good as they wish to. Story by itself is sad since it's about the girl who killed herself and how it affected people connected to her and why she did it in the first place. But i can't say that it's dark or depressing, general mood is hopeful, ending is positive (it's not even spoiler, for this series it's most perfect way). But there were a lot of tears, especially in the second part of the series.)) Since Thannam is a ghost and only Tanmai can see her, i'd remembered another ghost-story of this year. Also most of songs what were used in "Happy Birthday" were familiar since i already heard them in HICTM. I really look forward to see Pluem in some other series. Only his next project "One night steal" with Krist don't look very interesting for me.
  4. Just in case - it's photoshop. Only Saint is there.
  5. In thai there is "wife" too. Here the word which have been used: https://www.thai2english.com/dictionary/1385219.html In some way it was used similarly in the series. Forth used word "boyfriend" only when was asking Beam to become his bf. In other cases word "wife" was probably equally to "mine/my Beam", kind of word of belonging. Also by info from the link above we can assume that "mia" is kinda among guys slang.
  6. I've had feeling that Aam won't be hired for 2m3, and that why i was worry about it since fans reaction was predictable. But producers should have been smarter and deal with it behind close doors. I mean they couldn't not see fans gathering around Anusorn, and it was not hard to predict who in this situation will turned up to be villain in fans eyes. Totally. I mean there should be a reason why producers have forbidden director interact with boys in real life. (So it was so sweet to see them hugging after watching final ep.) And also why he was obviously backed off from final work on the series (like montage/cutting/editing - not sure what term is correct) except for making engsub. Agree. I really dislike when producers, directors, managers, etc. start communicate with each other through social media in such... let say... emotional way.
  7. You forgot to advise to change producers as well. If something doesn't work it not always employees fault but employers too.
  8. Yes, i'm very curious too will they hire Anusorn for s3 or not. Because if they don't there will be a lot of noise from his b****squad. But i think most important work which should be done is the script. They need to really think how to fill in s3 with plots but do not messed up the characters and avoid unnecessary drama.
  9. Sorry then. I had two ways in mind but couldn't figure out how Cake can be involved so went with name mixing. But you right, guys hardly will do something to Pring except ignoring since they're kinda gentlemans. But Cake and Angel gang can think out some revenge.
  10. Cake? Are you sure? May be Pring? Poor lovely Cake. Btw, i think this is funny.))
  11. It's cute and good way to light up atmosphere. In my childhood we were shaking hands holding only by little fingers (or other fingers, doesn't really matter) and saying: "peace, peace, peace, no fight,/ but if you fight, i will bite" (i surprised that in eng it turned out in rhyme too)). There is also continuation, but i've found out about just now by googling it. In my time back then i knew only this two lines.
  12. Seems they had 2 possible endings: PhaYo with their high school memories and cliff hanger (if 2moons3 becomes sure thing). As expected: just about two minutes of MingKit and half of it was shown in preview (who do that!?). I laughed when Pha says Yo to be grown man and after that Yo says sorry and gives him a little finger as gesture of making up. And when Forth was playing sulking drama queen (sorry not sorry for calling him drama queen). Beam should've hit him harder.)) Good to see that Forth and Beam know word "fan". It was nice to have almost entire ep. about them (even if i prefer to have ep. more equally timed for each couple). (Somehow their struggle with each other on the hospital bed reminded me of PhunNo.)) I like their moments like Forth putting his head on Beam lap or them holding hands. I think the scene in the car is my favorite. When Forth was watching Beam drinking water i was sure he'll say this cliche line about indirect kiss. It's funny and sweet that both Forth and Pha have special soft voice for their bf. How satisfying was to see Park being punched. Thanks for BTS. Always like to watch it.
  13. So... whom i have to "thanks" for this?
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